Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 6 Episodes

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1 The Splinter


This. Has. To. DIE!

Like to love a patty and fungus among us it's just gross

Where do I even begin with this episode not only is this disgusting in my opinion it is one of the worst cartoon episodes of all time same with one coarse meal and a pal for gary SpongeBob's splinter is more disgusting than squidward's toenail getting brutally removed to this day I still question why Nickelodeon let this episode air it is one of the most disgusting episode of SpongeBob I ever seen
Overall 0/10 worst season 6 SpongeBob episode ever

2 Choir Boys

I can hardly tell which episode is worse - The Splinter or Choir Boys. But, Choir Boys is just a little bit worse than The Splinter. Spongebob is EVIL in this episode, it's not funny, and it's Squid Torture. If the episode is a Squid Torture porn, it JUST HAS TO be funny. But, this one isn't. So, it fails miserably. I REALLY hate this episode.

Spongebob is a VILLAIN in this one, and it's a Squid Torture episode done wrong. It's not funny at all. And Spongebob knows he is torturing Squidward, but he just doesn't care. He just wants Squidward to hear his stupid, horrible song, and Squidward has an excuse why he doesn't want to listen to it - he is late for the choir practice. This episode also has one of the grossest scenes in Spongebob history behind Spongebob's splinter from the same season, and has that stupid long gag (mhmmm).

How can you love this episode? This episode is AWFUL on so many levels, and it is a %100 Squidward Torture episode and Spongebob is EVIL in this episode.

Now people think it's funny to hurt squidward but it's really not.

3 Boating Buddies

Even when I was 6 I knew what was wrong with this episode

I hate what they do to squidward! - kittylitature2

Why does Squidward get failed on his test if he physically can't take it because he's in a full body cast? This episode was one of the worst STPs and had Squidward get stalked, forced into boating school, and had all of his bones broken for no reason.

They way they treated Squidward was a disaster - PatrickStar

4 Truth or square SpongeBob's Truth or Square is a 2009 made-for-television comedy special and an hour-long episode of the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants

STOP CRITICIZING THIS EPISODE! For god sakes, it's a anniversary episode, here's the truth, the episode isn't all that bad, because one, it actually brings back Patchy the Pirate, I love how the staff of the show makes up history of SpongeBob, and two, The plot, SpongeBob and his friends gets trapped in the freezer, and gets out, and SpongeBob singing a parody of "Oh Christmas Tree," it's actually pretty entertaining, I give this special episode a 12/10, best special of Season 6.

You're being disrespectful and neglecting all the problems people have with it. People like you make me want to hate it even more. - DankShaggy

I hate it for all the lies in the commercials. They said: "What was Bikini Bottom like before SpongeBob? Why is there a pineapple under the sea? These questions and more will be answered in Truth or Square! Witness the wedding you never thought you'd see, and learn the biggest secret in all of Bikini Bottom! " I thought this episode would be awesome. Then I watched it. And then my head exploded.

Why do people hate this episode? A lot of celebrities stared there and I never found it bad - PatrickStar

It's more or less because of the trailer they gave us for it. It lied. Sandy and SpongeBob never got married, we did not get to see the secret formula, and I know there is more, but I don't exactly remember. But mostly because the trailer was bluffing. It wouldn't be as bad if the trailer was truthful.

The patchy scenes are stupid & a waste of time & boring as heck! But the actual episode itself was alright. It had an interesting plot & ut was resolved in a not so bs way.
Grade: D (only because of the patchy scenes, which take up the majority of the special).
Without patchy scenes: C

5 Pet or Pests

I'm sorry but this episode is underhated. It's worse than Choir Boys! Should be #1! Boring and gross! - NostalgiaMonkey

Very underrated. Disturbing, disgusting, boring, and let's not forget to mention that how the living hell does Larry not know SpongeBob?

This episode felt like it was going on for an hour. It was so boring! - PatrickStar

This episode was just confusing.They show the worm as if it were a dog. Gary hisses at it and the worm howls at it. Ok, worms are dogs in SpongeBob. THEN WHY DID LARRY WANT TO EAT THE BABY WORMS?! IT WAS LIKE A GUY WANTING TO EAT PUPPIES! Speaking of Larry, why doesn't he recognize SpongeBob in this episode?

