Top Ten Worst Star vs the Forces of Evil Characters


The Top Ten

1 Brittany Wong Brittany Wong

She is just so mean-spirited, just as bad as Mr Krabs from SpongeBob. In one episode, she is completely retarded. She only invited the cool people to her party and rejects everyone's gifts. She even teamed up with Ludo at one moment.

2 Pony Head

Obnoxious, selfish, self-centered, a valley-girl stereotype, a total diva. I don't understand why she and Star are friends, they have zero chemistry.

She always has to be the centre of attention, and she's terrible to her sisters! She's vain, selfish and only cares about herself!

All of these characters suck - TheKirbyCreeper999

3 Lobster Claws
4 Charlie (Gustav)
5 Miss Skullnick
6 Tom
7 Mewberty

I didn't add this - TheKirbyCreeper999

8 Principal Skeevs
9 Queen Butterfly Queen Butterfly Queen Moon Butterfly is a supporting character in the Disney XD animated series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". She is the ruler of Mewni alongside her husband King River Butterfly and is the mother of Star Butterfly.
10 Miss Heinous

The Contenders

11 Star

She makes everyone miserable all the time

12 Marco
13 Ferguson Ferguson
14 Toffee
15 Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas

I think she is absolutely horrible. She is such a Mary Sue and when she got between Star and Marco I lost it🤬! She should be cut from the show! She had no importance to she show whatsoever🤦‍♀️. I respect everyone’s opinions on her including those who like her. But I cannot STAND HER ONE BIT!

16 Mr. Diaz Mr. Diaz
17 Mrs. Diaz
18 StarFan13 StarFan13
19 King Butterfly
20 Glossaryck Glossaryck

He betrayed star..

21 Hekapoo Hekapoo

She's a liar, she lied to everybody in Mewni. She is a brat that I really REALLY dislike.

22 Jeremy Birnbaum

He’s the worst.

23 Ludo Ludo
24 Buff Frog
25 Pixie Empress
26 Leah
27 Alfonso
28 Kelly

She is horrible, selfish, arrogant and always jealous. I don't know why she is in the show. She hates Star like Brittany and yet annoying. Kelly always interrupts Starco relationship even though Marco doesn't like her and forces and being cruel to him to be with her even though he likes Star. Not only that, her appearance is disgraceful. She's the one to ruin Star vs the Forces of Evil. And also, she is played by some sort of character because she's fake. Honestly, I don't blame Daron Nefcy for adding this stupid-looking person but she should be banned by the end of season 3. I can't even stand her and she should be #1!

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