Top Ten Worst Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Corruption

I can't believe this show went from epic battles to poisoned school lunch.

It have no clones

Rea is not supposed to be a main thing in a clone wars episode.

This episode is all about... Poisoned tea. That says it all.

2 A Sunny Day in the Void

The idea was interesting but they picked the wrong characters to try it on.

The dialogue is better than in Secret Weapons, but ITS SO BORING.

Droids walking through a desert.

3 Secret Weapons

Throw in a pit droid and a tiny frog on a mission, and what could co wrong? Everything.

4 The Gungan General

Meh, commander stone was cool

5 Mercy Mission
6 Heroes on Both Sides

It did have some good character interaction but the plot was boring especially since this is like the 8th straight political episode.

Hardly any action and frustrating to watch.

I hate Lux Bonteri

7 Evil Plans

Honestly I thought the prequel to Hostage Crisis would be a bit more interesting to see how it panned out but this was just a bummer...

If you're going to make a prequel episode to Hostage Crisis then please do more than just have Cad Bane kidnap droids and peek into their memories

Unexciting plot. When you put one of the best characters on the show and have them capture two droids on a shopping trip and look in their memory, it just shows Lucasfilm is running out of ideas

8 Bombad Jedi
9 Sphere of Influence

Worst animation in the whole show.

Whose idea was it to make Greedo this episode's main villain? You need help.

10 Senate Spy

When I watched it I had a huge break from tcw


Hands down the worst episode. Literally no action. Anakin acts like a jerk. Did I mention Clovis is worse than any character on the show? Romance does not belong in the center of a Star Wars episode.

That... Was... Interesting, and nothing more. So boring to watch. Not one battle or even fight in the whole thing. And the Padme and Clovis romance? No. Just, no.

The Newcomers

? Nomad Droids

Such a bad episode about a bunch of lame "adventures" happening to R2 and 3PO.

The Contenders

11 Hunt for Ziro

This was the only episode I disliked. - RalphBob

Sure, the Hutts are lame, but I still think it shouldn't be on this list.

12 Pursuit of Peace

A Clone Wars episode with "Peace" in it is not going to go well ever

Really terrible animation. The main villains are street thugs. What happened to Ventress, or Greivous, or Dooku?

13 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

What? This was a great episode!

Just a filler episode that puts main characters in danger when you know the outcome. Palpatine is literally yelling "yeah, I'm evil. Ever thought of me as Darth Sidious? "

What happens when Star Wars forgets it's Star Wars and trys to be Godzilla, while reminding us that Palpatine is the Emperor (something everyone aready knows) every 30 seconds. A unimaginably boring and amazingly stupid episode.

14 Blue Shadow Virus

I agree, this episode should have been replaced with a more exiting episode. Epidemics and viruses don't exist in Star Wars, but galactic empires and droid arms do!

This has to be one of the worst clone wars epiodes, the whole idea behind this episode is awful.


This was the worst due to poor animation, the doctor wasn't even close to being as bad a villain as the battle droids. And the idea of an episode about an epidemic is retarded. Jar Jar should've died in this episode at least. It would've been satisfying.

15 Senate Murders

The murder mystery premise was intriguing but it ultimately failed to deliver. Season 5's Ahsoka Arc did so much better

So dumb, centering insignificant characters in an insignificant plot.

16 Orders

I truly dislike television episodes where everything is one-sided. It makes the plot truly unenjoyable. Clone Trooper Fives is a great character. Dave Filoni did great with his story and development. I could hardly watch the last two episodes of this story arc because no matter what happened, Fives was doomed. Watching this, you keep hoping he will make it out of the situation safely, but you know he will not. These four episodes (The Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, Orders) brought out the best in Clone Trooper Fives, and it was quite unfortunate to see him be killed off the way he was.

17 The Mortis Arc
18 Slaves of the Republic
19 Rookies
20 Mystery of a Thousand Moons

Lacking Star Wars action. Provides false danger elements. Also the ghost of Droll is just stupid.

21 Ambush
22 Landing at Point Rain

It is So Boring There is only fighting no humour (except for Ki Adu Mundi) no suspense this episode should not be here

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