Are You Happy Now?


I'd hate to defend this, overall uninteresting and poorly executed episode. But why is everyone so sensitive about the suicide jokes?

The only reason the suicide jokes here annoy me is because it feels like a pretty lame way for the writers to say "ha, we're aware of the creepypasta. But instead of making something worthwhile out of that, here's an episode we dished out in five seconds with some suicide jokes".

Other than that, I don't see the offense. Cartoons have been making suicide jokes for years. Sure its tragic and horrible but making light of it is a way of coping with it. Also hopefully maybe even discourage suicide.

Basically, the biggest offense I find in this episode, is that its just another lame episode.

This episode is a very horrible episode. In this episode, SpongeBob does everything he can to find Squidward his happiest memory to no avail. After a few minutes of the episode, we notice Squidward going through a troubled state and we see TWO suicide jokes: He sticks his head in the oven and strings up some rope to hang himself. Although they were false these jokes are not hilarious at all because this is a kids show and I've been watching SpongeBob for almost 13 years. Lastly, SpongeBob abducts Squidward and tries to give him the happiest memory by giving him a party. Furious with SpongeBob, he finally admits he doesn't want one and goes on a psychotic rampage murdering paper mache look-alikes of SpongeBob and he even declares this his happiest memory. This is a scary episode because Squidward also uses chainsaws to create a massacre. And the episode ends with SpongeBob saying "He's so handsome! " I mean is that even supposed to be funny. - EJ0602

Inappropriate on so many levels. Several suicide references, and very depressing. It shows how disturbing that this show gets.

What is this episode doing down here?!?!?! Are people really stupid enough to not realize how incredibly bad this episode is? The only few I can think of that are worse are Squids Visit, demolition doofus, one coarse meal, and boating buddies. This episode treats depression as a joke! That is really all this episode even really is! Squidward realizes that he doesn't have a "happiest memory", and he falls into a deep depression because of it. The entire episode is sad, and even gets a little disturbing at some points. Near the end, squidward goes to bed really sad and says "wake me when I'm dead"! Why do these people get away with putting this in a SpongeBob episode?

This is by far the worst way to portray suicide in a cartoon, this episode is put in my top 5 for not because of the suicide jokes, but some filler and is actually quite depressing because of the music, and the worst part is the ending too. I guess killing or mutilating someone is there happiest memory

FIRST OFF SpongeBob has helped squidward with band geeks and house fancy
SECOND Not only murdering somebody, but SpongeBob being murdered makes no sense because, yes: squidward hates SpongeBob, but never wanted to kill him, not even in the slightest, this episode gets a 1/10

A lot of people seem to hate this episode, but it's really not that bad. Especially in comparison to some of the other trash SpongeBob has put out. Some parts are boring, the ending is off, and the plot itself has holes in it because Squidward has had a lot of happy memories in the show before. Maybe it's because I like dark humour, but I found some good animation a few jokes to laugh at here, which is more than can be said for the rest of season 8. - buzzspark

This episode is actually boring and references suicide, with him putting his head in the oven, pulling down a rope as if to hang himself, and having poor health much like a real suicidal person. Not appropriate for KIDS, and makes fun of real suicidal people. By the way, it's sister episode, planet of the jellyfish, is wrong. Kids watch these shows, this is creepy pasta weird. These are the most messed up episodes ever made.

Coming from someone who used to have suicidal thoughts themselves, it's extremely offensive to have suicidal jokes on T.V. , ESPECIALLY a huge show like SpongeBob and ESPECIALLY on a kids T.V. show network. I've had faith that SpongeBob would turn around and be like it was in the 90s, but just like Fairly Odd Parents: It should've been stopped around the fourth or fifth season. Everything after season four of SpongeBob is plain crap. I'm praying for the kids who watch this show now: they'll never know what true cartoons are.

One coarse meal woes worse:
They did suicide in one coarse meal for comedy
Are you happy now did the suicide for shock value
Are you happy now was subtle
One coarse meal stated plankton was trying to kill himself
In are you happy now squidward was not actually trying to commit suicide
In one coarse meal someone (mr Crabs) was happy that he Would die
Also, SpongeBob has bad continuity, stop complaining about his happiest memory.

This episode is bad, but it's not Nearly as bad as the people below me think it is.

This episode is terrible! Suicide should not be mentioned on a kids show! I managed to catch what was happening ahead of time and turn off the T.V. before my little brothers noticed anything odd. I sincerely hope that this episode didn't harm anybody

Disturbing suicide jokes that seem way out of place. SpongeBob has always occasionally veered into mature territory (panty raid in Mid-Life Crustacean) but these were harmless... I never expected the show to so wrongly make fun of such a serious subject.

Wow. Just... Wow. They've done it. TWO suicide jokes in one episode. That is a new low.

In this episode, Squidward cannot recall a happiest memory, so SpongeBob helps him create one. If one thing redeems this episode, it is that SpongeBob is actually trying to help Squidward, and not creep him or make his EYEBALLS soil.

The problem is that everything goes wrong. At a symphony, Squidward gets struck in the eye. In the museum, his sculpture is shown there, only to be BURNT. SpongeBob takes him on a hot air balloon ride, but he's afraid of heights.

In the end, Squidward gives up and gets depressed. Then, there are TWO suicide jokes-one involving hanging and one involving sticking his head in the oven. Finally, SpongeBob traps him in a box (creep) and takes him to... The Krusty Krab?

SpongeBob has made a party out of papier-mâché SpongeBobs. This gets Squidward to snap and go Tarzan on the puppets, destroying them all. He claims it is his happiest ...more

Squidward is in a constant state of misery, how would the writers not see that as a problem? They reference suicide twice. I still think one coarse meal is worse, because plankton actually tried to commit suicide.

And here it is: the episode that the writers have wanted to write all along. They must hate Squidward for some reason because he is always going insane, going to jail, or miserable. - VicarSlayer23

Squidward's depression along with suicide jokes just destroyed this episode. I do have to give it to them for one joke though: "Squid... ward... go toward... the light... OF MY FLAMETHROWER! " - Mcgillacuddy

This episode disturbed me, because it has suicide jokes, like when Squidward stuck his head in the oven, and when he had a rope and looked like he was going to hang himself.

When will the writers learn that suicide is NOT FUNNY! Nickelodeon needs to die in a dark hole, where nobody will ever see it again. My third least favorite episode.

I love this episode. I really don't notice suicide jokes. I love seeing Squidward happy and SpongeBob caring for him, like in enchanted Tiki Dreams. After this episode I am happy now.

What is it about suicide that makes those writers laugh so hard?

No, we are not happy with this one.

Somewhat looks like Squidward's Suicide (Red Mist), The episode is based on the creepypasta, I think - GenoKenneth

The writers took the depression in this episode way too seriously. SpongeBob even said, " At least we know he's still alive".

The suicide jokes aren't funny, but at least they're not too offensive like in One Coarse Meal...

It began cheesy. In the middle, it was dark and depressing. The ending was also awful

Oh great another suicide joke episode, but it reveals it self TWICE in this episode:

Squidward sticks his head in the oven, just to get out brownies

Then it looks like he has a neuce to hang himself, but was hanging a bird cage