Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Season 9 Episodes


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1 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

My second least favorite episode because it's a regurgitation of past episodes like the idea of the gimmick of SpongeBob getting fired, the Krusty Krab falling apart without SpongeBob, and SpongeBob only having the ability to cook only Krabby Patties! I only hate it less than Truth or Square because it wasted less of my time. The major plot point of SpongeBob getting fired was treated as a dumb joke! Once again the episode drags which makes it a chore to sit through. The jokes are few and far between and the second half made no sense due to SpongeBob getting kidnapped by the fast food mascots that kicked him out of their restaurants, and they didn't even make a joke out that twist. There was so much filer like SpongeBob somehow making good snail food and Sandy experimenting on her friends and strangers. Pieguyrulz did a better job panning this episode than I could ever do. - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

SpongeBob should've told Krabs to (bleep) off. He was able to make the best snail food Gary has ever tasted, so why would he go back to Krabs and work for him after everything Krabs has put him through? He pays him counterfeit money (don't remember which episode we found that out, though) and now he fires him to get a god dang nickel. So why? Oh yeah, because the "Status Quo is God". Uggh. Also, they ripped off SO MANY SpongeBob episodes, like "Le Big Switch", where he gets fired and tries to go to other restaraunts, where he cannot make anything but Krabby patties. Just like in this episode.

When I heard about this episode airing I was so excited but when it aired I found out that it was one of those crappy SpongeBob episode where he messes up everything for being stupid!

'Cause this is filler! Filler night!

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2 Squid Baby Squid Baby

Squidward is an adult... IN A DIAPER and there is too much SPIT AND DROOL that makes this one screwed up - Pastakirby7

If I didn't know any better, I would think I was watching someones fetish porn - hurjelert

Squidward Torture Porn... Bot more in this Episode

Will people stop saying porn at the end? It make me think of a clarinet being stuck up Squidward's butt. - Goatworlds

Why Squidward? - Userguy44

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3 Little Yellow Book

Before watching this episode, I went back and remembered all of the Squidward torture episodes and was really sad after seeing him in pain. After watching Little Yellow Book though, I felt nothing but hatred towards Squidward and his actions. After the townspeople hate Squidward for reading SpongeBob's diary, it was just plain stupid. There's NO WAY that the writers could've missed something so confusingly hypocritical. Not to mention that the ending just sucks since Squidward is now seen as worse than modern Patrick. I'd just skip watching this episode again.

The Bikini Bottomies are complete jerks(so is Patrick), and even though Squidward is a jerk for reading the diary, after watching the episode a few times you START TO FEEL SORRY FOR HIM, that is how bad this episode is, and if you watch it even more, you feel more sorry for Squidward than SpongeBob for losing his house and all of that, and every single person is a complete jerk at some point or another, except SpongeBob but he was just a whiny crybaby all the time.

Nick is not helping either, this is the most aired episode of SpongeBob, why don't they put something like: The Paper or Band Geeks or a GOOD EPISODE and they would get more viewers. Seriously they should cut episodes like this and One Course Meal from air.

Thanks, writers, for this piece of garbage!

Over all 9 seasons of the torment that Squidward gets from SpongeBob, whether it be in episodes where he deserves it in "Home Sweet Pineapple", or in the episodes where he gets endless torment just because the writers think it's funny like in "Boating Buddies", Squidward finishes the episode saying "I don't care! This is so worth it! Hahaaa! " as it fades out.

It's made Squidward unlikeable by saying that he'd go through the torment and pain of episodes like "Squid Baby" and "Good Neighbours" just to hurt SpongeBob's feelings. Something that only a bad person would do.

Robbie Rotten would say:


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4 Squid Defense

It had an interesting concept, AND SANDY DIDN'T TALK ABOUT SCIENCE! YES! THEY BROUGHT A PIECE OF HER PERSONALTY BACK! But other than that, this episode doesn't have many jokes, and the ending is way to predictable and cliched. Also Squidward gets arrested for no reason. YOUR JOKE ISN'T FUNNY WHEN REPEATED SEVERAL TIMES SHOW.