6 Shuffleboarding

Boring episode, but not too bad and shouldn't be too low - NostalgiaMonkey

Meh, I find the plot is kind of boring but I don't think this episode is awful.

This episode is actually not bad. I liked what happened more than I would have liked seeing SB and Pat play shuffleboarding. If they had changed the name I think people would have liked it more. - children

I wish spongebob and Patrick didn’t put people in jail for no reason, Like spongebob put a jail security guard behind bars for throwing out a krabs patty.

7 Cephalopod Lodge

Stupid Illuminati episode

This episode is cruel to Squidward for no reason. This episode is filled plot holes in like three characters and crossing hai plot holes and like all characters


8 Squid's Visit

Another creepy @$$ spongebob episode. Boating buddies beats this in every turn for terribleness, but it has everything wrong from boating buddies in here.
Grade: F

This should be in the top 5 at least, it creepy, unfunny, uneasy, even boring. Spongebob is just too creepy and the squidward and vacuum scene is disturbing

This episodes is just creepy SpongeBob made his house look like squidwards. he broke into his house enough times to memorize every LITTLE detail. he when through all this just to get squidward into his house?

This episode should be at 4 because very creepy annoying and frustrating and some boring parts

9 The Card

At least The Splinter had an okay story. This episode is just a failure in every regard.

Patrick is really going downhill - PatrickStar

One of the worst. - Turkeyasylum

Here is a top 5 worst SpongeBob season 6 episodes ( NOT my opinion )
#5: the card
#4: boating buddies
#3: the splinter
#2: truth or square
#1: choir boys

10 House Fancy House Fancy is the first season 6 episode from the TV series “Spongebob Squarepants”. In this episode, Squidward tries to make his house fancy so he could beat his rival at making a fancy house and Spongebob comes along to help.

Why is Not Normal higher on the list? This episode was GREAT! House Fancy would be the higher on the list because it's TERRIBLE

I don't hate episodes for ten second scenes. Squidward wins in the end!

The toenail scene ruined the whole episode. Besides that, not bad. - Turkeyasylum

I actually liked this episode (besides the toenail scene, of course).

The Contenders

11 Gone

This one is easily my hated! It starts well, with SpongeBob chilling. Then, many people is making a world of disaster. A scene with someone portraying him. And how did that happen? Everyone annoyed him so hard. Later, Patrick came with the most stupid idea ever, that he should annoy him as well, but of course it didn’t work! The episode ends with a complete mess of stuff happening. What kind of episode is this one?

This is the worst episode ever! The ending was so awful. Don't believe those criminals spongebob. Run away. Go find a new life a new job and some real friends. This is one of the few episodes that makes me want to stab those people( except for spongebob)

That ending is so mean-spirited. Nobody deserves a 'National No Anyone Day'!

Worst part of this episode for me was Patrick! He's supposed to be spongebob's best friend!

12 Giant Squidward
13 Plankton's Regular

Just an average episode.

I actually like this episode - children

Poor plankton. Krabs won't let him have ONE customer... and at the end krabs gets rewarded...

Really Mr. Krabs? ONE customer? Why do you need ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER when you have a lot daily! - Datguyisweird666

14 Gullible Pants
15 Slide Whistle Stooges

I actually liked this episode especially the ending - PatrickStar

This episode is like Squidward torture porn had a baby with ear cancer. It's disgusting.

This is like Idiot Box?

Least fave all time this has to be 1 or two because the splinter bad too

16 Penny Foolish

For those of you who think this is the Gary abuse one, it isn't.

It is the one with the penny mr Krabs wants. And the Gary one is the cent of money

I actually kind of like this episode. I felt that the whole joke WAS playing up on Krabs’ greed - children

This isn't the one where Mr. Krabs uses Gary for money. Get your facts right! Look it up on the internet!

17 Professor Squidward

I like this one... - NostalgiaMonkey

Did they run out of ideas?

This is a Squidward tortchre porn

€This is a Squidward tortchre porn”
No it’s not. Your just being a whinny baby about squidward. He was only ‘torchered’ at the end, & he deserved his punishment because he l took purposely what belonged to squillium.

This episode is overhated. It was funny & in character the whole time, & the plot was okay.
Grade: C+

18 The Clash of Triton

This episode is SO BORING and SO PAINFUL. And spongebob is an actual terrible character in this - children

Easily the worst special of season 6. It's saying something that the writers promise an epic battle and come back with this whimper of an episode.

