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1 Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, commonly known as Ronaldo, is a Brazilian retired professional footballer who played as a striker. Popularly dubbed O Fenômeno, he is widely considered to be one of the greatest football players of all time.

Football player? Lol

He is a stupid and annoying character. Even worse is that Rebecca made him connected to my month and zodiac birthstone that I already hated, bloodstone, and made it worse. The other March birthstones aren't so good, either. They made Aquamarine the most evil character, and Jasper the first major villain. So people born in March get the Most evil character, the worst character (who are also both the most annoying characters), and the bully Jasper. Does Rebecca hate people born in March or something?
P.S I'm sorry this turned into a rant about my birthstone, I couldn't find a better place to write about it.

Yeah...I have to agree with this one. Hopefully his story arc is done now and he will at the most just show up as a minor character instead of getting his own whole episode. He's the only character on the show that I hate to see an episode of. - evena

Alright the one major problem I have about this character is that all of his development disappears magically at the end of any episode he’s in. Just when you think he’s starting to learn values and lessons the end of the episode completely turns him back into an annoying nut job. I don’t “hate” the character, at least he has personality. But like Lars, I wish his character would show growth throughout the series instead of staying the same obsessed and selfish blogger that he is.

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2 Lars Lars

I didn't liked him at first but I started to like him after Wanted. - cassiabez

I really don't mind Lars at all, the only problem I have with him is the odd thing with his character development disappearing at the end of each episode. - kempokid

The jerk was always my least favorite character... - TheRedstoneWiz

Okay, look. Lars did start off bad but now he's improved. Take him off the list!

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3 Kevin

When Steven says he hates someone's you know they are bad.

He is the worst

Why did he even become a character? I was reading his name and didn't even notice him until now

He's the worst! He's mean and Stevonnie should've beaten him in the race! :(

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4 Connie Maheswaran Connie Maheswaran

No offense but everything she does ends up perfect and she is a total Mary su it didn't take that long to sword train and she is sooo easy to manipulate literally pearl managed to make her think her life is worthless and she made Steven upset about the books she liked yeah they resolved it but the best episodes are ones that don't have her and they make her care for Steven so much it's a good thing to care for someone but give more human like emotions were she gets and angry or upset at Steven like real people because you can't be perfect forever YOU can blow up and say stuff you don't mean to someone you care so dearly it would be great is they make more human and relatable

An incredibly sheltered normal human girl who is better than Steven and the gems in every conceivable way and is always right even though her view of things is incredibly naive and childish and her knowledge with the gems as shallow as Ronaldo's blog. Hey guys, remember when she used to be believable in the way she used to be shy and unsure of herself and there was mutual growth between her and Steven and she wasn't this higher-than-thou dispenser of wisdom to Steven whenever he is in conflict? Yeah remember that? What happened to this character.

She is so annoying! There is really no point of her being on the show. After all, she is a mary-sue.

She is that kind of person which I can't like. She is in my opinion worst character, she is so annoying in lots ways

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5 Pearl Pearl Pearl is a fictional character from the 2013 animated series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. She is a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as a magical gemstone projecting a holographic body. ...read more.

How is pearl a worst? - LapisBob

I can't get over how snobby Pearl can be sometimes, especially towards Greg. - HeavyDonkeyKong

If it wasn't for Steven she wouldn't be on this list - 23windomt

Pearl raped Garnet. - LittleAwesomeApple

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6 Mayor

Most incompetent and self-centered mayor ever.

Mayor Douchey. Glad he got replaced.


Oh yea he’s an idiot. I don’t know why Steven helps him. He obviously doesn’t care & is a big idiot.

7 Steven

Look there are things wrong with Steven, but because he's fat isn't a logical reason to hate him. Goodbye. - Rue

Nothing endearing or interesting about him. He's SO annoying and causes so many problems. Plus his voice actor has only one note.

I'm not say I hate Him I just Really dislike him he is a overused character - BreakFastBeast2005

Although Renaldo is annoying, at least he doesn’t get much screen time.

