Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 5 Episodes

This is list of worst spongebob episodes in season 5.

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1 To Love a Patty

That he has a fetish for the patty is not what bothers me, it's the fact how it was executed, with the worst possible use of disgusting imagery and a horrible killing in the middle. And I am not talking about your typical gross out or toilet humor, this goes further, it celebrates the disgust in such a detail and level that you will wonder if they had some sort of hatred against the character Spongebob. I mean look at this on a more psychological or metaphorical way: he kills clams quite graphically but it is presented as a side gag (clams are birds in the Spongebob universe, he kills birds basically, and we all remember he once cared for one), then later on he is forced to eat not a rotten burger but one with maggots, hair and other truly disgusting stuff. To me this looks like someone intentionally wanted to make Spongebob look as hateworthy as possible just to take revenge to him in the most sadistic of ways. After all, the patty he is eating is supposed to be the rotting body of ...more - Martin_Canine

I don't care about the fact that he loved it, Heres why I hate it:
1. Ill never watch "Rock a Bye Bivalve" the same way again because of this.
2. The gross close ups, and everything that happened with the patty.
3. After all that, he EATS it. I'm gonna wait a few days until I eat another burger...

Awful episode. This is the patty that deserved to get cremated not the one from Just One Bite which is a much better version of this monstrosity of an episode - JThrill

This is just paraphilia towards food. ICKY! - AinezoChan

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2 Atlantis SquarePantis

Biggest disappointment in SpongeBob history. There are no attempts at jokes, the plot is either ripping offf Willy Wonka, or repeating the same crap over and over, and the songs are cringe-worthy. Not even the Patchy segments are good, which was what I liked best in earlier specials. Seriously though, what dumbass casts David Bowie, a professional singer, and he is quite literallythe only character who doesn't sing


#=part of a bad word

Why isn't this #1? To love a patty is awful, but this one just has no words for how bad it is.

This should have been number 1. - DumbBoy

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3 Fungus Among Us

This is the first and last episode in which I felt truly grossed-out throughout the entire episode. After I saw this, I reached my breaking point. I could barely even keep my lunch in my stomach. Warning, DO NOT watch this right before or after eating.

I hate to say this, but there's nothing even close to any sort of jokes being told. Even if you take the disgusting parts out of this episode, it is still nothing but boring and mean spirited.

I really don't see anything bad with this the fungus looks like algae and if anyone thinks this is gross, watch: the splinter, house fancy, pineapple fever and face freeze then tell me what you think is gross about this episode

This episode is so badly written and so disgusting it makes me want to puke every time. This plot could have been good, but the writers couldn't possibly do that.

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4 A Flea In Her Dome

Gross stupid episode, worst of the season in my opinion

This one was the worst. And Atlantis Squarepantis was great. Please put this at #1.

I actually liked this - epictoonsfan1

I think this episode is mediocre. - Powerfulgirl10

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5 Stanley S. SquarePants

This episode is really irritating.. Stanley is so annoying!

Whoops. This episode is my guilty pleasure. But I can see why people hate it

This episode is really annoying. I never watch it when it comes on the T.V. Seriously? How can someone be that reckless!?!

6 Whobob Whatpants?

That close up is the most disturbing I have ever seen. I can't even imagine how many young viewers got nightmares from that!

I hate this more than atlantis squarepantis it is my least favorite season 5 episode.

I think the best part is when SpongeBob leaves bikini bottom forever

Horrible pointless, mean spirited episode!

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7 Goo Goo Gas

What? This One Is One Of The Best Season 5 Episodes - Yina

Okay whoever hates this episode must have obviously said Atlantis SquarePantis is in their Top 5 favorite for the season.

I like this one - Goatworlds


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8 SpongeHenge

This one is terrible. This is my 2nd least favorite of the season next to To Love a Patty ( GOD I HATE TO LOVE A PATTY ). This one is really eerie. It's a VERY creepy, eerie episode and actually just about as creepy as Squids Visit, To Love a Patty, Squid Baby, and Boating Buddies. In the ending scene with those aliens and those stone SpongeBobs and that closeup on one of their mouths in that laugh I was just like "what the heck did I just watch? " Its also kinda weird that no one really talks about this episode. This one doesn't even try to be funny, I-I

don't even see how. This one is really disturbing and creepy and it doesn't feel like it belongs in SpongeBob. Not to mention this one has SpongeBob as the torture victim and he's tortured in some really unfunny and kinda disturbing ways. That ending with the Krusty Krab in ruins is pretty creepy. By the way besides being a reference of Stonehenge and Planet of the Apes, is this trying to parody something that may ...more

If you've been living under a rock, this is my personal LEAST FAVORITE episode.

To give a quick recap, this episode is not funny AT ALL. It has a HORRIFYING ending, and the entire episode could be summed up from an episode to a movie that doesn't even exist.

