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Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The goal is to score the ball on the other team's goal.


10 reasons Why Soccer is the Worst sport in the World...

1 The Hillsborough Disaster.
2 Racist football fans & teams.
3 Hooligans & Riots.
4 They Selfish don't think about anyone but their self's.
5 They pay the players too much why not give half of the money to charity.
6 they brainwash the fans with all kind of things.
7 Rude chants so that is bad if you bringing up your own kids.
8 Too many adds on T.V..
9 Players Cheat on theirs Wife & Girlfriends That not a good role model for kids.
10 Fans Think everything about football News Flash Not Everyone Interested.

So Soccer do Really Sucks...

and you know it.

Football (or soccer if your American/Canadian) used to be such a great game, I used to love the game but it now seems like its now about the money than the game itself. Players appear to spend more time on the floor (suffering from a tap to the ankle) than actually playing. There is also more money in the game than in almost any other sport, for me these two things have killed the thrill of watching the game, I'd now rather watch the NBA its more entertaining anyways. - Lostillusions86

Worst sport ever. It is extremely overrated almost every male in England the country I live in likes this stupid sport, I can hardly find anybody who doesn't. I find it ridiculous that they get paid so much money for just playing a game where you have to try and kick a ball into a net for 90 minutes. They get paid even more than DOCTORS how is kicking a ball around a field more important than saving people's lives. The players are also drama queens that fall to the ground crying whenever they get hit by the ball. The fans are unbelievably annoying they keep shouting like maniacs whenever a goal is scored and boast about how football is the best game ever also who would spend that much money to got to a stadium to watch the game when they can watch it FREE on their T.V.'s.

Soccer players don't need to spend large amounts of money on equipment. The two most costly items are soccer cleats and a ball, and neither need be overly expensive. A Jersey, shorts and shin guards are the only other requirements. Football players must buy a large number of protective items for competitive play.

I played soccer before it hurts me that you say this about this sport it's fun and you just kick a ball how do you get hurt its cool and the outfits look cool and there trying to win the game so there going to get sweater but there still having fun

Quite simply the worst sport ever. Any sport that takes away 90 minutes of your life and NOBODY WINS is by definition a horrible sport. Not to mention it's 90 min of mind numbing boredom, with an occasional pause for a crybaby to whine about a fake foul.

It doesn't take long to learn the basics of soccer. The rules are straightforward and easily defined, with only a few regulations -- such as the offside rule, leaving much room for confusion. Football is a more complex sport in terms of set plays and regulations.

Soccer is basically for those not in the know. Certainly as a spectator sport, it can't hold a candle to college football or even the NFL. But before you comment, make sure you go to an SEC football game then take in a little 40,000 Premier League stadium and decide for yourself.

Soccer is actually fun, but it's so skill based that If you don't join a league at the age of 7, you can't play soccer ever.

You guys I love soccer and I have been playing it since I was 6 or 7 but you people who hate it are pretty dumb you even haven't played one game and already judging. Soccer is the hardest and most fun sport what is American football fat people hitting eachother and chasing someone for the ball to score

Soccer is the most disgusting thing ever invented. Any ball sport is awful but I just cannot stand playing it. Every single time I mess up when playing soccer, everyone screams at me like I just destroyed the world and it makes me want to shove the ball into their faces. Speaking of shoving balls in faces, whenever a ball comes at me during sport, I dodge it. People get mad at me for that but there's no way I'm getting hands broken or me teeth knocked out for a stupid game. - Catlover2004

Soccer, this sport is so ' overrated and bad! Chasing a ball and making sure you don't get the ball in your head! And this is coming from a non-american. - darthvadern

Football (Soccer) is the best game ever, it is shared through out the globe one of the first ever sports, I don't know why you guys despise it, either that or Americans are making this list.

Soccer is awesome, it requires skill and a lot of movement

Very boring! The goals are so infrequent, the players would get hired in Hollywood any day and the unreliability of the officials.

I hate soccer, I live in Egypt everybody just treats it like a religion, in school when we have phys ed we always play soccer and if you aren't good in soccer then you get to be treated like a lesser being you don't how much I have been a victim for bullying

(voting just to comment) I REALLY like soccer, I REALLY do. But the worst thing of it are the gruesome injuries. When someone gets injured awfully, I REALLY can't watch that.

Soccer is literally the most anti-climatic sport ever. It is so boring to watch and to play.

WHY IS SOCCER BAD!? It is a fantastic game! It is fun to tackle, dribble and shoot. This even builds teamwork! Why it is even there on this list?

To all the donkeys that put soccer on the list need to get help from a doctor or something. How dare you insult the BEST GAME IN THE BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD. Who ever dislikes soccer has to play the sport.

Soccer is literally the most climatic sport ever, it is fun to watch and memorial how the fans jump up and everything

I really don't get why Soccer is such a big deal. So many better sports!

In soccer you have great tactic! You pass around' find the right combination and then pass it into the goal. The German's men squad had to make a comeback coming through playing the sport correctly so don't try to dare say it is bad when it's A LOT better than football AND it is called Futbol

Best sport ever whoever thinks differently doesn't know anything. the only people that rant on and on about soccer and how boring it is Americans and Australians that like afl and Nfl you should also put afl at the top of the list.

Soccer is an abomination of racism, sexism, and pathetic players with too much money.

It should be removed from this earth and playing it made a crime.