Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 7 Episodes

Season 7 is my least favourite season of Spongebob.

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1 A Pal for Gary

This is my least favorite S7 episode and one of my least favorite SB episodes of all time (nothing can beat Nature Pants however). This episode is split in two parts. The first part of the episode is Spongebob being worried and sad because Gary is alone at home all the time he is at work, and that part is kinda boring. However, it's nowhere near as bad as the second part. In the second part, Spongebob STEALS a new PAL FOR GARY so Gary doesn't have to be alone at home when Spongebob is at work. But the worst part is, when Spongebob gets to the store, the salesman warns him that the pet he bought is nice only when it isn't around other animals, and when it's around other animals, it tries to kill them. However, Spongebob doesn't listen, and STEALS the pet. That's right, he doesn't pay, he STEALS the pet. The very moment Spongebob comes home with the pet he names Puffy Fluffy, that monster attacks Gary, and Spongebob constantly blames Gary for everything Puffy Fluffy done. And when Gary ...more

At one part of the episode, SpongeBob worried about Gary being alone, but as the episode goes on, he only cares for his new pet Puffy Fluffy which tore down SpongeBob's house and blames Gary for it. That's correct, he blamed the one thing that he worried about the most in the beginning of the episode. This episode is worse than any T.V. episode I have ever seen (unless you count all of that horrendous Here Comes Honey Boo Boo). - ReakMayhem

I honestly think this is worse than One Coarse Meal. At least in One Coarse Meal, Plankton did something wrong to kinda deserve it. In this episode, much like in Pet Sitter Pat, GARY DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. While it may not feel as nasty as One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary is definitely one of the most irratating episodes of the show. That line where SpongeBob tells Gary to get down really ticked me off. My 2nd least favorite next to Choir Boys.

I think I don't have to say anything about this episode, it speaks for itself in a horrible way.

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2 One Coarse Meal

I never want to watch this episode again. It makes Pearl seem evil. And it make plankton seem like a sad, poor and frightened guy. PLANKTON TRIES TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Why must this happen? At the end he lays down in the middle of the road and waits for a car to come a CRUSH him. Pearl is the other bad thing about this episode. In season 2, 3, 5 and 6 she seemed fine with plankton. But in this episode she just wants to kill him and not do anything else. She even tries to get a plan to kill plankton. Plankton is so scared he has a nightmare about pearl chasing him and trying to kill him. So when he wakes up, he can't take it and he tries to commit suicide. WORST EPISODE OF SPONGEBOB EVER. POSSIBLY EVEN WORST EPISODE OF ANY CARTOON EVER.

I could rip into almost every episode on this list, but this is hands down the worst of them all. The plot is mean-spirited. Basically, Krabs drives Plankton to suicide. Because when you think of a kids show, you think of this, right? On top of that, Krabs gets almost no comeuppance for his actions, and Plankton is framed as a villain. SpongeBob helps Krabs in his plot to kill off Plankton. Krabs also knows that Plankton is so depressed he is committing suicide, and he laughs about it. This episode makes Friend Or Foe hard to watch. This episode basically implies that it's Ok to make someone suicidal if you dislike them.


After seeing this episode for the first time, I was in a depression for four days. Yes, really. I hate it that much.

Okay, I wouldn't say it was that bad, come on it's a kid show most kids don't get it. And the episode barely comes on.

Kids got it and they were scarred for life, it was HORRIBLE! IT ruined SpongeBob. - nelsonerica

So scary, gave me nightmares of pearl the whale eating me and then I found my ancestors in the whale, they enjoyed it. I’m plankton, and I will kill the whales.

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3 Stuck in the Wringer Stuck in the Wringer

Oh dear...where do I begin. It was absolutely horrible to watch a bright, cheerful optimistic character like spongebob spiral into depression, it just felt so wrong! This episode is a classic example of the change in tone the show has undergone. Spongebob used to make me laugh and feel happy but newer episodes like this just depress me! This episode is just so mean spirited, what the hell is wrong with those townspeople! Spongebob was finally calling Patrick out on his idiotic behaviour and they turn him into the bad guy! It's a close call between this one, a pal for Gary and one coarse meal but this one narrowly wins for this season because it combines so many things I hate about new episodes, excessive torture of a character, Patrick's UTTER stupidity, the town fish being JERKS for no reason and absolutely no funny jokes whatsoever and that ending... I have no words. "I guess crying does solve your problems"... Ugh! Rant over!

