Season 7


OH BOY. This season flat out sucked HARD. And I thought Season 6 was bad, but Season 7 is just somehow even worse ( DEFINITELY NOT A WHOLE LOT WORSE MIND YOU but yeah, I think it is just a bit worse). Why? Well, Season 6 was bad but at LEAST it had some creativity in their episode's and even the good stuff was still a bit enjoyable.

Out of all the 9 seasons so far, Season 7 was by far the most forgettable season to me. Next to 6, it really felt the most dragging. Why? A) THIS SEASON HAD 50 DAMN EPISODES MAKING THIS THE LONGEST SEASON YET. And B) Season 7 is just basically a rehash with things we've already seen before on this show. Nothing fresh or new, just ideas copied and pasted. Only 3% of this season at the top of my head felt new. The ONLY episode that I would personally go back to this season to was The Bad Guy Club For Villains. That episode actually was quite creative and was only 8 minutes. All the other episodes weren't even good, just average. Outside some episodes ...more

Better than Season 6, but not by much...yes, we did get some really good episodes, like SpongeBob's Last Stand, Squidward in Clarinetland, Back to the Past, Love That Squid, Perfect Chemistry, etc. And some of the really hated episodes I actually found good, like Tentacle-Vision, Yours Mine & Mine, Sponge-Cano! But if a season can have a few refreshing spring lakes, it can also have some murky disgusting swamps. A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, Trenchbillies, Big Sister Sam, and those are just SOME of the atrocities. There are loads of bad episodes that don't even fail in interesting ways. The Main Drain is the most filler-full, boring, tedious and outright pointless episode in the show. Model Sponge has the worst pacing in the whole cartoon and has the most missed potential out of any episode. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful was a frustrating squid torture episode - why does that sound familiar? - and then there are the ones that are just...there. ...more

There's A Reason why Most People Call This The Worst Season And There's A Good Reason Not Only Is It The Season That Brought Us Stuck In The Ringer, A Pal For Gary, Yours Mine And Mine, Big Sister Sam And Even One Course Meal But It Has About The Worst Track record About 90 Present Of The Season Is Filled With Terrible Episode After Terrible Episode Sheer Not Every Episode Sucked I Mean There Were A Few Great Episodes Like Kracked Krabs, Earworm Perfect Chemistry And The Abrasive Side But Even With That Many Of The Other Good Episodes Aren't Even That Good I Don't Care If This Season Gave Us Band Geeks This Would Still Be A Horrible Season.

Season 7 is the hellspawn of SpongeBob. All sanity and logic seem to be slaughtered by the infamous Zeus Cervas and Casey Alexander (writers of episodes like A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal). Cruel and incredibly unfortunate circumstances abound in this horrid season of the porous friend we all thought we loved and has now been flushed with the rest of the debris that has come down the faucet of failure and SpongeBob has died. Season 6 was terrible too, and Season 9 gave us episodes like the infamous Squid Baby and the worst episode ever SpongeBob, You're Fired, but season 7 stands on it's belly button as a piece of garbage.

Season 7 is flat out BOR-ING. However, MOST of the bad episodes are not as bad as Seasons 6 and 8 but they're rather just annoying like That Sinking Feeling or You don't know Sponge. The 3 main worst was mostly Yours Mine and Mine, One Coarse Meal, and A Pal for Gary. Despite this flat out boring annoying season, I can say this is a better viewing experience than Season 6. However, Season 7 probably has the most debatable episodes like Kracked Krabs, Greasy Buffons, Krusty Dogs, and yes even Back to the Past. Season 7 has the least good episodes. It doesn't mean it has the most bad episodes and worse episodes, that would be Season 6. However, a lot of the good episodes in Season 7 were not as good as the Season 6 good episodes.

While season 6 probably has a higher number of bad episodes than this one, season 7 is my most hated season as while in season 6 the bad episodes are either gross or annoying, the bad episodes of season 7 are absolutely horrible and leave me feeling sad or angry, a pal for Gary, stuck in the wringer. Some are unforgivable like one coarse meal. There's a little too much clinical depression in this season for my liking.

This was the season that made me stop watching Spongebob! So many garbage episodes, terrible plots, and the way they changed Patrick behavior. A Pal for Gary was the episode that I completely gave up on the show for good. Heck, Season 6 wasn't that great either, but there are some alright episodes in my opinion.

