Worst Spyro's Adventure Skylanders

A list of the absolute worst skylanders from spyro's adventure.

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1 Spyro Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

I personally think gill grunt should be #1 because his attacks are so slow and his water gun deals no damage. When I used spyro I beat my friends stealth elf in a matter of minutes. His fireball path is REALLY good

In my opinion spyro is one of the worst skylanders ever. My favorite skylander is drobot and drobot is way better stronger and cooler than spyro.

I don't hate, or dislike the game or Spyro, but it just doesn't really feel right with him in Skylanders.

Of course screw you activison why I hate him is beacause his the reason why skylanders sucks activision turned spyro into a modern day dragon and kids will only recognize him as a skylander same thing is going to happen to crash bandicoot he is going to be in imaginoters (WHY ACTIVISION) - VideoGamefan5

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2 Whirlwind

Really? Is she number 2 on this list? Well, she's not horrible if you use the thunder clouds well on the tempest tantrum path.

Whirlwind can heal you and your allies idiots. - Metallicafan01

MUCH worse than spyro, but Trigger happy should be #1

I like her design

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3 Double Trouble

Double trouble is magic and his attacks are cool he is fast and upgrades no
Double trouble is cool

Double trouble is awful. All of his attacks are weak, and he's extremely slow. I also personally think his upgrades cost too much

He should not be this high on this list. Double Trouble is an amazing Skylander if used properly. His got a good area attack if he gets surrounded and a lock on beam at range. He also has explosive tiki masks that help him out during combat situations.

4 Zap

He is the only one that I deem the weakest on this list. Double trouble can keep his energy beam locked on to up to three opponents and dishes out damage like its nothing, stealth elf can hack and slash away at any opponent with a fully upgraded Pook Blade Saint, and Boomer can spam TNT everywhere. What kind of gamer doesn't want the ability to throw TNT with a troll who look like he's lost half his marbles? All of Zap's attacks are weak as a house of cards

You guys think zap is weak but he actually is good with his ability to spam attacks and his sea slime makes him fast so its easy to dodge heavy attacks

Let's all be honest, Zap is weak. His primary is just useless, and the wave attack doesn't really do that much. The sea slime is probably his best attack, and even then he is weak.

This should be changed to un upgraded zap he is a beast after the upgrades

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5 Zook

Zook is a loyal Skylanders that if trained well has awesome powers come on who's with me lets all by a Zook within 20 day and see how that is let's go Zook

I agree Zook is pretty powerful on the cactus barrier path. You set a bunch of them up, and then launch rockets or mortars at the enemies from behind.

Zook is so stupid cause his attacks are worthless

6 Boomer

I didn't like boomer's secondary or special attack but if you get everything to do with his primary then he is pretty decent. But overall he kinda sucks

Boomer is a cool character, very hard-to-get, but is one of the weakest in the franchise.

He is terrible especially if you choose the ground smash path

Boomer is weak all he does is chuck tnt and he sucks.

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7 Warnado

His attacks are extremely weak. His primary attack goes INTO THE ENEMY.

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8 Drobot

Probably the best in Spyro's Adventure.

With the lasers, he can beat a level 20 stealth elf. Also, drobot's lasers don't stop until you tell them to. Or, maybe it's just my skill with that certain skylander.

Huh? Drobot is one of my favorite skylanders all-time! He has OP attacks and looks awesome! Why you go hatin' on him?

He fly so and his attack sucks

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9 Camo

Camo sucks! He is SO over-rated and needs to face the truth. his powers are WEAK

He has cool moves and a good stance

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10 Stealth Elf

The only thing wrong with "Stealth elf" is her health and armor. If you have the wow pow then she is actually really good!

I don't know why she is so overrated she is week like whirl wind she looks stupid the only good thing is the soul gem

I wish she was the worst. I hate her especially when she is not a ninja. I see her belly button

Stealth elf is over rated terrafin iso basically a better version of her

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11 Hex

She is very slow and her attacks aren't that strong. Her primary attack is weak. Her secondary attack leaves you very vulnerable. And her special is only useful sometimes.

She is slow weak and well everything bad that you could think of. I even sold my Hex to get away from her sluggish abilities.

Aw I like Hex I think she looks cool

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12 Wrecking Ball
13 Trigger Happy

He has extremely low health and his attacks are terrible!

Laugh out loud wut mate I love Trigger Happy so much I bought the Eons Elite version.

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14 Bat Spin

Awful design boring name and catch phrase just a waste of an undead core

Horrible design, her powers make absolutely no sense and overall just a disgusting look and gameplay. I think she should be the number 1 worst Skylander of all time, but they really could have made her decent if they tried.

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15 Sonic Boom

She's boring. enough said

16 Sprocket

I love every skylander so much and it is my favorite game every one is awesome I love all but on this list sprocket is the weakest her wrench attacks are slow her tank and her turrents arn't as good as drobots lasers or warnados tornado in my opinion others character have more potential in close and long range

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17 Cynder

Cynder's lightning rain is OK. However, the lightning is useless, and the shadow dash is overrated.

She starts out pathetically weak but she gets kind of more powerful the more you level her up. Worst undead Skylander I own. Probably because I barely upgrade her.

Terrible skylander lightning does hardly any damage and the ghoasts hardly attack prabbably the worst skylander next to zap

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20 Chill
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