Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 6 Episodes

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21 Single Cell Anniversary

Ok seriously, I don't get you people.😒

Single Cell Anniversary

Top 5 Compliments
1. The Mood
2. The Song
3. The Premise
4. The Execution
5. The likeable characters - Wudzer

22 Grooming Gary

They redeed a bad epiosiode the great snail race I think one is okay

23 Porous Pockets
24 Nautical Novice

This episode was so disappointing! The writes just pulled that tugboat out of nowhere so that Spongebob can't get his driver's license because 'Status Quo is God'.

Ah the ultamite slap in the face in a SpongeBob episode

Nautical Novice

Top 5 Compliments
5. Cool History
4. The Other Characters
3. The Animation
2. SpongeBob's likeability
1. The Action Scene

Top 5 Complaints
5. The Reason for the ending
4. The bus scene
3. The face
2. Of course the ending
1. It Ruined Boating School Episodes

Rating: 8-9/10 - Wudzer

25 Krabby Kronicle
26 Gullible Pants
27 Ditchin'

This episode... not bad. Actually matches early season 5 (Which felt like season 1) - Goatworlds

28 To Squarepants or Not to Squarepants
29 Patty Caper

This episode is more WORSE than Plankton's Regular

30 No Nose Knows

Why wasn't this on here? - Turkeyasylum

31 Overbooked
32 Sun Bleached
33 Toy Store of Doom

Sneaky. Caution. Stupidity. Toy Store of Doom.

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34 Shell Shocked
35 Pineapple Fever

Why is this episode on the list? It was funny - PatrickStar

I like this episode where all three of them are stuck indoors together

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36 Little Yellow Book

Guys, This Isn't Season 9, But Still a Horrible Episode

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37 One Coarse Meal

This happened in the following season, but it is also the worst episode in the entire series. Probably the worst in Nick history (Excluding shows like Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, and Fanboy & Chum Chum) - Goatworlds

This is season 7

Plankton almost killed himself and Mr. Krabs laughed at it. - BorisRule

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