Yours Mine and Mine


Why does episode even exist? Besides, all the writers did was take a SpongeBob book about sharing, and make it a boring attire of an episode. This same thing also happened in the episode "Waiting".

Patrick is just really rude in this episode, from stealing SpongeBob's money, calling it sharing, and eating Patty Pal because SpongeBob wants a turn. Why isn't this higher? Yes, A Pal for Gary was abysmal and SpongeBob was a completely naive to what was going on, but other than that and a few other episodes (One Coarse Meal, Demolition Doofus), half of these above Yours, Mine and Mine had to do with Patrick being a complete IDIOT. He tried using salt on Gary in Pet Sitter Pat, and forever glued SpongeBob in the wringer. Patrick used to be a loveable character, and in these episodes from seasons 5-8, he is just amazingly stupid (not in a good way), rude, and just not funny whatsoever. - Mewtwo660

If there is one character who went from enjoyable to intolerable in a split second, it was Patrick. And he has had a lot of dumbass/smartass moves in the newer seasons, like this piece of garbage.

In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick share a toy they got from the Krusty Krab. Correction: SpongeBob has 10 seconds with it while Patrick is a dick and keeps it for ALMOST THE ENTIRE EPISODE!

And all this time, Patrick makes mentions of how SpongeBob needs to learn how to share, especially in that stinger of an ending.

I-I'm done. Patrick, you suck.

Yah, this one is excruciatingly bad. The entire thing consists of Patrick refusing to share the toy that spongebob brought. It sends a horrible message to kids, and is the most boring episode of the entire franchise. Not to mention how much I loathe Patrick in this episode. It's just a meaningless plot, and if it's trying to be funny then it failed miserably. I have nothing else to say, it's just anger induing, boring, annoying and something you should never watch.

New rule to SpongeBob, don't make patrick a complete douche! He wants SpongeBob to share this toy, then he just keeps it to himself for 24 hours. I know it's trying to teach kids something, but seriously, no offense, but little kids now, get influenced. To bad for our kids they grow up with season 5! Now older kids are mature with older episodes. Now, episodes are getting, a bit better, but this was when SpongeBob was at an all time worse!

Patrick, please do me a favor and DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH! Patrick is the worst. The way he keeps the toy from SpongeBob is crude, selfish, and just SO immature! The episode makes it seem like both SpongeBob and Patrick are at fault, and the ending, RGH!

Patrick eats the toy, but it turns out that Mr. Krabs made a bunch of the toy. The part where Patrick takes SpongeBob's wallet and says, "Have you learned nothing about sharing? " just makes me think, "Hey Patrick! Have you learned nothing about what you've become? Go to hell! "

This is easily one of the worst episodes ever in SpongeBob. Patrick is just so muck of an unlikeable, intolerable. Yours, Mine, and Mine deserves a -9/10.

Let's be real here, in Pet Sitter Pat (which was still awful) you could use the "Patrick's an idiot" excuse. YOU CAN'T HERE! He isn't doing this because he's stupid, he's doing it because he's a selfish jerk! - DCfnaf

This was the episode that made Patrick my least favorite character in modern spongebob. I mean I already didn't like him but before this my least favorite character was Sandy cause I hate her obsession with science but this distroyed Patrick's character for me and I think it's ironic that in the pre movie era Patrick was actually my favorite character and now in the modern era he's my least favorite character - Mswalgren

Patrick is so mean and stupid in this episode. He hogs some dumb Krabby Patty toy and SpongeBob doesn't even get to use it. So he eats it at the end. He then steals SpongeBob's money and says "Have you learned nothing about sharing? " This episode's so messed up. - Powerfulgirl10

He's being worse than stupid! He's being SELFISH! I hate that sea star and the fans overrate him. - DCfnaf

Patrick could have a bit of a mean streak sometimes, even in the past episodes, but THIS! Is! The! Worst! He's a total ass in this episode, I hate what the new no-brainer writers did to him here. Makes ma wanna puke on them. They're DELIBERATELY making the series worse and worse. Who ever hired them has made a grave mistake.

I feel that this episode ( a season 7 episode) was ripped off of Waiting (a season 5). why would you take inspiration from an already bad episode? This is like the sequel to WAITING. I hate it.

Patrick is the biggest jerk in the episode. Spongebob and Patrick get a happy meal toy, and he JUST won't share the flipping toy with Spongebob. I hated Patrick after I watched this episode.

Honestly, who would want to play with a sandwich with straws as limbs? Also, in To Love a Patty, the burger became tainted within a day, yet this survived. Well, it didn't get in the water on Goo Lagoon, but still.

This is so annoying how Patrick is truly the worst. I mean he's usually one of my favorite characters but this episode literally just makes me want to kill Patrick!

I hate Patrick in this episode he is a big JERK, he didn't share his toy with SpongeBob and it was SpongeBob money he stole his money at the end.

This episode makes Patrick in Pet Sitter Pat look like a saint!

How is this lower than episodes such as "Dear Vikings"? Get this at least to #2. Though it is a very bad episode, nothing will beat A PAL FOR GARY! - sryanbruen

Is this episode trying to teach something or is it just trying to turn Patrick into the biggest ass ever?

Maybe the whole series of SpongeBob should be canceled because IT IS REALLY KILLING ME. The SpongeBob fanboys that say old SpongeBob is underrated when it is overrated and they say that the new episodes are overrated when they are underrated. I don't think they will end the series in 2019, I think they will keep continuing it.

Did Tom Kenny Have a Sore Throat or Something? Because SpongeBob Sounds Very Weird in This Episode.

Oh my god, this episode just makes me angry. It's just awful, and annoying. So incredibly annoying.

Remember when Patrick was a good friend? Well, the writers sure don't.

Why is this not #1? It is just awful and the worst Patrick episode.

Ah spongebob, a very good show where every character has their own charm... *watches the episode*... what IS THIS.

I can't watch this episode without clenching my teeth. Patrick just SHARE THE TOY!