Top Ten Worst Star vs the Forces of Evil Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Mewberty

Super awkward to watch, especially with both parents occasionally walking by and somehow at the super weird scenes - Haumea

The worst, and also first episode I watched. - AliciaMae

Stars puberty!

2 School Spirit

Wait... *calculating battlefield rigged with traps and explosions* yep, Star killed a lot of people

Brittney tried to commit suicide - TheKirbyCreeper999

But it's true she did try to commit suicide don't dislike this comment - TheKirbyCreeper999

3 Matchmaker

The Troll Teacher Wasn't Funny - TheKirbyCreeper999


4 Cheer Up Star

It wasn't funny when Marco got his hand stuck in the door, it was dumb - TheKirbyCreeper999

5 Monster Arm

Wait, the arm comes alive?!

It was a bit stupid - TheKirbyCreeper999

6 Lobster Claws

Terrible moral and very bland

This one was the only bad one. - AnonymousChick

Creepy imagery

Lobster Claws is the only SVFOE episode I had to stop watching in the middle just to not go mentally insane. Obviously there's going to be the people who ignore every part of the plot, conflict, and clever writing in a show, as those are the people that vote for things like Blood Moon, Bon Bon, and Mewberty. All these episodes got voted for either because the "shippers" have their feelings hurt and want the show to go the love route the way they want it, or because they don't understand the show's supposed to have "cartoon logic." Blood Moon had the beautiful music, imagery, and heartbreaking scenes that give it it's amazing reputation. Bon Bon has some extremely emotionally grabbing moments and clever scenes (such as the scene where Glosyrick burns the rat spell page because he knows Ludo is coming.) And Mewberty has creepy but unque imagery, funny scenes, and one of the most mature morals of the show. Lobster Claws has none of this. It has a disgusting and ...more

7 Blood Moon Ball

This one is the best. How dare it be here? - AnonymousChick


"Here lies SVTFOE Hater's hopes and dreams."
We will miss them - TheKirbyCreeper999

8 Sleepover

Revealing that Star liked Marco pretty much ruined the show.

Way to ruin the completely platonic chemistry between Star and Marco, guys. *sarcastic slow clap*

This episode is when the show jumped the shark.

Starco makes me sick. YUCK!

9 Pixtopia
10 Sleep Spells

No! Take it off the list! - TheKirbyCreeper999

The Contenders

11 Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

This episode is just fanservice for the shippers! - MegaSoulhero

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