This episode was bad, but the end was the WORST! - TopTenJackson

This Episode Would've Been If The Ending Wasn't So Abysmal - ChiefMudkip

Squidward THOUGHT he was defending himself! So he didn’t ‘dishonor’ spongebob & sandy! And why the f was the guy chasing him in the first place (when squidward didn’t know karate)? And why couldn’t the guy say he was just giving back his gocieries when squidward came back? So stupid.

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5 The Fishbowl

This Episode Made Me Went Really Mad Because This Is The Worst Episode Of Spongebob Squarepants History Well, Squid Baby And Other Episodes Were Bad And Spongebob You're Fired, But This One Called The Fish Bowl, You Are totally Going To Hate Sandy Cheeks Because Of The Ending When Squidward Wanted Some Ice Cream I Felt Bad For Squidward He Was My Favorite Grumpiest Characters Of All Time, But Sandy Made Me Really Mad So Hard!

Patrick and sandy fall in a ditch squidward just wanted some ice cream and patrick was such a jerk. - PokemonRPGbro

I hate Patrick in this episode, and is a squid torture episode

Sandy is my favourite character in SpongeBob. This is her worst episode. This is #2 behind SB you're fired

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6 Extreme Spots

How could this be hated? I like all the action

Same I like the action but comedy could be better

Incredibly boring, more reminisce of season 8. - lannypetersong

It Was Decent - ChiefMudkip

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7 Patrick-Man!

Why is this here?
Let me explain: Patrick feels like he really wants to help and change what he perceives as wrong. He also gets comeuppance by the end of the episode. This is funny, has a decent action scene, and for me, feels like classic SpongeBob. It shouldn't be so high.

Lunch! Pop! Best ending EVER! So funny!

Great episode in my book. - Garythesnail

This is a great episode. - Userguy44

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8 Jailbreak!

This episode had a lot of good jokes going for it! - HYDRAflash

I like this one a lot!

I love this episode is very funny

I liked this one.

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9 Yeti Krabs

This was a decent episode, with a real plot and hardly any stupidity. - nelsonerica

Why didn't this episode released? I don't understand.

This was supposed to be the sister episode to Kenny the Cat

What are you talking about it was realeased on nick

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10 Squirrel Record

This episode is really bad, why did they have to create an episode about a dumb old record book! - TopTenJackson

Didn't personally mind this one. But the one part I minded was the one where Sandy stuck a needle in her teeth, then cut them with a saw. For me that is the "toenail scene" of this episode. - Garythesnail

That stupid record book made this episode stupid.

BORING - Alien51

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11 Kenny the Cat

I'm not watching the new SpongeBob episodes anymore, and I've just seen a short plot, the title card and a frame that shows Kenny and I think its bad, but my opinion might change.

This episode showed how much the creators are running out of ideas. We already have an underwater animal ( sandy)! We don't need a CAT!

After season 4 the show has been lacking but I think there are a couple episodes that good

This episode was a rip off of “I’m your biggest Finatic” (Which was awesome, by the way) and for the record, spongebob’s obsession was even creepier than with Kevin The Sea Cucumber. I mean when him and Patrick were waiting to see him, he admits he tattooed himself with him, and his face makeup.

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12 Bumper to Bumper

Since when is Puff surprised about SpongeBob failing? And the fact that she realizes he is nervous? They said that in the first Boating School episode! - Garythesnail

This episode is great. I want to watch it again and again and again.

Why is this not higher in the list? (Opinions are opinions though )

Focus on the road is the weirdest thing in sponge bob, except squid ward in clarinetland

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13 Evil Spatula

Why is this so high? It's like a good version of All That Glitters, and I enjoy it.

It's a much better version of All That Glitters.

At least it's better than All That Glitters.

This is a better version of All That Glitters - Datguyisweird666

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14 Don't Look Now

I like this episode it should be lower

This is a good episode. One of the best in Season 9.

This was one of the best 9 - RockStarr


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15 Married to Money

Am I the only one who thought this was a great episode?