Seasons 8 and 6 Are Bad, But It Cannot Compare to The Horror That is Season 7, Season 7 Has The Worst Episodes Of The Show Like: Stuck in The Wringer, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, The Legends Of Bikini Bottom Series, Rodeo Daze, Earworm, Big Sister Sam, Squidward in Clarinetland, Summer Job, Yours Mine and Mine, Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy, And Many More Horrible Episodes - ChiefMudkip

Seasons six had some bad episodes like "The Splinter" but also had a redeeming episode called "Sand Castles in the Sand", one of my favorites of all time. If you can bypass the toenail scene, even "House Fancy" is pretty good. But some of the most terrible episodes come up in this season. Yours, Mine and Mine, One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary, Stuck in the wringer, Trenchbillies, Sponge-cano, and who knows how many more awful ones.

Season 6 had the most bad episodes, but season 7 had less than season 6, but the bad ones in season 7 are the worst in the entire show. yours mine and mine, a pal for gary, stuck in the wringer, one coarse meal,

The guy that said yours mine and mine is from season 6 is stupid. Any ways season 7 starts out with one of the most infuriating episodes Tentacle-vision, than makes episodes like A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, Stuck in The Wringer, Trench Billies, Sponge Cano!, Someone's in the kitchen with Sandy, Growth Spout, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, Kracked Krabs, Squidward in Clarinetland, and A Day Without Tears. This season really had no good episodes, Season 6 and 8 have some good episodes with Planet of jelly fish being one of my favorites.

Oh man, this season is so disgusting and not funny! It's just not worth watching. I think its technically the worst season of ANY T.V. show. Once Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary were the absolute WORST! Why? Because SpongeBob was such a jerk to Gary, just like Krabs was to Plankton! UGH! I cannot tell you how much I hate this season and season 6. However, there were a few good episodes. Such as Back to the Past, The Abrasive Side, and Gary in Love. The rest of the episodes, GARBAGE! DEFINITELY not worth watching. - TopTenJackson

The season is actually my favorite season ever made, along with Season 8 and 9, because I really love the episode like "The Play's the Thing," "Stuck in the Wringer," seriously, I love the part when SpongeBob was getting tortured by Patrick, and Patrick tries to cheer him up, it's just hilarious, this deserves less hate from what I have seen of the season. - Chaofreaks1

I honestly believe that this has got to be the worst season of Spongebob. The episodes that I really hated were Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, Squidward in Clarinetland, Yours, Mine, and Mine, A Pal for Gary. The remaining episodes were good like Spongebob's Last Stand, The Great Patty Caper. But the bad ones really made this season the worst.

Season 4 and 5 is ok. Season 6 is kind of bad but season 7 is the worst season of Spongebob in the entire series. We have A pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, Stuck in the Wringer, Hide then what happens, Big sister Sam, etc. This season nearly killed Spongebob and it got worst in season 8,9 and even 10. How is this show still on the air when we got episodes like this. Spongebob your a great show but its time for you to end. Your episodes suck and its really bad. Spongebob needs to end. Nothing is working. - BadPiggy

This season had the most bad episodes with the worst content. Tentacle Vision, Stuck in the Wringer, Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful, a Pal for Gary, Yours, Mine and Mine, Kracked Krabs, Summer Job, One Coarse Meal, the Play's the Thing, Rodeo Daze, Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle, the Main Drain, Trenchbillies, Karate Star, Hide and Then What Happens, Shellback Shenanigans, Tunnel of Love and Big Sister Sam are boring at best and depressing at worst.

It might not be the season that killed SpongeBob (that being season 6) however, that doesn't make it any less horrible. Worst season by far and not worth your time.

Worst episode of the series is in this season, and has the highest percentage of bad episodes of a season.

Season 6 had more bad episodes, but this season had abysmal episodes, like One Coarse Meal, A Pal For Gary, and Stuck In The Wringer. My god all 3 are AWFUL

If you watch the episode 'A Pal For Gary', you'll know what I'm talking about.

The only good episodes in this season (in my opinion) is "Enchanted Tiki Dreams", and "Sponge-Cano"

This Season Has "One Coarse Meal" Did I Need To Say Anything Else? - Ardan

Hide and Then What Happens? (which was written by a pre-movie writer, by the way! ) was basically the crew telling us "we give up."

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Season 1: great
Season 2: awesome
Season 3: awesome
Season 4: good
Season 5: average
Season 6: bad
Season 7: crap
Season 8: below average
Season 9: average - SammySpore

Season 6 had some really bad episodes like season 7 but unlike season 7 it also had some really good ones - Brochach