Worst Starter Pokemon

The worst starters in the main series, the six off of the list are the best.

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1 Chikorita Chikorita

I love Chikorita, but unfortunately it was given in a region where it has a HUGE disadvantage because of how the gyms were set up. Poor thing, people only want it to make the game harder for themselves and not because they like the Pokemon. - Rue

It's sad to that this is so weak. It is even sadder since I really like the design of it's evolution.

Chikorita is ugly it sucks Bayleef and meganium are so much better get this piece of trubbish away from me

Chikorita doesn't even look strong just by what it looks like. Cute pokemon though.

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2 Charmander Charmander Charmander, known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

If I said anything at all, people will want to kill me. And this is the Internet, where people can't accept opinions, so I won't say anything other than this is my least favorite starter, but it's only my opinion.

Whoever thinks Charmander is the strongest starter, you are a stupid noob. First of all, all starters have the exact same total number of base stats, so their all the same. Not to mention Charmander is in the first red and blue games having a type disadvantage for most gyms. Having a 4 times weakness to rock can take away a quarter of a Charizards HP in battles. Also who the hell in Game freak thought it was a good idea to give Charizard 2 mega evolutions I mean what the hell if Charizard gets 2 so should the other starters too. 2 mega evolutions made Charizard even more overrated than it already was

I'm sorry but I just could not add it in this list. It's no good against the first two gyms and it makes the game frustrating. And you have to go through Mt. Moon with no repels and stuck with a fire type. I do like Charmander but in the Red, Blue and Green games it's not very helpful at the beginning. - RoseRedFlower

Literlay worst starter of all time.
Lazy and boring design (dragon who isn't even dragon, seriously? )
Terrible type combination (stealth rock).
Really bad stats (it isn't fast like Sceptile or Greninja, and also isn't bulky like Blastoise or Torterra).
Terrible agains first gyms.
Mega evolution gave him chance for shiny (after 17 years), but stil stealth rock wreck it.
Maybe Ash's zard was badass, but in game this pokemon suck.
Worst fire type starter and kanto starter.

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3 Pikachu

Pikachu is a starter! In Pokemon yellow.. but he could not evolve that is why it SUCKS!

"I'm not always a starter but when I am I do it WRONG"

That's not a starter Pokemon, idiot.

Ash sucks pikachu sucks

Pikachu isn't even a starter

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4 Tepig Tepig

He is creepy and when someone calls you a Pignite it's not a compliment.

I love tepid but I HATE ember

Emboar has good HP, Attack, and Special attack. Worst starter ever! Why is this number 4? You could 1 shot it because of it's bad defense and speed. By defense I mean defense AND special defense. Also emboar is the THIRD fire/fighting starter in a row. Blaziken was cool, Infernape was a faster blaziken, and emboar is that pig that keeps getting 1 shot. Tepig is cute, pignite is a meh, and emboar is an UGH! Hehe...

Leave tepig alone :( He is cute.

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5 Piplup Piplup

In my opinion, piplup is nothing but a brat! Just as bad as stupid mudkip!

He is awesome

Piplup is adorable

Not true piplulp is awesome

6 Snivy Snivy

I started off with it in the game however I wish it was another type as well as grass. We hadn't gotten one since Torterra and it was such a shame to see it happen. It could have been great. - RoseRedFlower

I LOVE this little grass snake, even if you say that he's not a good starter, I'm still gonna pick this Pokemon.

Really? I beat a Flying gym with just one serperior

Snivy looks kinda cool. Servine looks great. I HATE SERPERIOR

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7 Froakie Froakie

It is one of the things that's so ugly it's cute, but once it evolves, it loses the cute, Greninja is overrated, and it doesn't take much to knock out any member of the Froakie line. In the battle maison. I beat a Froakie with Extreme speed! ON ACCIDENT!

Greninja is so overrated. It's really easy to take it down with any grass starter besides Chikorita

I disagree with Delphox discrimination so I hate Froakie.

I only chose it for my every starter try out.Never Changing Fennekin though,she literally helped me 1 shot last gym's team.Woop woop Fennekin rocks,no hate needed

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8 Fennekin Fennekin Fennekin is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Fennekin is a Fire type Pokemon, and one of the starter Pokemons in the Kalos Region. It is classified as the Fox Pokemon. Instead of eating snacks, Fennekin chew on twigs. It can be temperamental, but does it best ...read more.