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8 Andy

Steven's racist Uncle that we had to deal with on a half hour episode. - Rue

It would've been so much more interesting if he actually knew what gems were. He could've been some madman who had been studying gems, but we got this boring racist character.

He ruined gem harvest.

9 Marty

He's a hideous ugly/grotesquely aged freak, a deadbeat, and he's a terrible father to Sour Cream. - FireMarshallBillBurns

I hate him so much. He just killed lot of people. - LapisBob

He’s a terrible father

10 Holly Blue Agate

She's such a bully towards the amethysts.

I can't stand her

She was mean to the Amethysts.

I hate her so much, she’s such a dick!

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? Kofi Pizza

mean to garnet

mean to garent. - dissent

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11 Frybo Frybo

He looks like spongebob - Lunala

He's CREEPS me out! - Carsrule300

12 Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli is a character from the 2013 Cartoon Network series Steven Universe. She is a homeworld gem who got trapped in a magical mirror on Earth for thousands of years who was then freed and healed by Steven Universe. She has hydrokinesis abilities which include manipulating water, forming clones ...read more.

She isn't evil she's just an annoying underdeveloped character

She in a massively underdeveloped character, who is constantly painted by the show as the victim of every single situation (and as some kind of hero) while her actions speak the exact opposite.

I agree. She was such a great character but now, she's bland and uninteresting - fandom__universe

Can someone explain to me why ANYONE would like Lapis? And being relatable doesn't count. Remember back in "Barn Mates" how Lapis was just flat out refusing to even give anything Peridot was doing a chance? They also, like Steven said, could have just put a curtain up and used the half barn solution. LAPIS BROKE PERIDOT'S TAPE RECORDER! Also, in the episode "Raising the Barn", Lapis leaves with all of Peridot's and Lapis's things. Also, apparently, Peridot isn't ever going to get her home back. Why? Because Lapis smashed it on Blue Diamond and got to be the "hero". Lapis is just so mean to Peridot! And from what I've seen, she is pretty nasty in general. To quote a comment below, "She is the abuser in the situation. Not Jasper. Jasper offered to fuse, she didn't force her, but she accepted anyways, and tortured herself AND JASPER. Then Lapis Bitchuli and the rest of the fandom considered Jasper the abuser, and got sympathy." I kind of wish she had just stayed away from Earth so she ...more

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13 Onion

He's a little creepy. - FireMarshallBillBurns

This guy scares me most of his episodes I don't enjoy

He's not human at all...

He is creepy - Lunala

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14 Pizza Steve Pizza Steve

Pizza Steve is a Uncle Grandpa character. He shouldn't be on this list! - FireMarshallBillBurns

He was in the cross over episode. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I hate any UG character. - mattstat716


15 Barb Miller
16 Blue Diamond Blue Diamond

She's an underwhelming villain. Usually when an villain is introduced, you want to see how bad they can be and that they are intimidating, but we instead got a sad character grieving over her dead sister. Am I supposed to feel bad for her? She's a colonizer with a human zoo, I'm not giving her sympathy. - Rue

All we know is that she's SO sad now that Pink Diamond is DEAD! - Carsrule300

She is a sith lord

17 Jamie

He's okay but the episodes featuring him are boring. - Rue

Jamie is so worst! In "I Am My Mom" episodes. He keep talking for many times. - LapisBob


He's not bad. - Stevenuniversefangirl

18 Aquamarine

She is like my sister but she is so annoying but she has the wand on top of her head I really hate her but I feel I am going to smack across her face and her partner topaz is kidnapped all stevens useful friends but aquamarine is the worst than topaz and topaz sometimes talk and stupid aquamarine keeps saying are you my dad she is my most least favorite from steven universe I hate her why she have a wand on top of her head

I want Lapis and Peridot to beat up that manipulating brat!

She ruined one of the only things I liked about being born in March. Why does this have to be my Birthstone of all gems?