This weird episode made me uncomfortable for some reason. - lannypetersong

This episode is just... What? Mr. Krabs gets married to money, named Cashina? What? There's no reason Krabs should love anyone! However, all of this is just a scheme to get the Krabby Patty Formul by Plank...ton? Yeah, this episode is confusing and it goes on too long. There are a lot of things wrong with this episode, I hate it, and it is clearly unenjoyable.

It’s is a bit strange. Not my least favourite though. - Userguy44

16 Salsa Imbecilicus
17 Planktons Pet

The person who put this one here is probably the same one who said SpongeBob You're Fired was his 4th Best. This is the best episode of the season, possibly the best modern SpongeBob episode ever.
Why is this here? Plankton is not bad at all. Little kids are blind to how much torment he is really put through. And how bad Mr. Krabs is. And how bad SpongeBob is. And how mean Patrick really is. And especially the torture Squidward gets put through. But for now, we are thinking of Plankton.

Why in the heck is this here

Lol I love how this is Season 9's best episode on the good list but still in top 20 worst. Good Episode I thought, Plankton shows his good side. Spot Returns wasn't as great but still not too bad.

Be quiet it is amazing

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18 Lost In Bikini Bottom

It's an all right episode but it definitely pales in comparison to most of Season 11 (Side note: Some criticize that season for being too wacky but that might honestly be one of its greatest strengths).

I liked the joke about the penny cab driver, other than that...? - lannypetersong

The High Frutice Corn Syrup Joke might be the one of the worst jokes I have ever heard. - Alien51

19 Company Picnic

This episode is 2nd worst. The entire opening scene is the creepiest thing in Season 9, not to mention one part is just cruel to Squidward. Then, they go to the Company Picnic. Nothing happens fro what feels like 8 hours, but is 3-4 minutes, and Plankton shows up, and then everyone starts enjoying his more fancy picnic, then comes the entire 40 second long slo-mo "Sally watch out" gag. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. It is weird, and takes up way too much time. Then, Plankton's hologram brakes, and guess what - everything is made of TRASH. Turns out the cotton candy that Krabs ate is TRASH. He ate trash! I almost threw up! Then the episode ends, thank goodness. There are 2 minute long gags in here, both of which are not funny/ and or weird. This episode is HORRIBLE!

I love this episode is very funny

It is best episode season9

It’s good, but I don’t like the end. - Userguy44

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20 The Executive Treatment

This episode is bad, but is it one of the worst? I don't know. Seriously, I just don't understand how you don't recognize someone when they've just put on some extra clothing, especially when they do it IN FRONT OF YOU.

This episode was just plain stupid and uncreative. Patrick wanted the "executive treatment," therefore, he dressed like one to try to get it, but then he is mistaken for a businessman and is taken to work. And then they send him to prison because they thought he was a spy, and then SpongeBob doesn't know who he is. Boring and unfun!

I Haven't Even Seen This Episode! - ChiefMudkip

Wait! Yeah I Have, And Well... It's Ok - ChiefMudkip

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21 Bulletin Board

I hate this one! - Userguy44

Terrible episode

I liked it - PokemonRPGbro

22 Two Thumbs Down

This episode was great. I thought it would be stupid like SpongeBob LongPants, but boy was I wrong. It rips off Funny Pants and A Day Without Tears because all three revolve around him not being able to do something, (SpongeBob LongPants rips off two other episodes too) but this episode is far better than both of them. I mean the scene where his thumbs break rips off The Splinter but this time they do it right and it's funny and not cringe worthy. Then they rip off SpongeBob You're Fired but once again, they do it right (SpongeBob's face) in the jar of peanut butter scene. I found the thumb work out and thumb war to be awesome. I love the scene where Squidward acts like an ass to SpongeBob but he's nice back anyway. The suspense is awesome. And I love that the townspeople actually care about SpongeBob (I HATE STUCK IN THE WRINGER! ) it's great that Season 9 Part 2 is bringing back up their character. This episode is awesome and it challenges Larry's Gym for being the best of Season 9

This episode was way more worst worst episode out of season 9 way more stupider than long pants

I don't care for the original song in this episode. - lannypetersong

Two thumbs down for this episode.

