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21 The Religious Who Are Simple-Minded
22 The "Emotionless" Angry Rebel

...If you were truly emotionless, you would have absolute no desire to go against rules... Then again, if I recollect, anger is an emotion...

23 The Posh British Person

I'm British. I'll go a day without brushing my hair. I don't give a fudge about jewellery. I hate tea, I hate dresses and I hate high heels. So how is this stereotype a thing? >.<

I hate this stereotype.

I would love to listen to your whining but Jeeves isn't here with my tea - TwilightKitsune

24 Damsel in Distress

I was walking around the woods with one of my friends, when her 7 year old brother came running up to us with a shotgun. He said his dad told him to protect us. I told him we could take care of ourselves. He handed me the gun and told my to prove it. I responded by shooting some squirrels. He later threatened to shoot me with that same gun. I pulled a knife on him and told him to drop the gun. He told his mom and I got grounded. When I told his mom about the threats, she sold the gun. I came from a rough household, I think I'm capable of self defense. Stupid sexist idiots.

Another sexist stereotype, that females cannot protect or do anything for themselves. That is not true.

Both men and women are equally capable of taking care of themselves. Period. - yuki-blue

"Help,help, save me, save me! " (finds the guy who saves her unattractive and falsely accuses him of rape)

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25 Soulless Gingers

I just, I don't even know why this is a thing. It's just dumb. HAIR DOES NOT INFULENCE PERSONALITY!

26 The Fat American

Dinner just ain't dinner without seven steaks, ten pounds of home fries, 35 bacon strips and a six gallon chocolate shake. The downside is being confined to the mattress in my living room and having to use it as my toilet because I can't walk.

I looked up the obesity rate on every country in the world, and America had one of the highest in every obesity map I saw. So this stereotype is...somewhat true? Still, it's super offensive!

Last time I checked, I'm American and I'm not obese nor overweight. Also, I exercise at Planet Fitness regularly and do at least 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups whenever I don't go there. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I am not fat, some of my family (I mean, like, a lot) of my family is though. - Lucretia

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27 White People Can't Rap

What about Eminem? - TwilightKitsune

Just listen to the beastie boys

28 The Greedy Jew

Penny pinching

29 The Creepily Sexual Furry

I am a furry and I'm not creepily sexual unless I use it as a joke. I only am it because I like fursonas and that's all but nooOooo, people decide to cuss me out of every community because they think I'm gonna get there for spamming "wanna struggle struggle? >w<" "hello *grabs your paw* wanna yiff? :3". This just pisses me off.

30 The Nerd with Glasses

Mi don't know why everyone thinks somebodies a nerd if they have glasses, it's not true

31 Minecraft Gamer Kid

Make they every 5-9 year old boy ever

"Get ou OF MY rOOM I'm watching DAMTDN'

-said popular moss and stampy and every other minecraft player (yes, I am making fun of those youtubers)


every 8 - 12 years old, 2013 -? - Bean_Destroyer12

32 The Bald Fat Dumb Adult Male

Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, the dads from "Calvin and Hobbes," "Good Luck Charlie," "Zits," and so many other examples. Unfortuantely, my dad is also some of these things, but not to the same extent as Homer.

33 Canadians Only Live In Igloos and Always Say Aye

Hey hoser! I'm gonna hit you so hard, you're gonna see northern lights, eh? ~Bear Hugger, 2009

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34 The French Coward

This is stupid. Don't understand why most people go with this. Anyways, who made this? Hitler?

If the French had any courage, they would stand up to the Islamist take-over of their country, instead of cowering in the corner every time there is another terrorist-enacted mass murder.

35 Overweight Obnoxious Black Woman
36 The Devil Worshipping Satanist

LaVeyan Satanism is an Atheistic subculture and does not worship the devil. - Martin_Canine

37 The Perverted Anime Fan
38 The Autistic Manchild
39 The "Hick" Southerner

This one really annoys me because I am from South Carolina and I don't even have a southern accent

40 The Belieber
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