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21 Club SpongeBob

This episode is SO ANNOYING! And it's claiming that whoever doesn't listen to your plastic toy should starve in a forset

The person under the person under me is wrong this episode is great my favourite part is the one with the magic conch

Ugh... I really despise this one.

Glad to see its only 27 now its an amazing epiosiode

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22 Jellyfishing

This has to be one of the worst out there. It started off as a bit of good old karma, but then, when Squidward was in a cast and could do NOTHING about it is when the torture begins. First, he get hot soup blown on him by Patrick. Then, he's treated to visual torture when SpongeBob keeps licking his lips. Then, in Jellyfish Fields, is when the real torture begins. Patrick, being Patrick, shoves a net through his hand. Then, he's stung on the nose by a jellyfish, which is understandably his breaking point. He chases it and catches it. Then, a giant jellyfish comes out and stings him. He comes home, in ANOTHER full-body cast, and is understandably still mad. After he sics the little jellyfish on SpongeBob and Patrick, the giant one comes back just to sting him AGAIN! Bottom line, this episode has the most Squidward torture out of most of these episodes.

Firmly grasp it

Actually I think it is a good episode.


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23 Good Ol' Whatshisname

Why is this so high on the list? He Actually DOES something WRONG, to deserve to go to jail!

24 A Friendly Game

Season 8 likes mixing squid touture porns and jerky patrick theirs smooothe jazz at bikini bottom restraing SpongeBob sentimal sponge and this one

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25 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Squidward gets community service again in this episode, just like in Good Neighbors, but he gets it too many times.

The cop really, really, really gets on my nerves.

26 Squidward in Clarinetland

Though there are questionable Squidward moments, they aren't that bad. - SAXO

This episode is a big lipped alligator moment

This episode was good.

27 Opposite Day

Why is this episode on this list?

28 One Coarse Meal

"SQUIDWARD" Torture porns, not everyone else...

29 Professor Squidward

SpongeBob and Patrick distract Squidward and later expose his secret and Squidward gets arrested.

30 Fools In April

At least this episode of better than little yellow book

31 Suction Cup Symphony

Squidward won in the end

Get this off right now, in this episode, the torture humor was actually cleverly done! - SAXO

32 Tentacle Vision

Everyone is an annoying bastard ruining Squidward's T.V. show

Everybody except squidward and gary is unlikable

Yeah this is one of the worst - cadespencer

Being a 12 year old I find it funny but ScumBob and a Squidward Torture Porn

33 Little Yellow Yellow

This isn't even a damn SpongeBob episode!

It's called "Little Yellow Book". It's also a SpongeBob torture episode.

It was terrible! Just about A little yellow yellow thing. - Goatworlds

34 The Paper

Why is this on here? This episode is really funny and Squidward is annoyed because SpongeBob can have fun with something as simple as a paper. It's Squidward's jealousy and stupidity that put him in the situation he is in at the end of the episode.

I'm surprised no one put this on the list. I mean, It's just so mean spirited towards the squid!

35 Face Freeze! V 1 Comment
36 Fungus Among Us
37 Sponge-Cano!

Is no one surprised that Legends of Bikini Bottom included its own Squidward Torture Episode?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

38 That Sinking Feeling

SpongeBob and Patrick screw around underground and piss squidward off by burying his house. enough said. - Antwon

39 Lost in Bikini Bottom

This one moment in the episode is like a rip off of the one ending in "The Splinter". However, squidward was being a lazy person, so he deserved torment, I guess...

This episode was good, until the moment where SpongeBob takes a bubble bath leaves Mr. Krabs torturing Squidward even though Squidward really needs a bubble bath, He tried to get himself dirty so that he can take one, but Mr. Krabs hose-sprayed him due to his lack of care, Mr. Krabs doesn't even care about the pain Squidward's in, he's mean.

40 Little Yellow Book
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