I agree, I hated the fish scene so much. I just wish I could put them in that wringer myself to show them what it's like! - Squidward48

I just hate Patrick in this episode. - 201002579

I want to kill those townspeople.

"I guess crying solves your problems after all." whoever written this episode and teaches kids to cry to solve problems should be fired.

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4 Yours, Mine and Mine

I can't watch this episode without clenching my teeth at the way Patrick treats SpongeBob. I had to turn it off because it was so utterly annoying. Why are the plots of SpongeBob going down? I know that SpongeBob and Patrick are childish but they never got to the point of not being able to share!

I will never know why the writers thought it was a good idea to show patrick being greedy and selfish. How in any way is this funny charming or clever or anything but cruel, stupid and disgusting? - hurjelert

I don't think this episode is SUPPOSED to be funny. It's probably an educated episode to encourage 4 or 5 year-olds what NOT to do. But that probably didn't work.

This is why Patrick is my least favorite character in the modern seasons - Mswalgren

I wanted to punch Patrick in this one lol

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5 Rodeo Daze

Sandy wasn't even in trouble. SpongeBob is the problem. He only got scared just because of rodeo clowns. He even kidnapped the whole town just because of his stupidity.

Finally someone agrees with me about this crappy crappy episode! - Animeotaku23

What's Point Of This Episode? - Ardan

I liked this when I was younger, when I rewatched it, I didn't like it anymore. - Datguyisweird666

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6 Tentacle-Vision

I honestly thought squidward chat could've been a lot more interesting show than squidward's house party.

This was SOOO funny the first time I watched it. But then, I hated it. Hearing Fab N' Fancy has been cancelled because a teenager's mom gave him a T.V. Show for his birthday.

Zeus the Guitar Lord. ZEUS! Coincidence?

Out of then eleven season premiers from SpongeBob, this one is the worst. - SamHalls2015

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7 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

Worst part: Sandy getting arrested for nudity, when Plankton was in the nude and in the same room. - CardboardBox

Sandy doesn't deserve to go to jail. One of those times where I want to stab the cops.

This is bad especially the ending and when the citizens are being mean to Sandy it should stay in its spot but big sister Sam for me is worse

The innocent can't be punished. This episode is awful!

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8 A Day Without Tears

SpongeBob cries too much now

Squid torture at the end see for yourself squidward is literally crying and Spongebob is just being a dumb jerk - Lunala

This is Caillou's favorite episode. - Datguyisweird666

A Day Without Tears in a nutshell


let's get some coffee!



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9 Big Sister Sam

Sam destroys everyone's house, even SpongeBob's who didn't do anything that is the plot. Hm

In my opinion.. This is the only bad episode exsept for the fact that spongebob and squidward sorta work together a bit.

10 Greasy Buffoons

This episode is just gross

Continuity error:Spongebob is seen DRIVING in this episode.Its like the new writers forgot that Spongebob doesn't even know the first thing about a boat. - Hellohi

The Contenders

11 That Sinking Feeling

The reason why this needs to be much higher on the list is because from start to finish, I was annoyed. SpongeBob and Patrick are nothing more than giggling break-dead annoyances. I'm not talking about how they treat Squidward. I'm talking about how they treat me, "the audience member." There is so much of that mindless giggling that it drives me up a tree! There is not an ounce of charm in SpongeBob and Patrick's childish actions! They are idiots, who don't even think to go around Squidward's border in the back! SpongeBob's voice has that obnoxious tone to it that he sometimes gets, "when acting really stupid! " Every single scene and joke goes on for way longer than it needs to, like Patrick figuring out which yard to go to, the extending digging sequences, and Squidward looking for SpongeBob and Patrick when we know they're underground! Even the background music annoys me with how frequent it is in this episode, and on top of all of that, the episode has no ...more

Deserves to be higher. Opinions are opinions I know but this episode is not only forgetable but REALLY ANNOYING. Definitely one of the worst of Season 7. They have also already done digging in Chum Caverns. This episode tries as hard as possible to annoy the audience. This episode doesn't even have any creative effort here.

This episode is PieGuyRulz's worst Season 7 episode.

12 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Why this isn't in the Top 10 List? Poor Squidward, the police gave tickets non stop even though it's ridiculous but in a hostile way, I think Battlefield Earth was funnier than this episode, please, stop torturing Squidward

I just want to walk up to that officer and beat him with an extension cord for giving Squidward all of those tickets.

