Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 8 Episodes

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1 Demolition Doofus

Not Only Worst Episode Of Season 8. It Was The Worst Episode In Entire Series. - Yina

To be honest, I don't like this episode mostly because it bores me and I actually was more annoyed by SpongeBob than Mrs. Puff in this one, but I do agree, she was too mean in this episode. Fortunately, she seemed a lot more like her old self in Burst Your Bubble and Teacher's Pests (both fantastic eps, especially Teacher's Pests).

This episode might be least favorite of all time because it's rough and every one is mean and insane

"Why are you still alive!? " You know, for kids.

2 Pet Sitter Pat

Why did Patrick have a FLAMETHROWER? He has NEVER EVER been that stupid. My 3rd least favorite overall episode. And my #1 least favorite Season 8 episode. Oh yeah, Patrick gets no comeuppance at all! Didn't it show that Gary and Patrick are relatives in Rule of Dumb?

If this aired after "A Pal For Gary", you'd have the combo from hell.

Second worst Gary torture episode (#1 obviously being A Pal For Gary)!

This episode should be called "Pet Abuser Pat".

3 Face Freeze!

This episode is VERY gross, and boring. The plot of the episode is Spongebob and Patrick making very gross faces that are almost grosser than Spongebob's splinter, the fungus and the fleas. Even when I was a kid and liked almost every Spongebob episode, I hated this one with a burning passion. And I still do. This episode should be at #1, above Demolition Doofus and Pet Sitter Pat.

I stand by that everyone is free to think what they want to think, but I will never understand why this show has such a gigantic following. There is no attempt from the writers to bring anything of substance to the table, either through the story or the comedy. Every single voice actor is grating to listen to, either by ear-bleedingly annoying or sleep-inducingly boring, or even both. The face designs are hideous. The music is vomit-inducing. The characters, when they aren’t blank, vacuous, or interchangeable, and horribly unlikable for one reason or another. The pacing can only be loosely called that it’s the equivalent of a snail mixed with a sloth and a tree. In short, I hate this.

Gross, worse than The Splinter, A Flea in Her Dome and Fungus Among Us

Worse than Demolition Doofus and Pet Sitter Pat in my opinion.

4 Are You Happy Now?

I am going to tear into this episode,

First off this episode is from season 8 just to get it out of the way.

Now I am going to talk about the positives in this episode

SpongeBob is almost his actual character in this episode.

There are two pretty good jokes in this episode. But sadly the second joke where SpongeBob says he needs to think out side the box, I couldn't laugh because I already saw squidward stick his head in his oven about two minutes before this line.

Here are the bad,

The most infamous reason are because of the suicide jokes. They can be heard several times and can be visually seen twice of a plot is very offensive and disturbing.

Not to mention the sad tone that this episode that makes it more serious and unfunny. Although I actually like the episodes plot, IT WASN'T USED THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

The ending was crap, first off this "happiest memory" as he calls it is very Malicious, even for ...more

If Squidward wanted to murder SpongeBob, he wouldn't have bothered crying when he thought SpongeBob ate that exploding pie. He wouldn't have went through all that stuff so he could have his best day ever.

I wish there were no suicide jokes. - TheThomas5252

I feel bad for you, person who lost 4 friends

5 Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom

The fact that the people attending the concert didn't like squidward just because of SpongeBob is what got me. What I don't get is why the writers are making the fish of bikini bottom seem stupider.

I don't get it. Squidward suffers through SpongeBob and Patrick's stupidity and gets ignored by Kelpy G, while Patrick not only eats Squidward and SpongeBob's backstage passes but also interrupts the concert because he seems to think he's at a drive thru for some reason and the crowd CHEERS HIM ON?! What the...?!?!

This episode was the last straw for me

Patrick Is a Complete Twit in This Episode, Squiward is Horribly Abused

6 Oral Report

Should be at six very mean spirited sandy is stupid and the ending is bad

7 Restraining Spongebob

Worst ending in SpongeBob history

Should be at five annoying and extremely frustrating

It's a squidward torture porn but I can't hate it cause it's not like anything was ruined like his weekend (boating buddies) his dream (choir boys) his concert (smooth jazz at bikini bittom) his happiness (cephalopod lodge) his T.V. show (tentacle vision)his day off (good neighbors) and no is being a hypocrite to him (squid wood, slide whistle stooges and little yellow book) - HotColds

8 Inspongeiac

This one should be higher. I think it's the 2nd worst episode after big sister Sam

Please Make This #1, The Face In this Episode is Appalling, and a Stupid Plot - ChiefMudkip

Why did Pieguyrulz liked this episode anyway?!?


