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1 Dumb Blonde

Ugh... I am so sick of people assuming things about me because I'm blonde. A lot of people will be surprised when I say I don't like pop music, I don't really like Starbucks, I don't like Instagram a lot, etc. "BUT YOU'RE BLOND AND A TEENAGER! " So what? "YOU HAVE AN A? WHO KNEW! AREN'T YOU TOO BUSY WITH INSTAGRAM AND STARBUCKS TO STUDY?! " I just know that it won't matter how many random strangers are stalking my photographs, if I like all the "cutest" bands, or if I drink eighty rich, thick coffees in the future. Grades will, and I'm not sure I want internet stalkers or a bunch of empty calories every day. And as for music, I couldn't care less who's cute in a band. If that relationship worked your precious boy band member would be a pedophile. Music is for ears, not eyes. If I dyed my hair a different color, most people wouldn't be so surprised. Stereotypes are, in general, just such annoying barricades that we need to overcome, world. - pandagirl

I hate this stereotype because I am a blonde know I do know people who act like this but they are still very smart and I have higher grades than kids who have easy classes and fail and I have harder ones and I am I some of the highest classes and most kinds are blonde and kids that are so stupid they fail gym and people with mostly brown hair - lbelle0527

And the most annoying thing about this is that SO many shows nowadays encourage this! It's really insulting, because I consider myself to be smart and I AM BLONDE! It's one of the stupidest stereotypes ever. - Minecraftcrazy530

I used to be blonde and I got student of the month 5 times (not that I care) and I can read at a level twice that of most people in my grade, and my lexile and quantile are 500 points above average... (for those who don't use this system, that's good! ) - EliHbk

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2 The Super Feminine Gay Guy

Gaahl (ex-Gorgoroth vocalist) is the complete opposite of this stereotype.


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3 The Black Criminal

Why are all black people fast? 'because the slow ones are in jail!

To this I must ask, what race is predominantly associated with gangs, crime, etc?

It's ridiculous

SAY WHAT!?! Okay, I have dealt with stereotypes of ALL types. Like... German Nazi, Irish Drunkards, and the Indian Woman's unibrow. But MY AFRICAN SIDE IS NOT FILLED WITH CRIME AT ALL! People... Stop, just stop. MOST Africans are clever, they are very caring, and we even HAD a black president. Why isn't he in jail?

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4 Emo Cutter

Actually, I USED to cut, but then I found certain "emo" music that has actually helped me stop. I am emo, and because of that I DON'T cut.

I'm emo and I don't cut.

I hate this stereotype so much. Emo is a subculture based off of music and has nothing to do with self harm.

Yeah, how many emos actually cut? We need stats! - EliHbk

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5 Evil Albino

This stereotype pisses me of so much. - JelloLife

Super Macho Man looks albino, but he's a rich and egotistical Hollywood star.

Albinos aren't always evil


6 The Feminist Bitch

Which is why you should never read the buzzfeed comments.

"there are so many girls in this video. Feminazi propaganda much? " **sigh** - keycha1n

People accuse "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" for being feminist propaganda, because the main character is a girl, and she's way too overpowered. I don't believe that, but I do agree that Rey seems too OP.

Men and woman are equal. There. Done. Enough said. - TheAlbinoWolf

I don't think every feminists are bigots, some are probably nice.
Its just the internet nowadays, with feminists who are like religious extremists.

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7 Only White People Can Be Racist

I agree, when black people do stuff to white people they don't care but when white people do stuff to black people the world will end. Black people are sometimes very racist, but white people also can be racist. Racism always applies to any race. - Lucretia

"I'm not racist, I'm black, cracker" - ignorant black guy
"Oh, is that so... *Punch*" - Me
"Oooo, he's racist" - everyone else
*Middle finger* - Me
"I'm gonna tell mumma" - Brit Kid - EliHbk

8 Fat Gross Comic Relief

Why does every guy main character have a comic relief friend who's fatter than the rest and all the jokes are based on how gross and annoying they are. Just no - JelloLife

I hate how fat people have been stereotyped. Why is fat such an insult? Because we've learned to associate the word with gross, lazy and ugly. Which is a terrible way to think!
And that's coming from a thin person. - keycha1n

not funny

9 Smart Asian Dude

And girls. -an Asian girl. That's not to say I'm super smart either. Its just not that hard to do well before high school.
That being said, I'm tired of people, students, friends and teachers expecting me to be super-smart because of my race. It gets annoying! - keycha1n

This is one of those stereotypes that is actually kind of a GOOD one. Smart is good, right?

