Top Ten Worst Starter Guitar Brands


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1 First Act

They get out of tune every 10 minutes, the electrics are
Messed up, and they break easy. But, what would you expect from a $20 electric guitar... This is definitely NOT the worst starter guitar, after all, it is starter guitar, Aka a test to see if you actually want a guitar or a guitar for your 6 year old kid who likes smashing things.

It looks something you would buy for a second grader. How is this company still in business?

these guitars are crap and so is anyone who uses them especially the guitarist for kelly clarkson
- seether62

First act guitars are perfect starter guitars don't let low price fool you

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2 Squier

Squier's are not the best guitar but I think it is good for beginners because it makes the player familiar with the fender brand. Squier's were made for beginners that are trying out guitar why spend lots of money on something your not even sure about. They are easy to use and usually come in starter packs with an amp, case, tuner and many other things that help beginners

I have a squire and its pretty good, it stays in tune for basically all weak. I disagree that it's the worst, its not the best but its good if you're starting and you can't afford an expensive guitar.

If your not playing every day it's not bad of a guitar

crap guitar for starting and for everything else - sharm7064

3 Wash Burn

Half the models made in China, no worse off than Squier but they aren't worth it and feel very cheap

The only thing wash burn can do> just for playing metal.. That's why the name is.. 'wash' then 'buurn'
Bad news is, I still have one of these in my room

4 Gibson

Out of the 6 Gibsons I've had, 4 of them were terrible, while the TWO I BOUGHT BRAND NEW are the best guitars I've ever touched, and I've played a LOT. Either 66% of them suck, or people only sell used ones that are messed up. I'm voting for the latter, since the ones I bought brand new are unsurpassable. The two I kept are forever mine, and they are real instruments, compared to my overseas toys, that are still very nice. I have a J5 Squier that is surprisingly wonderful, but it's still a toy, compared to my Gibsons. There are many nice guitars, like Schecter and ESP/LTD are nicer than Epiphone, but they still can't compare to Gibson.

Seriously, I have no idea why Gibson is on this list. Now sure, they're not really starter guitars unless you have a huge budget, but they sound AMAZING and are arguably one of the greatest guitar brand you can buy.

Gibson is not a starter guitar at all. Not even the Melody Maker which is the cheapest one. WHoever put Gibson and Gretsch here clearly don't know what there at

I like the brand so I think it would be good for anyone and they sound grate I refinement it

5 Fender (Acoustic)


6 Grestch

The problem with Gretsch as as starter guitars is that they're not the most comfortable and their body is huge and bulky. They might be amazing, but if you're starting guitar now, do not buy a Gretsch, or a Jackson or a because. You'll give up guitar, they're too advanced. - ipehorta

Gretsch are too good to be starter guitars. My dad owns a gretsch 6120 and it is the best. But he's been playing for over twenty years!

Who was the stupid idiot who wrote "Grestch". If you don't know, one of the bests guitar brand of the world is called "Gretsch"

7 Spectrum

When people refer to the infamous "radio shack guitars", they refer to spectrums, which are sold there. No doubt a bad first impression for a beginner.

Very good sound and price. I like it

Great acoustic guitar, great price I love it
Spectrum is good for the price, You don't have to spend a fortune for a great sounding instrument.

8 Mitchell

I have a Mitchell Hardtop auditorium and it is my first. I have no idea who put this on here because it is amazing! It was no too expencive and I only have to tune it about every 13 days. However, the finish make it look plastic which doesn't make it appealing.

9 Switch
10 Applause

There my favorite they look awesome as well

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11 Ovation

I bought an ovation in the 1970s and it nearly broke my back,because I had 14inch platform shoes on and because I am 6foot 10I chez tall I couldn't sit properly on the edge of my yacht at time and fell on to a Capitan on the Que onto my head, thank you.

12 Hondo

Best bang for under $100.00. Deluxe series or professional series are great buys for little money, and collectors LOVE them. Just know that some (formula series, hondo 2) are junk. Original vintage hondos can be played hard and sold for a profit. Life is good..

Do I need to

13 Columbus
14 Stagg

Les Paul version worse than an Argos starter pack (acoustic solutions)

15 Peavey
16 Aria
17 Lady Luck Guitars
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