Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 4 Episodes


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1 Good Neighbors

Why isn't this episode number 1? All squidward wanted was to enjoy his day off and SpongeBob and Patrick harass him the whole time! This episode was mean to squidward for no good reason. and the security system part was stupid! SpongeBob and Patrick break into squidward's house again for the millionth time, and the security system doesn't do anything to them. instead the security system throws squidward out of his own home, and turns his house into a giant rampaging robot that destroys the town? Why! One of the worst episodes ever

This is a Squidward torture episode done WRONG. Squidward just tries to have a relaxing Sunday, and SpongeBob and Patrick ruin it beyond belief in ways that just aren't even funny. They're so ignorant of the world around them!

Squidward just wants a good Sunday but SpongeBob and Patrick steal it for no reason in the end he gets punished for it

I get mad watching this episode!

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2 All That Glitters

I'm pretty sure the ACTUAL moral is "If you're going to write a fable, ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING! "

They Made a Rip-Off of This Episode Called Evil Spatula, And It's Actually Really Good - ChiefMudkip

The SpongeBob episode that had the most crying for me, season 5 and forwards up sucked the 99-05 years were the best

Someone on YouTube told me that episode would be worse if Pearl was there instead of Patrick.

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3 Squid Wood

I actually thought the thing and wigs truck were kinda funny. I wish people would stop whining. " Oh, one coarse meal is so bad. Blah blah blah" It's a cartoon. If you don't enjoy it, no reason to watch it. It's not educational.

I hate how they never actually explain why mini squid is better. - hurjelert

Also, this was the third episode where the townspeople were a few fries short of a Happy Meal; the other two were "Stuck in the Wringer" and "Little Yellow Book". - alphadan12

WHAT! This episode was brilliant! - Gangem

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4 The Thing

The second worst Spongebob episode and the worst S4 one. Good Neighbors is funny, and underrated. It's probably in my top 10 S4 episodes, but it's certainly not bad even if it isn't. However, this one is AWFUL. Squidward only wanted a quiet day of watching public television, but Spongebob and Patrick break in his house and he escapes, but gets trapped in (dolphin noise) cement, and Spongebob and Patrick make it more worse by adopting Squidward, and the rest of the episode is Squidward crying and Spongebob and Patrick annoying him. Just awful. Good Neighbors done the premise of Spongebob and Patrick breaking into Squidward's house while he is trying ti have a quiet day good, but this one failed.

I don't really appreciate this episode that much. - TopTenJackson

Please put this at #1. This is my second least favorite Spongebob episode (i only hate Nature Pants more). Good Neighbors was a masterpiece, stop calling it bad! It was funny. Same with Tentacle Vision.

Squidward Gets Trapped In Cement, Screw This Episode

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5 Whale of a Birthday

Good god. Krabs is a cheap bastard in this episode. And it doesn't help that he doesn't even get Pearl a CAKE. WORST SpongeBob season 4 episode. - TomKellyCartooning

Eh this one is kinda mediocre. Not the best of Season 4 but compared to the horrors of Season 6-onward, this one is alright

I thought some of the scenes here were funny, but other than that it is only a mediocre episode. - Joansb

This is barely worse than all that glitters.Mr Krabs is at his complete WORST!

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6 Hocus Pocus

What? This Episode Is Great! - Yina

SpongBob goes through the whole day trying to turn an ice cream to Squidward.

This episode was downright hilarious. - Catacorn

It Was at Least Entertaining - ChiefMudkip

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7 Karate Island

Honestly, I thought this episode was decent. But not the best episode. - Garythesnail

Yeah and it was number one on the SpongeBob marathon, that's what really ticks me off. It should have been band geeks or chocolate with nuts!

Number-one in the 100 best episodes countdown. Higher than "Band Geeks". Higher than "Tea at the Treedome". Higher than "Fools in April". Higher than "The Camping Episode". Higher than "Chocolate With Nuts". Higher than "Squilliam Returns". Higher than "SpongeBob, Sandy and the Worm"...

The ending is really funny where squidward shows up - Account

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8 Funny Pants

I first saw this episode at the age of 6 in 2009, and I thought laugh boxes were real! Because I loved it as a kid, I can't can it bad, also I thought That's No Lady and Good Neighbors were funny too

This episode is annoying SpongeBob laughing half of the episode seriously?

SpongeBob was annoying Laughing constantly then crying constantly?! So in half of the episode he was really depressed?! THIS EPISODE SUCKS! - Goatworlds

It's bad but better than a day without tears which is a, ripoff of this episode and little yellow book

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9 New Leaf

I like this episode until the ending. Seriously, that has to be the worst ending of the show, right alongside Bumper To Bumper (Season 9) - Joansb

This was in my opinion one of the last good SpongeBob episodes one of the best season 4 episodes - steelers1979

This episode was good. This should be near the bottom of this list.

This episode doesn't make much sense; how does Plankton think that Mr. Krabs would give him the formula by just befriending him? Why does Mr. Krabs prank Plankton at the end? He doesn't know whether Plankton's being serious or not.

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10 SquidBob TentaclePants

... WHAT?! THIS EPISODE IS TERRIBLE HOW IS THIS NOT ONE! This is both disturbing creepy and some even say horrific but there is no way this is higher than ten! This should be al least 3!

