Alternate History: If the United States Split Up

Turkeyasylum So, we know the United States as fifty states, and a bunch of other territories. And the most populous is California, and the least is Wyoming. So, not all states were created equally. But, what would it be like if all of them were countries? I've got something in store for you then.

So, why wouod this all happen in the first place? It's simple. The idea of a second confederacy comes into play in the South. And, 14 states come and join a new group called the New Confederacy, which is a group of countries that make basic laws together. These states consist of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri. At first, the US doesn't recognize them as a group of nations. But with South Africa as their first suppourters, eventually, European superpowers suppourt it, too. Over time, the US declares they are officially collapsing, and succumb their territories to the UK. So, this means every state is on their own. But, prices of food quickly increase because of taxes between trading. Florida becomes allies with California. Michigan and Ohio get (this) close to war.

But the North American Union (NAU) keeps them binded together. They agree to be able to travel to any one of them without passports. But, of course there are still disputes. A region of North California called Shasta declears themselves independent. However, 33 nations in the NAU agree they are independent, but 17 say they aren't. Virginia is indifferent. Keep in mind Puerto Rico counts, too. But, because it isn't a 75% vote yet, Shasta isn't allowed to join the NAU.

States in the South have been thought of to have weak economies (no offense), but those stereotypes end as they have an economic revolution, making them stronger than many other areas (even Canada). And, the Great Lakes have auto industries return to them (especially Detroit), and they get stronger, too.

But is any are weaker? Well, there's an answer. Washington. They end up writing a series of laws so weak, that a leader turns the nation into a dictatorship, sadly. But East Washingtion broke away (kinda), and is independent in toughts of everyine except West Washington, Russia, China, and North Korea.

I'm not suppourting the US breaking apart in any way, as there are other negative factors, such as the exorbitant prices of everyday items, and possibly higher taxes. Thanks for reading!


Why does Washington split out of all states? I live there! - visitor