Worst Steven Universe Characters


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1 Ronaldo Ronaldo

Yeah...I have to agree with this one. Hopefully his story arc is done now and he will at the most just show up as a minor character instead of getting his own whole episode. He's the only character on the show that I hate to see an episode of. - evena

Football player? Lol

Did someone vandalized this?

Wrong picture.O_O

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2 Lars Lars

I really don't mind Lars at all, the only problem I have with him is the odd thing with his character development disappearing at the end of each episode. - kempokid

The jerk was always my least favorite character... - TheRedstoneWiz

That picture is legendary. - TwilightKitsune

why - bloomix

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3 Kevin

When Steven says he hates someone's you know they are bad.

He is the worst

He was never a likeable character in the show. I knew I'd hate him the moment I met him. - JakeSmith17

He's such a pervert

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4 Mayor V 1 Comment
5 Andy

Steven's racist Uncle that we had to deal with on a half hour episode. - Rue

He ruined gem harvest.

6 Onion

He's a little creepy. - FireMarshallBillBurns

He's not human at all...

7 Pearl Pearl Pearl is a fictional character from the 2013 animated series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar . She is a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as a magical gemstone projecting a holographic body . ...read more.

I can't get over how snobby Pearl can be sometimes, especially towards Greg. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Pearls so salty

A complete dick to Steven

Why just why - bloomix

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8 Marty

He's a hideously ugly/grotesquely aged freak, a deadbeat, and he's a terrible father to Sour Cream. - FireMarshallBillBurns

9 Connie Maheswaran Connie Maheswaran

No. She is not the worst character.

Get rid of her! The show would be even better without that little Mary-sue!

The show would be even better without her!

Why isn't she on top of the list?

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10 Holly Blue Agate

She was mean to the Amethysts. - Cartoonfan202

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? Greg Universe Greg Universe

So annoying!

? Fluorite

WHAT?! NO! What type is idiot would put the little old granny gem on the list!

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11 Frybo Frybo

He's CREEPS me out! - Carsrule300

12 Barb Miller
13 Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli is a homeworld gem from the 2013 Cartoon Network series Steven Universe. She is currently living in an old barn with Peridot. She has the ability to control water and she can sprout her very own water wings.

She isn't evil she's just an annoying underdeveloped character

I agree. She was such a great character but now, she's bland and uninteresting - fandom__universe

Screw You! Every single gem EXCEPT Rose Quartz, and Yellow Diamond are good - TheUmbreon

Lapis you foolish fool. got her gem healed and then left Steven to die without a second thought, well she didn't even have a first thought because she's just that daft.

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14 Jamie

Jamie is so worst! In "I Am My Mom" episodes. He keep talking for many times. - LapisBob

He's okay but the episodes featuring him are boring. - Rue


He's not bad. - Stevenuniversefangirl

15 Pizza Steve

Pizza Steve is a Uncle Grandpa character. He shouldn't be on this list! - FireMarshallBillBurns

He was in the cross over episode. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I hate any UG character. - mattstat716

16 Steven

Look there are things wrong with Steven, but because he's fat isn't a logical reason to hate him. Goodbye. - Rue

Steven is a fat retarded and dumb person and he deserves to die and he is SUPER ANNOYING


Are you guys dumb, you shouldn't hate a character for their appearance

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17 Blue Diamond Blue Diamond

She's an underwhelming villain. Usually when an villain is introduced, you want to see how bad they can be and that they are intimidating, but we instead got a sad character grieving over her dead sister. Am I supposed to feel bad for her? She's a colonizer with a human zoo, I'm not giving her sympathy. - Rue

All we know is that she's SO sad now that Pink Diamond is DEAD! - Carsrule300

18 Aquamarine

I want Lapis and Peridot to beat up that manipulating brat!

She's so overrated! Topaz's new partners will be Lapis and Peridot.

She was so mean to the Crystal Gems. - LapisBob

19 Mr.Gus
20 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger V 1 Comment
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