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1 Joe Buck Joe Buck

How many ways can you spell bad?

It seems a lot of people hate him and I despise listening to him and Troy Aikman and I am a Packers fan. - wisconsinboy

I'm pretty sure over half of MLB and NFL fanbases despise him. Even teams with huge rivalries can agree on one thing: Joe Buck is the worst.

Joe Buck is the worst play by play man, actually the worst announcer over all, on T.V.. He is smug and arrogant and acts like the final authority on all things sports related. He is extremely dull and boring, he has no passion for sports, and the greatest play in history could be unfolding and Buck would call it just like an average play. He manages to be boring and disinterested while also being biased and imposing his opinions all the time. Joe Buck is a hack who got to where he is cause of his dad, and he needs to be fired. Listening to a robot would be better than Buck

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2 Troy Aikman Troy Aikman Troy Kenneth Aikman is a former American football quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League.

Aikman is an arrogant jerk. He is so biased on certain teams, especially the Cowboys, Giants, Packers, and 49ers - wisconsinboy

He gets on my nerves; he is so biased on certain teams such as the Giants, 49ers, Cowboys, and especially the Packers.

''He Starts To Come, And Then He Pulls Out.'' That line is pretty good analytically lol. - htoutlaws2012

Ugh, he’s the worst to listen to while covering a Packers game. All he does is make comparisons to the Cowboys and say, “well, when I was a quarterback with the Cowboys-“ and then he would say something else. He’s unbelievably biased, and being beside Joe Buck makes it worse. - PackFan2005

3 John Madden

Why? He’s the legend of football announcing

He is so annoying and his voice really really annoys me - peru12345

All je does is talk about brat farve

4 Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle is one of the best announcers for sports.

Your observation is the worst I have ever heard. You wouldn't know a legal hit from a turd. Please go away.

Please keep your New Jersey heritage to yourself when providing color on CBS NFL games. You embarrassed the network and yourself in the New England KC game Saturday night. You should at least seem impartial in a nationally televised game.

Call the game and leave your bias at home.

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5 Tim McCarver

Why Tim McCarver? He’s like one of the best commentators on fox

6 Brent Musburger

A trained monkey could do a better job - caw81690

The worst announcer of all time.

Loves UCLA and Notra Dame but hates team that are actually good

It's like your creepy old uncle had a love child with your annoying cousin.
Truly an abomination.

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7 Ed Farmer

This guy's smugness is grating. I would not say that he is too much of a homer, but he loves to ridicule and criticize the players of the opposing team and a great many of the umpires' calls.

He has to be the most boring and monotone person ever. Been a Sox fan since I was a kid. I too listen to Cubs games because I hate this guy so much. He constantly compliments the opposite team yet never really cares about Sox. I have officially left being a Sox fan and now root only for the Cubs. Thanks Ed...jerk

Thank goodness for SiriusXM radio...so I can listen to Sox games.Just can't handle him since John Rooney left.

Cannot even listen to a game on the radio anymore. He just kills the game with his negativity and boring stories of his playing days. GET HIM OUT OF Chicago PLEASE

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8 Ron Pitts

The reason I wake up so early in the morning is it gives a slightly higher chance to give Pitts the gift I've been holding for a long time... POW! - fireinside96

9 Brad Nessler

Between telling the whole world of his bathroom needs and calling Manning the best QB of his generation, he wins the award by acclamation

Horrible in the Alabama - OSU game.

10 Curt Menefee

Menefee is a total hack. Did he even audition? Holy heck he's the worst commentator of all time. Worse than Madden and Walton and Buck combined. Unlistenable, unwatchable.

He sucks and it is a disgrace that fox has allowed him to cover the US Open.

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11 Jonathan Coachman (announces for CSTV) Jonathan Coachman (announces for CSTV) Jonathan William Coachman, also known as "The Coach", is a sports interviewer who works for ESPN who currently interviews WWE personnel.

It's bad if the WWE doesn't want you because they are as low as you can go in sports.

12 Gus Johnson

Terrible College Football play by play guy. Just Bad!

I can not watch a game that Gus Johnson calls, he is so over the top, it is ridiculous, he sounds like he is trying hard to make himself, not the game stand ouit.

Every play he yells a faux excitement that gets old in the first minutes of every college football game. The game is supposed to be exciting, not the announcer.

13 Bill Macatee

Sounds constipated

Macatee is a wooden drone. No NOTHING! If the goal is to make an otherwise exciting event absolutely lackluster, he's your guy. He's an embarassment to the sportscasting world and a disgrace to the booth.

No business doing UFC events. Please get someone else.

Why does CBS insist on putting this guy on for the big matches. He knows little about the game and his style is totally non descript. No personality at all

14 Mike Emrick

No one can ruin a great game better than Mike Emrick. I am interested in the play, not how many adjectives you can spew. I am amazed an individual who has hung around the game for 40 plus years can know so little. Also the bias for east coast based teams is annoying.

What the hell is he taking about?

He’s annoying, n just goes off on tangents, and biased towards Sidney Crosby. I hate listening to him

15 Dan Hicks

I swear this guy is drunk all the time... talks when he should shut up... does not instill any excitement

16 Keith Olbermann

Ass clown

Ass clown

17 Cris Collinsworth

''You gotta do the math here.'' - Says to Al as the game is so over with two possession down. - htoutlaws2012

He’s so annoying to listen to in the Super Bowl and SNF

18 Bill Walton Bill Walton

Everyone I know turns off the sound when Walton is announcing.