I'm surprised. A Season 4 episode that is bad? That's pretty much impossible. It feels like a Season 6 episode. - Goatworlds

I've said before that I like every season 4 episode, but this one is kind of debatable. - Garythesnail

Just gross out humour done for the first time in the series. - Joepilsk75

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11 Rule of Dumb

Oh come on! A Pal for Gary is more worse than this!

Sorry, I misspelled this. It's SUPPOSED to be "Rule of Dumb" which I should have changed "Bumb" to "Dumb." - TopTenJackson

Are you kidding me? How in the world can that pink blob be king? Laugh out loud best of squidward!


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12 Chimps Ahoy
13 Wigstruck

NO ONE talks about this episode, plus it is bad and just weird. - Joansb

14 Best Day Ever

What's wrong with this episode? It's awesome! - TopTenJackson

Am I allowed to just have my own opinion and say I liked this episode?

Good episode, but did not deserve to be hyped up like it was.

It's THE BEST DAY EVER! - Catacorn

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15 Fear of a Krabby Patty

Ok this one was good, this should be the best season 4 episode

I love this episode. - Garythesnail

At least THIS is near last place on Worst Season 4 episodes

The only thing preventing this from being the worst episode of all time is that Mr. Krabs didn't drive SpongeBob to suicide like he did with Plankton in One Coarse Meal

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16 That's No Lady
17 Driven to Tears

Yes this is, "Rule of Dumb" was its sister episode.

I.. Um forgot this one.

This isn't from season 4.

18 The Gift of Gum

I HATE, oh sorry, Dislike this episode so much. - Joansb

I can't believe how far this got pushes back. Many people hate this episode. Mr Enter said it was his least favorite in Season 4. I consider it mediocre but still.

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19 Enemy In-Law
20 Bummer Vacation

What happened to this episode? It was great!

Kind of Mean-Spirited If you Ask me - ChiefMudkip

I don't care for this episode... Didn't entertain me much


21 Squidtastic Voyage

This episode is one of the S4 episode to have no flaws, SpongeBob's S1-3 voice would of been used (not the one used in the 2004 movie/S4-onwards one).

This one was great - Goatworlds

I like this one

I don't think this episode is bad. It's one of the OK episodes

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22 Shell of a Man
23 Krusty Towers

This was such a great episode! When Patrick was asked to sign his name and he drew something completely different lol. - Catacorn

Why is this here? This episode is great! - OhioStateBuckeyes

I hate Krusty Towers! One of the worst Season 4 episodes ever.

TopTenJackson What The Heck? This is the Best S4 Episode - ChiefMudkip

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24 Patrick Smartpants

The person who putted this episode on the list probably must have said one coarse meal choir boys boating buddies the card a pal for Gary stuck in the wringer good neighbors spongebob your fired little yellow book planktons regular to love a patty and the splinter are his favorite spongebob episodes

Patrick is smart and leaves SpongeBob, which is TORTURING him. Poor SpongeBob.

It must be WAY higher on the list. It's very sad.

25 Best Frenemies

This ending is brought to you by "Nightmare Fuel", and by "What in Neptune's name happened to their clothing"?

I actually really like this episode. Seeing Mr. Krabs and Plankton as a team but sort of enemies pairing really works in this episode.

This is the first episode I've ever seen, so duh I like it. - Joansb

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26 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

Why is this on the list? This episode was great!

This episode is pretty bad. SpongeBob almost died in that episode. Very similar to Gary's suffering from the great snail race

Yay! Winner! And for good reason too. - Joansb

I liked it. - Goatworlds

27 Born to Be Wild

This is the first episode of SpongeBob that I ever watched

Why don't I remember this one at all? - Goatworlds

28 Have You Seen This Snail?

Why's this episode even here? It was perfect and emotional!

This is one of my favorites! I know you don't have many to choose from but come on! - toptenzen

This episode was great! Let's not forget the famous Squidward Bathtub scene

Dumped down Right - ChiefMudkip

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29 Dunces and Dragons

This episode was the best SpongeBob special episode and the best pastmovie episode! How is this on the list?!?!? Huh? Huh? HUH?!?!

That moment when Squidward's relative got along better with SpongeBob and Pat better - Goatworlds

Just because an episode has one tiny flaw doesn't mean the episode is bad

How did Sandy's relative breathe? - Goatworlds

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30 Skill Crane

WHAT? Ok, this is one of the best episodes in my opinion. I love how he says "Be the crane" to win it. Honestly, I do this all the time at arcades. When I went to Dave and Buster's and tried the giant claw machine without closing my eyes, I didn't win anything. But then I tried it. I closed my eyes, said- in my head- "Be the crane", Opened my eyes, and in the claw was a giant teddy bear! I LOVE this episode for giving me this new skill.

This has no flaws (except SpongeBob using his eyes). He should of used his legs for the whole chase scene. His S1-3 voice could of been used in every season.

I liked this episode, admit it, you wanted to try the skill crane. - Catacorn

This should be at the very bottom, third best in the series! - Goatworlds

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31 Selling Out
32 Once Bitten

The whole plot of this episode basically stems from a Squidward Torture Porn courtesy of Gary the Snail.

33 The Endless Summer

I love this epsoide so mutch why is it here

34 Ghost Host
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