Race does not really make you more/less smart. Some are geniuses, others may be mentally challenged. That's the same for all races.

This is so true! Like all asians are the best at first D was in math and I'm Asian (a quarter but still. At least that's some Asian right so I'm the smartest ever🙄)

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10 The Douchebag Atheist

This one really irritates me. I mean come on people! Not all atheists are jerks. There are some really nice atheists who care about other people and respect other people's beliefs.

I hate how people think Atheists are so mean. I am one, and I respect all religion very much. I don't care what religion you have - it's your belief, I respect it, and that's all that has to be said.

Yes! My best friend is an atheist (I am a Christian) and we get along great. She and I never discuss religion (she doesn't feel comfortable when we do, frankly, neither do I). - ILike2Comment

I am a Atheist... - Lucretia

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? "All Steven Universe Fans Are SJW's"

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11 The Desperate Single Mom

For me this is more of a cliche in movies that is used often. To show how much the characters life sucks, theirs dads gone or whatever and their mom's dating a prick. Seriously come up with something original please! PS I don't mean to be rude to whoever this has happened to it just happens way too often in movies. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

You know those single mom's in media that are always searching for a man. - JelloLife

Why you need to be desperate? - Ananya

But my mom is that way.

12 The Asian Schoolgirl

Funny. This stereotype is usually used by Asian films.

Mainly just a way in hentai for dumb-minded older men to wack off. - Swellow

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13 The "Terrorist" Muslim

If you live in a country where a large part of the population is Muslim, I think you have a more differentiated look on such things. In the US, racism means hating on black people, in Austria and Germany, it means hating on Muslims. In the US, rap music is made mainly by black people, in Austria and Germany it is made by Muslims. Schools in this countries here have many Muslim students, living together with Christians and Atheists. Yeah, there still is racism. As in the US, but there are many people standing for unity and against the stereotypes. I think that in the US, there aren't as many muslims and therefore not a big movement against the stereotypes and the racism. - Martin_Canine

People actually believe that all Muslims are terrorists, as can be seen with Trump. This needs to stop.

It is terrible how many people don't even know the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist. I appreciate the people who know the difference.

Most Muslims are great people. - Lucretia

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14 Satanic Metal Head

I like this style of music. Yet I'm Christian.

Really annoying. - Fretto

*to the church

This one is used by annoying pop fans, they say metal and metalheads are stanic - Lucretia

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15 Thin Wimpy Boy

Characters like Hiccup from "How to Train Your Dragon" pushed this character to the limit, and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"'s Greg Heffley drove it into overkill.


16 Masculine Lesbian

That's disgusting as well - Ananya

I just don't get this.

17 The Autistic Idiot

This is just sad. I had a friend with Autism, and she was intelligent. Sure, some Autistics DO in fact, have poor motor skills, but some are also very smart. Don't put a label on people based on what you see/know.

People with autism are not idiots. This stereotype pisses me off so much.

My brother is autistic, and he's really smart. He's good at math, and with technology. Just because someone is different, doesn't make them idiots. It just makes people jackasses for calling them that. - Stevenuniversefangirl

People with moderate or mild autism are very intelligent, but people with severe autism are dumb - GriffinDoge

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18 Mexican Drug Dealer

This one drives me fuccin' inSANE

19 The Religious With No Life

It's worse for people who are Hindu. We are humans, and yes, some of us are strongly religious, but we still have lives.

Who made this stereotype? Ned Flanders?

I do hate some religeous people but they have a life - RoseCandyMusic


20 Evil German Scientist
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