Talks & Talks & Talks... voice drives me to the MUTE button...

Who cares about anything he has to say. Never take about the game. I feel sorry for the co host. Get him off the air! I can't watch Pac 12 anymore!

Worthless. Shows consistent bias during games. Voice is annoying. Sounds like he is speaking with food in his mouth. Cannot understand half of the words he says and when I do it’s filled with hippy nonsense. Lay off the peyote dude.

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19 Bert Blyleven
20 Dick Vitale

Never talks about current game. Too much effort to prepare. Just turned off audio on espn purdue-notre dame game to listen to radio. Maybe, I can find out who commits a foul. Terrible.

Never stops his motor mouth! Too opinionated! His voice grates nerves!

Dick knows his BB but talks Too much, half the time I can't understand what he's saying because he has worn out the old voice box..

21 Tom Hammond

I really like him as a horse racing announcer, because he seems to have a passion for the sport. But any other sport I've heard him call, he seemed to be totally bored and was only there for a paycheck. Most of the times the inflection in his voice never changed and he only would state the obvious. His voice/delivery could put you to sleep. I would expect so much more for someone announcing Olympic Track & field. I miss him for horse racing, but wouldn't miss him for any other sport.

22 Gary Danielson

This is definitely the worst commentator behind Joe Buck. I don't understand why they keep him on the air.

Talks to much about what he knows. If he couldn't say "I" during a broadcast he would only speak half as much. Comes across as a know it all. Doesn't matter what teams. Sure he knows a lot about college football, he just doesn't need to try to tell us all of it in a half hour. Very tiring.

Agreed. Danielson will harp on a topic until I turn off the sound. Totally biased too. I've noticed that he loves Alabama, Georgia and LSU. He hates Florida and Auburn. Please save us from this preachy buffoon!

Gary Danielson is a smug clown. Broadcasting version of an old dirty politician. Has no sense of humor or personality. The only good thing I can say he is that he isn't as bad as Verne

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23 Phil Simms

I used to like him but he is so dull these days and at least Romo is with Nantes now and he has made the Madden NFL 13 game unbearable and that is why I turn he announcers completely off anytime I play that game

Phil simms got edited on wiki

Eat cake he was the best QB he was even a better speller than you

Him and Jim Nantz are so obviously biased towards the broncos and it's so annoying

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24 Chris Berman

He's annoying listening to him broadcast any sport. Especially when he's at the Masters.

I wish Chris Berman would go back back back to wherever he came from - crazyeyes56


25 Tony Kornheiser

He was terrible on MNF but he is good on PTI though.

26 Dennis Miller Dennis Miller Dennis Miller is an American stand-up comedian, talk show host, political commentator, sports commentator, actor, television personality, and radio personality.
27 Max Kellerman

This one has a elitism mentality and believes he can skate through any issue with his debating skills. His analysis may sound like they are well thought out initially, but once you start following him you will realize that more often than not they are troll attempts. He constantly puts down people debating him as if he is still in high school, either verbally or non-verbally with his ever present smug smile.

I remember this guy...what a putz.

28 John Rhadigan

I once told my uncle Dan, my mom's brother, who lives in Texas that Dave Barnett was the one who replaced John Rhadigan and he said that he is a horrible play-by-play announcer.

29 Shannon Sharpe

Had a never ending unpleasant expression on his face and was angry and biased. More of a caricature than a commentator. NFL on CBS is much better with Tony Gonzalez and Bart Scott than with Sharpe and Marino

I know I like him but some people find him annoying due to his ability to talk fast.

30 Sam Rosen
31 Michael Cole Michael Cole Michael Sean Coulthard better known by his stage name Michael Cole, is an American professional wrestling commentator, show host, voice actor and former journalist.
32 Jim Nantz

He’s better with Tony Romo by his side

33 Jack Edwards

He is the worst announcer for the Boston Bruins! Always whining about everything

34 Bryant Gumbel

Terrible; he called Tony Romo as Rick Romo and stated once that Marion Barber was the heart and soul of the Packers offense.

35 Darrell Waltrip
36 Keith Hernandez

The Game has been going on for 40 Minutes, uhhh My Eating Reservations are now ruined... UUuhhh

Annoying to listen to about his playing time

37 Stephen A. Smith
38 John Sterling

Most annoying baseball announcer weather television or radio

Love his home run calls

39 Jim Jackson
40 Dan McLaughlin
41 Brian Anderson

He is so boring and not enthusiastic as much as Bob Uecker is. I do like Bill Schroeder though.

42 Rob Dibble

This guy is such a jerk. He criticized Stephen Strausburg and was fired my MASN.

43 Ron Franklin

Got fired by ESPN for sexual comments to Jeannine Edwards.

44 Dan Fouts
45 Russel Arnold
46 Bob Hurley

Snoop dogg doesn't eat cheese on mondays. Obviously. I hate cheese. Brett farce doesn't like it either even though he played for the packers, Cheese🙀

47 Ron Jaworski
48 Johnny Miller

So glad he is done

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