Very bad. Awful design. Weak against most pokemon in the gen.

Got a problem with it

Ear hair... are you kidding me Game freak?

I have one word to say about this Pokemon that I don't like: Delphox I was hoping for this final eveloution to be like a fire dark type or something like that but NOPE it had to be this abomination. I only like braixen in this group because I love it in the anime because Serena is my favorite poke girl and I like her eevee too plus braixen is kind of cute in a way

9 Chespin Chespin

His evolutions is super ugly the designs are not good

Everyone thinks he's stupid but I would choose him over Trashy Fennikin or Farting Froakie. Greninja is so overrated if ash had chosen Chespin it would be better.

10 Treecko Treecko

Treecko is my favorite starter Pokemon, he's not the best, but he's not worst.

Woah woah woah! Have I been under a rock? People actually hate treecko?

So overrated and evokes into some Christmas tree geeko

Whoever put Treecko on this list?
I will find you.
And I will battle you.

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? Gible Gible

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11 Torchic Torchic

He evolves into something that looks like a penis - Reaper_Red

I choose it and dominated the elite 4.

He is the best


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12 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Bulbasaur is under rated and should get more attention. To start, it dominates the first two gyms without breaking a sweat. Later in the games it may struggle a little, but you should have enough Pokemon on your team already to beat that weakness

What in the hell?! He's underrated! Bulbasaur is the reason we HAVE pokemon! idiots!

Deserves to be number 1! THE WORST POKEMON OF ALL TIME!

He sucks.

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13 Oshawott Oshawott Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott, are three Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise that are linked through evolution.

Anyone who hates Oshawott and says it's useless and ugly obviously doesn't know Pokemon. - Goatworlds

Oshawott is absolutely perfect. Sure, it can't beat Elesa, but that's ONE gym leader, and you can't expect your starter to singlehandedly beat all the gyms for you. If you don't like Oshawott, then you are just stupid and don't understand any form of logic.

Statistically Oshawott is trash - InklingSethO


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14 Turtwig Turtwig
15 Totodile Totodile

How is he the worst?

Totodile is the worst! It was my first starter. And feraligatr couldn't even beat CHARIZARD!

R.I.P Feraligatr and Totodile

16 Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle, known as Zenigame in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was originally conceived by Game Freak's character development team and finalized by Chaniah Pantry. It is a squirrel-turtle hybrid .

ADMIT It! The only reason you picked this one was because charmander is "overrated"!

He is the best starter pokemon what do you mean he sucks?

Blastiose is said to be good but think again, it doesn't have amazing attack stats. All it is is a tank. You could find better tanks such as, shuckle, or carbink. Its mega makes it much better but blastoise is bad.

Most Horrible Pokémon in my opinion

17 Chimchar Chimchar
18 Mudkip Mudkip Mudkip, known in Japan as Mizugorou, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Sorry if I offended you, but I just hate mudkip!

Mudkip is the best starter of ALL TIME. Really.

I HATE THAT STUPID SHOW OFF OF CUTENESS! His fanbase is stupid, he is so dumb and he even squirted water in May's face in the very first episode in pokemon hoenn region series! Torchic and treeko should not be on this list, because I love torchic so much, I can hug him all day and treeko's evolution, sceptile is badass! They are both way better than that dumb-bully water-type mudkip. Even my friend hates him.

Mudkip's a cute Pokémon. It's evoloutions have great stats for what it's good at, and it has good stab coverage. What's wrong with mudkip!

19 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Eevee is technically a starter Pokemon. In Pokemon : Gale of Darkness. - Rue

Eevee isn't a starter

It's so overrated!
Eevee's most overrated Eeveelution is Umbreon and Sylveon...

20 Rowlet Rowlet

Rowlet might be the worst starter in pokemon. Grass is a very weak type.
Adding ghost to decidueye didn't really help it because a lot of pokemon
can use bite and it is then weak against dark and ghost too. Rowlet and
Dartrix are both grass and flying types making them having a 4x weakness
against ice types so poplio could take them out easily with ice beam or ice fang


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