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1 All Muslims Are Terrorists

Given that Islam is the most widespread religion besides Christianity, this is obviously false. - EdGeinFan

No true

I'm a Muslim from Iran and have 3 kids, one Muslim I totally hate is a YouTuber from America called Adam Saleh. He is teaching my kids to hate people from English speaking countries and Adam is such a lier! He is always trying to sneakily do fake social experiments to gain more popularity and more! Now, it's a new trend in American Muslim communities to do fake news around the globe so people could think that all white people are racist and the Muslims are the poor victims of racial discrimination!

The last comment was rude and people like the person that wrote it are part of the problem of racism in the world. The One about how the Quran is evil! - westofohio

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2 All Muslim Women Have No Rights

I want to add one thing Muslims are never patriot. Some are in India only

They have some rights but not many and that's the truth!

This is big wrong - belarbi

3 Muslims Are Savages During War

I'll get plenty of thumbs down for this, but it's true. A lot of Muslims are peaceful, but a lot of them are barbaric, terrible people - ryanrimmel

4 Muhammad Was A Pedophile

To degrade a religious leader like that is the equivalent of calling Jesus a rapist. Stop demonising these people. - PositronWildhawk

Muhammad was sick person him self. Even Muslim writer wrote book against Muhammad, saying he was going out with postitute.

What about Ayesha, his 9 year old Wife?

5 "Jihad" Means To Fight For The Sake Of God

It really does

Yes fight for a Islam

Jihad is only for sick people, should stand for right is right,be honest, not cruelty. That's only Islam terrorist and killing.

6 All Muslim's Are Arabs

I have an Arab friend and she's a Christian, not a Muslim.

Definitely not true. Many Muslims are Bosnian, Macedonian, Albanian, Kosovar, Turkish, Indian, etc.

Nope! Turks, Armenians, Kosovo, Indians, Indonesians, Malaysian, Pakistanis, Persians, this is SO wrong. - PizzaGuy

7 Muslim Children Have No Rights

I feel like my only rights are in school. But that's cause of my parents...

8 Islam Is Intolerable To Other Religious

I met Muslim who respected my religion (Eastern Orthodox Christianity).

9 All Muslims Hate Christians

Muslim religion is the worst religion in the world. Muslim do not respect any another religion. If they do not respect other believes why they expect others to believe in Muslim. They can get married to any other religion's girl but they do not like if their girl get married to non Muslim. Why? They are sick and thick. Only one way thinking idiots.

LOL. Don't you know Muslims marry Christians and also vice-versa. Get A Life! - PizzaGuy

...of course that isn't actually true.

Not true. They also hate Jews, Wiccans, Pagans, Buddhist, Hindus, Athiest, Agnosticss, Diest, Spiritualist, or anything else that's not Islamic.

10 Islam Was Spread By The Sword

Khalid ibn al walid

Islam only forcing people to join in Islam, killing and forcing to join in Islam. If they give choice to people,no one will join Islam. So many terrorist been caught are Muslim. Not a one Muslim informed police about terrorist or their behaviour, it's mean they don't want to tell about them, they supported them and saying all are not same. They all are terrorist. Supporting them in directly. All same.

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1. All Muslims Are Terrorists
2. Islam Is Intolerable To Other Religious
3. All Muslim Women Have No Rights
1. All Muslims Are Terrorists
2. All Muslim Women Have No Rights
3. Muslims Are Savages During War
1. All Muslims Are Terrorists
2. Muslims Are Savages During War
3. Muhammad Was A Pedophile

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