Movie Review - Solo: A Star Wars Story

MegaSoulhero Alright. Time to talk about the most anticipated Star Wars film of all time. Solo: A Star Wars Story! I am being sarcastic. It’s fourth Star Wars movie of the Disney era and the tenth Star Wars film overall. Not including the Clone Wars, the Holiday Special, or those Ewok movies that not a lot of people have heard of. This was the first Star Wars movie that I was legitimately NOT excited for. A Han Solo movie just feels so unnecessary. However, whether it’s unnecessary or not doesn’t matter as long as the movie is actually good. Anyway, let’s get to talking about it.

It tells us the origin of Han Solo. And apparently he was given his last name by a stranger. Yeah, that scene was kinda forced. Anyway, Han meets Chewbacca who would later become his co-pilot and they team up with Lando Calrissian in the Millennium Falcon and they get into situations. I’ll go ahead and point out the few things I liked about this movie. Donald Glover as Lando. Even though he didn’t get as much screen time as I thought he was going to get, he still steals the show. He does a great job of recreating Billy Dee Williams’ character. Alden whatever his last name is I was skeptical about. I was worried that he would be way too different from Harrison Ford’s portrayal of the character. People have counter-argued with this by saying that he’s just doing his own take on the character. Why would he do that if this is supposed to be canon and is supposed to take place in the same universe as the previous movies? Luckily, he wasn’t bad. There were moments where he legitimately felt like Han Solo. I also thought some of the action scenes were pretty entertaining. Not as great as Rogue One’s action, but they were still fun.

Unfortunately, this is NOT a good movie. People say the Last Jedi is bad yet somehow they give this a pass. My main problem with it is the pacing. The movie has such bad pacing to the point where it doesn’t even feel like a movie. Just a bunch of events that are happening. Han and Chewie hate each other first, but then they become friends almost instantly. The entire beginning feels very rushed. The movie also constantly throws action scenes at us as much as possible. I like action scenes, but there’s barely any moments where they just take the time to develop the characters. It’s pretty much the same problem I had with Rogue One. Underdeveloped characters. The character that got the most development was Han’s girlfriend, Qi’ra. Everyone else, not so much. The villain is very forgettable, the side characters are very forgettable. There’s this one female droid character named L3-37. I cannot stand her! She’s constantly complaining about equal rights and justice for droids and stuff! She got on my nerves real quick! If you remember B.E.N. from Treasure Planet, she’s not quite as annoying as that, but she’s pretty close. There’s not really anything new we learn about Han Solo himself. The movie doesn’t take any risks. Rogue One, regardless of what you may think of that film, at least tried to be original. The Last Jedi is a PERFECT example of a movie that took risks. It’s too bad people got mad when it did. Solo just plays it safe. That kind of brings the movie down for me. Something else I want to point out is that there are certain moments that are so dark to the point where you can’t see the characters’ faces. Also, there’s a cameo at the end and it just shows how desperate the writers were.

Solo: A Star Wars Story isn’t awful, just disappointing. There is enjoyment to be found here, but it’s just an unnecessary movie that doesn’t take risks and has terrible pacing issues. If you just want to see a movie that has thrilling action scenes, then you might enjoy this. If you want a Star Wars film with a good story, then just watch the Last Jedi. Solo is a waste of time and probably not something I would watch again.

Score: 5/10


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