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1 Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

It is full of plot holes. For example, it is a Star Wars fist-fighting game, but why would jedis need to fist-fight? Also, why are they all killing each other? The biggest question about this game is why it was made at all. It is probably one of least favorite games. It should have never been made. - RalphBob

Boring and horribly controled. As well as generic. - spodermanfan1000

2 Star Wars: Jar Jar's Journey Adventure Storybook

Yes, Jar Jar did get his own game, and yes, it did suck. It was literally made for babies, and it was more book than game. The only reason I consider it a game is because it is on the PC and was rated by the ESRB. - RalphBob

3 Star Wars: Yoda Stories

It is just a flat out boring game with no storyline or adventure. This is considered the worst Star Wars game ever by multiple critics. - RalphBob

4 Kinect Star Wars

All it is is Just Dance with a Star Wars skin! - myusernameisthis

I actually like this one. - RalphBob

Dance to the tune of

5 Star Wars: Jedi Arena

Atari is not very good at making Star Wars games. This game is just a stupid pong ripoff based off of one scene of one of the Star Wars movies. Teras Kasi and Jar Jar are still worse though. - RalphBob

6 Star Wars Battlefront II


Piece of crap.

Boring plot. It's the most predictable leaving the empire story. It put me to sleep.

The multiplayer in 1 is better - Sambazing

7 Star Wars (Famicom)

This HAS to be a bootleg game, but it isn't!

I played it. It made me wanna rip my hair out cause of this terrible piece of crap. AND WHY DOES DARTH VADER TURNED INTO A SCORPION!

8 Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon

These graphics are so terrible! The levels also dragged on too long. If there is a console that is worse than making games than the Atari 2600 than it is the GBA. - RalphBob

I secretly enjoy this game...

9 Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles

Huh, I actually enjoyed this game.

It probably helped that I was like, 7 and was playing with a friend...

Not gonna go play it again though, I like my nostalgic memories well enough without ruining them, thank you very much.

This game is very glitchy. For example, if you failed a lightsaber swing, you are forced to sit there and continue watching the game go on. I hate when games only give you one chance. - RalphBob

Huh, I actually enjoyed this game.
It probably helped that I was like, 7 and was playing with a friend...
Not gonna go play it again though, I like my nostalgic memories well enough without ruining them, thank you very much.

10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan

I actually enjoyed this game as a kid but It's been about 5 YEARS since I last played it so I don't know if It's still good or not. - myusernameisthis

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11 Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

This app was very mediocre. It was just a clichéd app where you own a place full of characters. The only difference between other apps like that is that this has Star Wars characters. - RalphBob

12 Star Wars Battlefront

I was actually excited for this game. The Beta was really good, but when I got the actual game, I got so bored after a few days of playing it. - MatthewtheMagma

Horrible thought it was gonna be like 2 but no it had to be horrible

It's disappointing. Play it for half an hour and I'd guarantee you'd get bored. Play co-op you'll get bored after an hour. Boba fett used to be more powerful in battlefront two, head shot Luke Skywalker once and he'll die.

Terrible Game If You're Talking About The 2015 One - VideoGamefan5

13 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

GBA, like the Atari 2600, is very poor at making Star Wars games. This game was just a clichéd game where you just beat somebody up and then move on to the next person to beat up. Also, the graphics were very poor. - RalphBob

14 Star Wars: Jabba's Game Arcade
15 Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier
16 Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing
17 Lego Star Wars III: the Clone Wars

I like Lego Star Wars games, but the Wii versions just don't have the types of controls I enjoy. I always loved playing Lego Star Wars games on my Xbox, but the Wii just isn't as good in that field. - RalphBob

I like complete saga on my wii, but couldn't handle the graphics and playability, so it sacrificed gameplay for graphics, which the psp and ds did exponentially, but the control wasn't too slippery or too stiff

18 Star Wars: Pit Droids
19 Star Wars the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels

The entire game is just fighting pointless duels. The duels aren't as pointless as Teras Kasi though. - RalphBob

20 Star Wars Bounty Hunter

Lucas was so desperate for people to think mango was cool, he made an entire game for him

21 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Short, dumb, not as good as the first, pandering to fanboys and really lazy

22 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Enemies there are to annoying as hell! Every NPC is an ass!

23 Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy
24 Star Wars: Rebel Assault 2
25 Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
26 Star Wars: Saber Smith
27 Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess
28 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
29 Star Wars: Dark Forces

The game is so dark and unfun.

30 Star Wars: Demolition
31 Star Wars: Rebel Assault
32 Star Wars: Force Commander
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