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23 Face Freeze!

This isn't even Season 9! Although, it is horrible, it just doesn't belong on this list.

This is season 8, AND it's terrible, and creepy and disturbing. I could go on.

This was season 8, but was still a horrible episode.

This is season 8, Not season 9. But, This episode is creepy and disturbing. - LapisBob

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24 Sanctuary

I can imagine Snellie knowing the feeling of Squidward suddenly having an allergy to her.

25 Safe Deposit Krabs

This episode is great, but later it sucked a little. - TopTenJackson

The cop couldn't see Mr Krabs in the box

26 SpongeBob Longpants

Okay, this rips off ripped pants and to SquarePants or not to SquarePants but there is good rumor here

It did rip off those episodes.

This episode was okay, but it was pretty annoying. I would give this a 7/10.


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27 Mutiny on the Krusty

The lines and gags were predictable.

This episode was awesome. It had a clever plot, it was really creative, and I have to thank and meet the writer of this episode, Kaz

28 It Came from Goo Lagoon

This my 5th least favorite after SpongeBob, You're Fired Little Yellow Book Squid Baby and Kenny The Cat!

Well, it was kind of better than the others.

29 Gary's New Toy

This episode is great.

30 Eek, an Urchin!

This Episode Was Great - ChiefMudkip

31 Yeti Krab

This is already on the list

The best episode ever

32 Mall Girl Pearl

Well, the trend of the unadvertised episode being better broke! But it's still good

Betty White voiced the grandma lady in this episode. - lannypetersong

Ehn, Kinda Pointless - ChiefMudkip

33 The Whole Tooth

I just watched it, It was pretty good.

I'm watching it right now


34 Séance Shméance

This was good, but the main joke the Rusty on Rye is wood with glue I didn't get.

This was actually pretty good.


35 CopyBob DittoPants
36 Food Con Castaways

One of my least favorite spongebob episodes ever, and is a complete rip off of pizza delivery.

PieGuyRulz was right, this episode is just a ripoff of these two episodes, ClubSpongebob and Pizza Delivery

37 License to Milkshake

If he taught everyone how to make a shame then how does he not know

Can this even be considered good, yet it's below actually decent episodes.

No one is that scared of something that small

Bad. - Userguy44

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38 Pull Up a Barrel

This episode is very funny and best episode of sponge bob in the season9

I'm not a fan of season 9, even the second half. I was pleasantly surprised when I could call this "good".

This episode is very good and
Best episode and very funny

39 Patrick the Game!

This episode is great.

I like this episode.

How is that worst? This episode is good. I liked it. - LapisBob

I liked this episode. This is where one of the most famous Patrick memes come from (In the scene where he's a mad scientist). - lannypetersong

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40 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
41 Larry's Gym

Actually one of the best episodes in this season. It is very original, except for the joke at the end about Mr. Krabs being steamed, which had already been used in an older episode. Still funny regardless. - lannypetersong

I felt like every character here was so out of character...

My favorite season 9 episode

This episode is the best of season 9 part 2, no it's the best of season 9. They should of advertised this instead of SpongeBob LongPants, that was just meh kinda like Tutor Sauce rocked but Lost In Bikini Bottom was only good. Anyways the jokes and everything about this episode is awesome. The Krabs joke at the end was so funny

42 Lame and Fortune

I don't like this episode

43 Sold! Sold!
44 The Splinter

It is on season 6, but it's still the worst episode ever and it's just gross!

What idiot put this on here? Wrong Season! - Alien51

This was bad, but it wasn't season 9

Wrong season - PokemonRPGbro

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45 Goodbye, Krabby Patty?
46 Tutor Sauce Tutor Sauce

Yes, the picture is the wrong episode. Anyways, this is not the worst episoe in the season, but it's still bad in my opinion. There are so many predictable jokes, like the Gary on the wheel thing, and the montage of Spongebob crashing into the Krusty Krab. This episode also is boring, and made no sense at parts, ESPECIALLY the beginning. This episode is honestly overrated. Please don't kill me.

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