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21 Squidtastic Voyage

This episode is one of the S4 episode to have no flaws, SpongeBob's S1-3 voice would of been used (not the one used in the 2004 movie/S4-onwards one).

This one was great - Goatworlds

I like this one

I don't think this episode is bad. It's one of the OK episodes

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22 Shell of a Man
23 Krusty Towers

This was such a great episode! When Patrick was asked to sign his name and he drew something completely different lol. - Catacorn

Why is this here? This episode is great! - OhioStateBuckeyes

I hate Krusty Towers! One of the worst Season 4 episodes ever.

TopTenJackson What The Heck? This is the Best S4 Episode - ChiefMudkip

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24 Patrick Smartpants

The person who putted this episode on the list probably must have said one coarse meal choir boys boating buddies the card a pal for Gary stuck in the wringer good neighbors spongebob your fired little yellow book planktons regular to love a patty and the splinter are his favorite spongebob episodes

Patrick is smart and leaves SpongeBob, which is TORTURING him. Poor SpongeBob.

It must be WAY higher on the list. It's very sad.

25 Best Frenemies

This ending is brought to you by "Nightmare Fuel", and by "What in Neptune's name happened to their clothing"?

I actually really like this episode. Seeing Mr. Krabs and Plankton as a team but sort of enemies pairing really works in this episode.

This is the first episode I've ever seen, so duh I like it. - Joansb

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26 Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

Why is this on the list? This episode was great!

This episode is pretty bad. SpongeBob almost died in that episode. Very similar to Gary's suffering from the great snail race

Yay! Winner! And for good reason too. - Joansb

I liked it. - Goatworlds

27 Born to Be Wild

This is the first episode of SpongeBob that I ever watched

Why don't I remember this one at all? - Goatworlds

28 Have You Seen This Snail?

Why's this episode even here? It was perfect and emotional!

This is one of my favorites! I know you don't have many to choose from but come on! - toptenzen

This episode is my favourite, this episode is like the heart of SpongeBob

WHAT KIND OF CHUMP ADDED THIS? It's the saddest episode in the ENTIRE SERIES. Gary ran away and Spongebob and Patrick try to find him. Its sad, emotional, and had such a beautiful ending.
And lets not forget that song... - Catacorn

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29 Dunces and Dragons

This episode was the best SpongeBob special episode and the best pastmovie episode! How is this on the list?!?!? Huh? Huh? HUH?!?!

That moment when Squidward's relative got along better with SpongeBob and Pat better - Goatworlds

Just because an episode has one tiny flaw doesn't mean the episode is bad

How did Sandy's relative breathe? - Goatworlds

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30 Skill Crane

WHAT? Ok, this is one of the best episodes in my opinion. I love how he says "Be the crane" to win it. Honestly, I do this all the time at arcades. When I went to Dave and Buster's and tried the giant claw machine without closing my eyes, I didn't win anything. But then I tried it. I closed my eyes, said- in my head- "Be the crane", Opened my eyes, and in the claw was a giant teddy bear! I LOVE this episode for giving me this new skill.

This has no flaws (except SpongeBob using his eyes). He should of used his legs for the whole chase scene. His S1-3 voice could of been used in every season.

I liked this episode, admit it, you wanted to try the skill crane. - Catacorn

This should be at the very bottom, third best in the series! - Goatworlds

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31 Selling Out
32 Once Bitten

The whole plot of this episode basically stems from a Squidward Torture Porn courtesy of Gary the Snail.

33 The Endless Summer

I love this epsoide so mutch why is it here

34 Ghost Host
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