Squid's Visit


The episode shows how much of a creepy, psychopathic stalker Spongebob is. The episode starts of with Spongebob pestering Squidward about visiting his house, Squidward then says why would he want to visit Spongebob's house when he can enjoy the luxury of his own. So Spongebob builds an exact replica of Squidward's house on the inside with every little detail even copying the stitching on Squidward's cushion and gets him to come in by stealing his vacuum cleaner although he refers to it as "borrowing". Squidward soon starts to go insane by staying in this "horror house". He manages to find his vacuum cleaner and quickly exits only to find out that his casserole has burnt down his house meaning he has to stay with Spongebob although he makes him sleep on what remains of his house while he stays at Spongebob's house.

I use to think SpongeBob was a comedy show but what the writers on when they made this its not funny seeing how disturbing SpongeBob is I mean did you think SpongeBob breathing hysterically was funny how about that the story fits perfectly in a horror film like saw or paranormal activity

This episode is basically a creepypasta, I find it EVEN CREEPIER than Boating Buddies. I'm 12 and this episode makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable (but not freaked out) That's pretty bad. Imagine a 7 or 8 year old's reaction. Ya, this might give them NIGHTMARES! This is NOT meant for children and it's awful that these writers pull this crap and get away with it

I actually like this episode, from my point of view its one of the best season 6 episodes, SpongeBob's crying cracked me up, and some of squidwards reactions to the replica are hilarious and the vacuum cleaner in his mouth got me laughing hard, so I don't care if anyone else hates it, you are overacting because SpongeBob got yelled at by squidward when he asked him to visit him, and none of you have not seen the original more disturbing vision of the episode.

CREEPIEST EPISODE NO QUESTIONS ASKED. oh my god SpongeBob is really creepy here like it doesn't matter what your house looked like for him to visit, he didn't know what it was gonna look like, as stated in this episode. also it rips off life of crime because of the vacuum stealing by sb. and later, squids house burns to the ground!? What the hell is up with these writers!? - islandersfan91

This episode is really creepy especially when SpongeBob breath over the phone, and that give me chill up my back. Then he clone his house to be like squidward and come out of nowhere to stalling squidward, that's a definition of a stalker.

This episode is so creepy. This should definitely be in the top ten. The whole plot is that SpongeBob makes an exact replica of squidward's house so he can "feel at home" during his visit. What does this teach us? SpongeBob is a psychotic stalker. Also, one of the writers was the same guy who made Uncle Grandpa.

This episode used to legitimately creep me out when I was younger, and still does. SpongeBob is a creeper that stea...I mean "BORROWS" Squid's vacuum. So, Squid goes to his house to get it back. And what do you know? SpongeBob literally copied EVERY SINGLE DETAIL FROM SQUIDWARD'S HOUSE! This is like having a friend that likes you so much they come and stalk you at night. This episode is legitimately DISTURBING, and NOT IN A GOOD WAY!

Everyone's talking about how the fact that SpongeBob replicated Squidward's house was what made the episode so disturbing. I agree, but the only part that really freaked me out was the ending. Anything like the ending belongs in a horror movie, NOT a SpongeBob episode.

This episode is just disturbing. He can replicate Squidward's house down to the littlest detail? He's his neighbor, not a deranged stalker! - Garythesnail

This episode is the most creepiest spongebob episode ever! Spongebob makes a exact replica of squidwards house, and I mean exact replica, like a chip in the wall, and even all his paintings! All this, because you want squidward to come over?

Spongebob has gone from a normal annoying neighbour to an absolute stalker. He breaks into Squidward's house, stares at him without blinking, and can hear him breathing 50 feet outside his house. I'm surprised that he doesn't steal Squidward's underwear as well.

This episode is so creepy and disturbing... This episode should be at least in the top 15.

With Pieguyrulz having reviewed this episode, I think I should clear it out. This episode was quite psychotic at the very best. Also doesn't SpongeBob just want Squidward to come to his house. If Squid doesn't want to, the leave the poor guy alone. Or you could just say, hey Squid, why don't you come over? It's been a long time.

I would actually really like this episode if it was a Halloween special. But no. Its not. Its another animated atrocity.

Really spongebob, you're going that far just to have squidward visit?

That part where SpongeBob is breathing in the window just shows how bad SpongeBob is now

This episode is nothing short of creepy. The way SpongeBob stalks squidward just garuntees this episode a spot in the top 10. This show is a comedy show, and none of this is even trying to be funny. Its legitimately plaguing the rest of the series and its audience.

Again, I don't like this episode because it reminds me of how I stalked a deviantART user once even after she told me to stop. I actually found her address and number, and TRIED TO CALL HER! Oh my God, why did I do that? - Chikinan

Toenail toenail toenail toenail, IS THAT ALL YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT? Squid BEAT Squilliam. That's a good thing

This one is REALLY creepy. Why do they do this to us? SpongeBob was so much better back in the good old days.

If I were squidward I would have called the cops

Would you look at that! Another squidward torture episode. But this is also really creepy. This shows that SpongeBob has broken into squidward a house so many times he remembers EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF SQUIDWARDS HOUSE! EVEN A CHIP IN THE WALL! - Listproffessor3030

This and Gone killed all comedy SpongeBob had.
Actually, Gone had some funny moments.

This is just creepy. Why is SpongeBob a deranged stalker and able to replicate Squidward's house down to the tiniest detail?

This is my personal least favorite episode of the show, and it's the worst for good reasons, just look at the comments below