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21 Married to Money

This episode is just... What? Mr. Krabs gets married to money, named Cashina? What? There's no reason Krabs should love anyone! However, all of this is just a scheme to get the Krabby Patty Formul by Plank...ton? Yeah, this episode is confusing and it goes on too long. There are a lot of things wrong with this episode, I hate it, and it is clearly unenjoyable.

22 Company Picnic

This episode is 2nd worst. The entire opening scene is the creepiest thing in Season 9, not to mention one part is just cruel to Squidward. Then, they go to the Company Picnic. Nothing happens fro what feels like 8 hours, but is 3-4 minutes, and Plankton shows up, and then everyone starts enjoying his more fancy picnic, then comes the entire 40 second long slo-mo "Sally watch out" gag. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. It is weird, and takes up way too much time. Then, Plankton's hologram brakes, and guess what - everything is made of TRASH. Turns out the cotton candy that Krabs ate is TRASH. He ate trash! I almost threw up! Then the episode ends, thank goodness. There are 2 minute long gags in here, both of which are not funny/ and or weird. This episode is HORRIBLE!

I love this episode is very funny

This episode was rather decent. - Goatworlds

It is best episode season9

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23 Face Freeze!

This isn't even Season 9! Although, it is horrible, it just doesn't belong on this list.

This is season 8, AND it's terrible, and creepy and disturbing. I could go on.

This was season 8, but was still a horrible episode.

Haha I actually loved this disturbing episode! - MontyPython

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24 Safe Deposit Krabs

This episode is great, but later it sucked a little. - TopTenJackson

The cop couldn't see Mr Krabs in the box

25 SpongeBob Longpants

Okay, this rips off ripped pants and to SquarePants or not to SquarePants but there is good rumor here

It did rip off those episodes.

This episode was okay, but it was pretty annoying. I would give this a 7/10.


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26 It Came from Goo Lagoon

This my 5th least favorite after SpongeBob, You're Fired Little Yellow Book Squid Baby and Kenny The Cat!

Well, it was kind of better than the others.

27 Gary's New Toy V 1 Comment
28 Eek, an Urchin! V 1 Comment
29 Yeti Krab V 2 Comments
30 Patrick the Game!

This episode is great.

I like this episode.

I love this episode

Squidward is unlikable once again. - Goatworlds

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31 Mall Girl Pearl

Well, the trend of the unadvertised episode being better broke! But it's still good

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32 The Whole Tooth

I just watched it, It was pretty good.

I'm watching it right now


33 Mutiny on the Krusty

The lines and gags were predictable.

This episode was awesome. It had a clever plot, it was really creative, and I have to thank and meet the writer of this episode, Kaz

34 Séance Shméance

This was good, but the main joke the Rusty on Rye is wood with glue I didn't get.

This was actually pretty good.


35 CopyBob DittoPants
36 Food Con Castaways

One of my least favorite spongebob episodes ever, and is a complete rip off of pizza delivery.

PieGuyRulz was right, this episode is just a ripoff of these two episodes, ClubSpongebob and Pizza Delivery

37 Pull Up a Barrel

This episode is very funny and best episode of sponge bob in the season9

I'm not a fan of season 9, even the second half. I was pleasantly surprised when I could call this "good".

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38 Lame and Fortune V 1 Comment
39 Sold! Sold!
40 Sanctuary

I can imagine Snellie knowing the feeling of Squidward suddenly having an allergy to her.

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