9 The Googly Artiste
10 Patrick's Staycation

Patrick is very ungrateful here.

Should be way higher like 9

The third worst of the season(demolition doofus and Smooth jazz at bikini bottom are MUCH worse) but this needs to be higher - garlicboy

The Contenders

11 Fiasco

They just had to throw in that Squidward torture at the end...

Squidward gets arrested for absolutely no reason!

It's Ok, But That STP in the End Kind ruined it

12 Sentimental Sponge

This Was Just Meh, Kinda Creepy, But Not BAd - ChiefMudkip

13 The Good Krabby Name

Besides the start Patrick is really really smart in this episode he's the 1 who gets every1 to come to the kk Wow never thought he would get so smart

14 Squidward's School for Grown Ups
15 Bubble Troubles

They decide to touture squidward at the begining even though it wast necsecarry

Sandy on drugs. [for no reason]

5 months later: [comment reboot] THIS IS WHEN YOU GIVE SANDY DRUGZ

16 Walking The Plankton

When you make a villain for your show and you know he's probably gonna end up losing, you still have to make him at least enjoyable to watch. In most of his episodes, Plankton does fullfill that criteria, but here he's just pathehic. All he does in the episode is fail for the sake of failing.

17 The Other Patty

This episode copies several elements from the best frendamies episode

18 The Way of the Sponge

€Stick to what you’re good at” Ugh. That moral is grating.

This is the Sandy torture p*rn

19 Hello Bikini Bottom!


20 House Sittin' for Sandy

This rips off wormy and to save a squirrel it had the same ending is looks like they were recycling plot devices because they can't right

So boring, it's unwatchable

I hate how sandy yells at just spongebob at the end. It was the robot’s fault for breaking everything including her fixing gun. In fact, why the f does she have those pycho robots in the first place? And she had spongebob come over to wreck stuff! It’s all her fault all her stuff got wrecked!

21 A Friendly Game
22 Home Sweet Rubble

All of sponges friends are so selfish! They only add why they want, and not what sponge wants in his own house! But then sponge can't pay attention to Gary, which makes you upset with him!

Stupid ripoff off Home Sweet Pineapple. And a little Squidward torture.

As if we didn't have enough rehashed plots. - KalloFox34

23 Frozen Face-Off
24 Mooncation

They did something like this 3 times.

This Was Great! Take it Off - ChiefMudkip

25 Bubble Buddy Returns
26 Drive Thru
27 Karen 2.0
28 It's a SpongeBob Christmas!


This episode is very stupid. ‘Santa’ supposedly has his eye on everyone, so he should have known plankton put jerkyonium in the fruitcake and made everyone jerks & built the jerk robot spongebob.

Also the art is cringe, patchy scenes are pointless and annoying (luckily though, it’s not as long and obnoxious as ‘truth or square’), & the kids singing the intro made me want to take a sword and stab it through my ears.

29 Squiditis

Why is this here? - KalloFox34

Well it's okay

30 Sweet and Sour Squid

For some strange, odd reason; after watching the season 8 review by Pieguy; this episode reminded me of The Show Stoppers (MLP:FiM) in Which both episodes have sounds that can rupture your eardrums. But unlike Pieguy, I actually like this episode. But I'm putting this on here because Pieguy scumbobed it.

31 Treats!
32 The Krabby Patty that Ate Bikini Bottom
33 Free Samples
34 Planet Of The Jellyfish

What? This episode is awesome!

Why is this here? - KalloFox34

35 A SquarePants Family Vacation
36 Ghoul Fools

This is not my least favorite episode of the season, but I'm voting for it just to get it higher. This is my 6th worst episode of the season, and my top 5 is:
5. Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom
4. Demolition Doofus
3. Pet Sitter Pat
2. Are You Happy Now
1. Face Freeze

37 Barnacle Face
38 Move It Or Lose It

This episode is as bad as the name of the episode.

39 Glove World R.I.P.
40 Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!
41 Accidents Will Happen

Why is this here? - KalloFox34

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