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21 Bulletin Board V 1 Comment
22 Two Thumbs Down

This episode was great. I thought it would be stupid like SpongeBob LongPants, but boy was I wrong. It rips off Funny Pants and A Day Without Tears because all three revolve around him not being able to do something, (SpongeBob LongPants rips off two other episodes too) but this episode is far better than both of them. I mean the scene where his thumbs break rips off The Splinter but this time they do it right and it's funny and not cringe worthy. Then they rip off SpongeBob You're Fired but once again, they do it right (SpongeBob's face) in the jar of peanut butter scene. I found the thumb work out and thumb war to be awesome. I love the scene where Squidward acts like an ass to SpongeBob but he's nice back anyway. The suspense is awesome. And I love that the townspeople actually care about SpongeBob (I HATE STUCK IN THE WRINGER! ) it's great that Season 9 Part 2 is bringing back up their character. This episode is awesome and it challenges Larry's Gym for being the best of Season 9

This episode was way more worst worst episode out of season 9 way more stupider than long pants

I don't care for the original song in this episode. - lannypetersong

Two thumbs down for this episode.

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23 Face Freeze!

This isn't even Season 9! Although, it is horrible, it just doesn't belong on this list.

This is season 8, AND it's terrible, and creepy and disturbing. I could go on.

This was season 8, but was still a horrible episode.

This is season 8, Not season 9. But, This episode is creepy and disturbing. - LapisBob

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24 Sanctuary

I can imagine Snellie knowing the feeling of Squidward suddenly having an allergy to her.

25 Safe Deposit Krabs

This episode is great, but later it sucked a little. - TopTenJackson

The cop couldn't see Mr Krabs in the box

26 SpongeBob Longpants

Okay, this rips off ripped pants and to SquarePants or not to SquarePants but there is good rumor here

It did rip off those episodes.

This episode was okay, but it was pretty annoying. I would give this a 7/10.


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27 Mutiny on the Krusty

The lines and gags were predictable.

This episode was awesome. It had a clever plot, it was really creative, and I have to thank and meet the writer of this episode, Kaz

28 It Came from Goo Lagoon

This my 5th least favorite after SpongeBob, You're Fired Little Yellow Book Squid Baby and Kenny The Cat!

Well, it was kind of better than the others.

29 Gary's New Toy V 1 Comment
30 Eek, an Urchin! V 1 Comment
31 Yeti Krab V 2 Comments
32 Mall Girl Pearl

Well, the trend of the unadvertised episode being better broke! But it's still good

Betty White voiced the grandma lady in this episode. - lannypetersong

Ehn, Kinda Pointless - ChiefMudkip

33 The Whole Tooth

I just watched it, It was pretty good.

I'm watching it right now


34 Séance Shméance

This was good, but the main joke the Rusty on Rye is wood with glue I didn't get.

This was actually pretty good.


35 CopyBob DittoPants
36 Food Con Castaways

One of my least favorite spongebob episodes ever, and is a complete rip off of pizza delivery.

PieGuyRulz was right, this episode is just a ripoff of these two episodes, ClubSpongebob and Pizza Delivery

37 License to Milkshake

If he taught everyone how to make a shame then how does he not know

Can this even be considered good, yet it's below actually decent episodes.

No one is that scared of something that small

Mediocre. The other episodes in this season are better. - lannypetersong

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38 Pull Up a Barrel

This episode is very funny and best episode of sponge bob in the season9

I'm not a fan of season 9, even the second half. I was pleasantly surprised when I could call this "good".

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39 Patrick the Game!

This episode is great.

I like this episode.

How is that worst? This episode is good. I liked it. - LapisBob

I love this episode

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40 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
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