I no longer think this is the worst episode of the show, but it's still my personal least favorite episode, because this was the episode that was SO BAD, SO FRUSTRATING, SO Un-SpongeBob-like, that I'd maybe wake up and realize the show was no longer the same. That song will HAUNT MY NIGHTMARES. I pray to Neptune and Poseidon that I never have to see it again.

This episode takes all continuity in the entire series and just throws it out the window. It breaks every law of logic, physics, and...well, EVERYTHING! The plot is the most nonsensical thing of all time, it's probably the creepiest SpongeBob episode, and it just existing could cause a rift in time in the SpongeBob universe! This is my least favorite episode in the whole show.

Screw This Episode

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9 Boat Smarts

I actually liked it. It was funny. But didn't get the story. - TristGamer

I respect the opinion who love this episode. But you need to check it again. I'm not going to be kidding here. Why SpongeBob getting scott of free while he doing a bad thing. And why Squidward getting mauled and crashed while doing the right thing. Is this a good moral to teach?

Oh no! That shouldn't be the worst episode!

This one should be higher my top 5 worst season 5 episodes
5: waiting
4: 2 love a patty
3: breath of fresh squidward
2: boat smarts
1: spongehenge

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10 Breath of Fresh Squidward

This episode puts SpongeBob through everything he does to Squidward, and I'm supposed to feel sorry only for ScumBob? No, that's not how morality works, writers. I was surprised the devils duo (Cervas and Alexander) weren't behind this mess.

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11 To Save a Squirrel

I like this one (Please don't hurt me)

This one's actually pretty good - mtndewlord

12 Waiting

This SHORT is honestly one of the most infuriating things I have ever seen.

This episode has SpongeBob crying because he missed his birthday party five minutes off screen, and it has a joke about Patrick eating the cake.

But this episode has the fact that it just BARELY EVEN BOTHER WITH THE PLOT OR ANY SORT OF GAG! This episode is awful on so many levels and it's a SHORT! I never thought a SHORT episode could possibly make me so frustrated and angry, but it does!

You don't want to watch it! You never want to see this episode! It is tedious and boring and annoying and frustrating! But the best part of the episode is that Squidward appears in it, and nothing horrible happens to him. That's pretty bad.

The entirety of this episode could be set up as: "SpongeBob refuses to have a plot." He literally just stands there waiting for this toy, and anytime something looks like it's going to happen, like Patrick tries to start a plot, SpongeBob absolutely denies ...more

Ten minutes of BORING! Ugh, I could walk around in circles for ten minutes and feel less bored.

This is the worst season 5 short.

13 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

Why is this number 10? , it's one of the best episodes in the season! - JThrill

This one was epic

Run Mr. Krabs, Patrick is digging for gold!

This one was awesome. They handled gross-out humor correctly. - Powerfulgirl10

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14 Night Light

I like this one. It's sorta dumb, but pretty neat. It's interesting and has cool visuals. - mtndewlord

One of my favorites of season 5. Don't know why it's this high, - Alien51

Am I the only person that likes this?

This one came out on my 4th bday - Tyler730

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15 Whatever Happened to Spongebob

This episode is boring, annoying, and has as many flaws and plot holes, (maybe even more), than SpongeBob You're Fired! Although To Love a Patty is a close 2nd, this episode is seriously bad.

Delete this episode off the list! Whatever Happened to SpongeBob is Whobob Whatpants and that is on here.

16 Picture Day

This is the worst spongebob episode ever

This episode makes me question why Patrick is even in the series. Not to mention most of the episode is just SpongeBob repeatedly getting ready for picture day and than getting his clothes dirty. Here's how the episode starts. SpongeBob wakes up in the morning and tells Gary that it's picture day. That's a nice way to start the beginning, but than the episode goes downhill. SpongeBob gets ready for picture day. Now that's Not I bad but here's when the episode gets bad. (by the way Since when did SpongeBob have hair? ) than he goes outside and he gets some green slime on his clothes (gross) than he goes back in his house and than cleans his clothes again than he tells Gary that he is ready again than Gary says meow and SpongeBob tells Gary that he will be careful not to get dirty. Than SpongeBob goes outside and tells squidward good morning and tells squidward that it's picture day than some claw for no reason grabs SpongeBob and puts SpongeBob in the garbage truck than puts SpongeBob ...more

17 Banned In Bikini Bottom

I actually liked this one. The characters were mostly likeable. - Turkeyasylum

A stupid modern SpongeBob episode: idiotic plot, unlikeable characters (Ms. Grisslepuss and her police chief husband), the regular SpongeBob characters more flanderized and dumb than usual, and an unbelievably horrible song. Plus, the ending couldn't be much more insulting if they tried.



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18 Pat No Pay
19 The Inmates of Summer

What this is great, very great

20 Blackjack
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