Why do these creators create rubbish episodes like this - JandS3000

Did I mention this is the finale to Season 6?

19 Not Normal

This episode isn't that creepy compared to lots of other stuff they have. For example I forget which episode this was but I remember there was an episode where SpongeBob gave Squidward a makeover and tthen Squidward looks in the mirror and it's a live-action version of him. But whatever. I like humour that's creepy and random. You just don't want to search what I'm talking about on Google Images.

This episode wasn't bad in my opinion. I thought this episode was fairly good.
Here are my top 10:

10. Stuck In the Wringer (terrible ending)
9. Choir Boys (awful)
8. Krusty Dogs
7. Boating Buddies
6. To Love a Patty
5. Atlantis Squarepantis (40 minute horrible special)
4. Dear Vikings
3. The Splinter (GROSS)
2. One Coarse Meal

So not to burst your bubble but One Coarse Meal and stuck in the wringer and Krusty dogs are season 7. To Love a Patty is Season 5 along with Atlantis Squarepantis. - children

This is one of the most disturbing episode in history.

If you want to see the episode, but not the disturbing part, just watch until SpongeBob finishes the DVD of how to be normal.

You might need eye surgery after watching the entire episode.

REALLY GUYS? Even though opinions are opinions, this episode is known as one of the best episodes of Season 6.

20 Single Cell Anniversary

This is a great episode! - children

Ok seriously, I don't get you people.😒

Single Cell Anniversary

Top 5 Compliments
1. The Mood
2. The Song
3. The Premise
4. The Execution
5. The likeable characters - Wudzer

21 Dear Vikings

Really. Did the writers even watch the bubble buddy episodes?

22 Grooming Gary

They redeed a bad epiosiode the great snail race I think one is okay

23 Krabby Kronicle
24 Nautical Novice

This episode was so disappointing! The writes just pulled that tugboat out of nowhere so that Spongebob can't get his driver's license because 'Status Quo is God'.

Ah the ultamite slap in the face in a SpongeBob episode

Nautical Novice

Top 5 Compliments
5. Cool History
4. The Other Characters
3. The Animation
2. SpongeBob's likeability
1. The Action Scene

Top 5 Complaints
5. The Reason for the ending
4. The bus scene
3. The face
2. Of course the ending
1. It Ruined Boating School Episodes

Rating: 8-9/10 - Wudzer

25 The Slumber Party

I like this one


This is arguably the best S6 episode it’s hilarious - children

26 Overbooked
27 Ditchin'

This actually had good plot & humor.
Grade: B

This episode... not bad. Actually matches early season 5 (Which felt like season 1) - Goatworlds

28 Sun Bleached

Patrick was an idiot in this episode and spongebob looked so ugly in this episode this episode is my 9th Least Favourite Episode of spongebob

29 To Squarepants or Not to Squarepants
30 Porous Pockets

This episode is kinda mediocre. Its sister episode (Choir Boys) was one of the most obnoxious Squid Torture episodes.

31 Pineapple Fever

Why is this episode on the list? It was funny - PatrickStar

I like this episode where all three of them are stuck indoors together

This is the best modern STP - Wudzer

One of the many Squidward Torture episodes. He gets trapped with SpongeBob and Patrick during a thunderstorm. Then Patrick is "trying so hard" to get the last piece on the puzzle the trio are doing. THEN, Squidward justs puts the last piece on the puzzle, mad. SpongeBob then says,"*gasps* Squidward! It wasn't your turn! That's cheating... ) After that all 3 then acts like monkeys and fights over food. WAY OUT OF CHARACTER, including Squidward...

32 Patty Caper

Eh... Okay episode, but I've seen worse in Season 6.

This episode is more WORSE than Plankton's Regular

33 No Nose Knows

Why wasn't this on here? - Turkeyasylum

34 Toy Store of Doom

This is a very stupid episode. It had Patrick & spongebob act like annoying toddlers thoughout the whole episode. The construction worker is the only thing that’s good about this episode because it was funny when he yelled at them.
Grade: F+

Sneaky. Caution. Stupidity. Toy Store of Doom.

Annoying filler. - Goatworlds

35 Shell Shocked
36 Krabby Road
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