This is one of my top 5 worst of this season as it is 5 or 4 on this season and the worst part is that this is paired with my most hated episode of all time (a pal for gary)


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13 Karate Star

Why is this episode here? ,it is funny

14 Perfect Chemistry

I am the only who find this Episode awesome?

This best of Season 7, Why is it actually voted for?

This Episode Was Good, Take it Off - ChiefMudkip

Best of season 7

15 The Cent of Money

This actually has to be above That Sinking Feeling and Perfect Chemistry.
I wish Krabs' money gets all burnt up and he goes insane and ends in a mental hospital - Hellohi

Yet another gary torture episode...by Mr. KRABS.

Krabs' flanderization at his finest.

Another Form of A Pal For Gary - ABBCC

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16 Summer Job

Better ones, I like It! Sorry to all offended.

Puff torture. POOR miss puff. - Lunala

Boating Buddies, but torturing Ms. Puff instead of Squidward. nothing else notable;it's just a ripoff of Boating Buddies. - Garythesnail

17 Trench Billies

Its not a bad episode.

Hate this one

It's higher on the worst episodes EVER than on this, which is overly strange!

18 You Don't Know Sponge

This on list 2 times

Should be higher in 7th place

This should be higher, WAAAY higher..

19 The Main Drain

Cause This is Filler! Filler Night! - ChiefMudkip

This episode is a huge nonsense

The Worst Legends of Bikini Bottom

20 Kracked Krabs

I honestly really liked this one.. I thought Mr Krabs wasn't that bad, and was truely happy to teach SB his lifestyle


21 The Great Patty Caper

This on list 2 times

This one is good Thumbs Up


22 I ♥ Dancing

Overrated. Didn't get the story line at all. - Alien51

23 Hide and Then What Happens?
24 The Abrasive Side

I hated this episode so much when I was younger. Did they really have to put in that gruesome scene where Sandy rips the Abrasive Side off of SpongeBob's back?

This is actually a halfway descent episode for modern SpongeBob

I Find This One Meh - ChiefMudkip

25 The Play's The Thing

This One Is a Rip-Off of Culture Shock - ChiefMudkip

26 Model Sponge

This episode is so boring

27 New Fish in Town
28 The Bad Guy Club for Villains

This episode was pointless - Goatworlds

I like this one. It's different.

Who put this here?

SHUT Up goatworlds

29 SpongeBob's Last Stand

I don't know what you're thinking but this is an awesome episode!

People are going to hate me for this, but... Best episode season 7, and best special

This episode is amazing. I love the song it is so stupid

People who h8 this episode obviously don’t know what good episodes are u retards it’s good 2ndbest season 7 epusifes

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30 Back to the Past

This Is Best Episode In This Season. - Ardan

I actually like this episode. I'm surprised that PieGuy doesn't like this episode!

Am I the only one who hates this?

Pieguyrulz thinks he doesn't ilke this episode.

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31 Squidward In Clarinetland

I don't understand why people don't like this episode. The idea is a nightmarish world based around Squidward, and it's handled creatively here. The only problem I had is that we don't spend much time in Clarinetland. Other than that, this might be one of my favorites on Season 7! It's creative and pretty funny.

I have a knife for whoever put this on the list

OK I'm just kidding about the knife thing


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32 Sponge-Cano!

Squidward already had a confession in April Fools' Day episode from Season 1, it seems they're just repeating it here, only with more torture, and with a somewhat hypocritical moral. The only good thing was the flying doplhin, this thing was too ridiculous to be bad. Other than that, it's a pretty bad one.

Why Why Why? Overly stupid and filled with stupididty

33 That's No Lady

This is a Season 4 episode. Not season 7.

34 The Curse of Bikini Bottom
35 The Krabby Kronicle

This is season 6.

This is season 6

This is one of those episodes that makes you really hate Mr. Krabs! - courier28

36 Gramma's Secret Recipe
37 Patrick Got Served

This was on the season 10 list... - Goatworlds

This is not an episode, if your talking Whats Eating Patrick that season 9

38 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom

Patrick was too childish in here...

Not hating this though

39 Tunnel of Glove
40 All that Glitters

Season 4 - Tyler730

To troll

41 Grooming Gary

This is a rip off of the great snail race its funny to think post movie did it better.

This episode is from Season 6. - SamHalls2015

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