Jfc, I hate her with a burning passion. I wish they could've at least poofed her in their encounter because she is SO INFURIATING. If this list was completely up to date with the new episodes, she's probably be higher (and Lars would be lower). I just... AAAGH. Get a nose, you puny brat.

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19 Jasper

While Jasper is not by any means a morally good character, I feel sympathetic towards her because of the abuse she faced at the hands of Lapis and, in the end, I rather pitied her. I don’t quite understand exactly why she’s on this list, but it’s whatever.

20 Yellow Diamond Yellow Diamond

I love yellow and white diamond. I have a problem with pink and blue

Even after her redemption I still hate her.

She should be number 1 she the real villain of the show how she manipulated blue diamond she could’ve even shattered pink diamond herself maybe even white diamond

21 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

He was in the crossover episode...



22 Rose Quartz Rose Quartz

She bubble Bismuth because she wanted to shattered all the Diamonds to free all gems that are oppressed by them but Rose Quartz herself LITERALLY SHATTERED PINK DIAMOND. - Rue

She cheated on Pearl and chose Greg and she manipulates everyone with her kindness

Definitely my least favorite character in the whole plot. She shouldn't even be in the whole storyline - TheUmbreon

Uuhhh my feelings are so mixed about this character!

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23 Mr.Gus
24 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa


He’s a crossover character

25 Greg Universe Greg Universe Greg Universe is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. ...read more.

He is the bane of my existence. Every day, I cry for this very man has ruined enough innocent lives. When when he be stopped.

Deadbeat father lives in a van, the only thing he cares about is his van.

So annoying!

26 Pink Diamond Pink Diamond

Stop posting characters with fake screenshots - Rue

Seriously all we know is that she's DEAD! We know almost NOTHING about her! She needs more character development! - Carsrule300

This should be higher. She was appeared in Jungle Moon. Everyone called her a Brat. - LapisBob

Guys,now we all know that Rose is Pink.

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27 Malachite Malachite
28 Ruby (Navy)

I absolutely hate her! She literally betrays Steven, Peridot and Lapis- after all they've done to help her. Now she's going to go to Homeworld, and the Crystal Gems are all screwed! I hope she gets destroyed in space by an asteroid in the Roaming Eye!

She is a snake lol

29 Peridot Peridot Peridot is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. The show airs on Cartoon Network and has grown in popularity over the years. The character Peridot is an alien gem from a planet called Homeworld, Peridot is introduced in the episode "Marble Madness," when Steven and the Crystal Gems ...read more.

I kind of understand the other ones, but Peridot?! The great and loveable Peridot?!

How dare you put the great and loveable peridot on this list?

"How could you do this to me, the great and lovable Peridot!? " One of the best characters.

Honestly when she has those "cute" moments I find it cringy

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30 Garnet

Please, Take off this list. Garnet is best character, Whoever put her on this list. - LapisBob

Annoying Mary Sure. All she does is being perfect and doesn't have a weakness.

I guess you haven't gotten the news: she's a FUSION. She's supposed to be OP. Not enough to be a Sue, since she can easily become manipulated by a video game. - Ravenfang


31 Fluorite

Fluorite embodies a lot of what is wrong with this show in the later episodes. If I could group Fluorite, Rohdonite, Alexandrite, Smokey Quartz, Malachite, Rainbow Quartz, and Zircon, into one group and label them the worst I would. (There are probably more I'm forgetting ) The fundamental issue is visual design. Often times so bad that actively viewing the characters can be relatively disturbing. Fluorite being the worst offender. Not only is Fluorite unpleasant to look at in every conceivable way, but also the concept of her character is just off putting. I know that fusion is supposed to be a metaphor for love, but it also involves the act of blending your consciousness with another person losing yourself and becoming someone new entirely. When combined with this though Fluorite starts to feel less like a monogamous relationship between Gems and more like a monstrous multi consciousness seen in horror or sci-fi films. Like a collection of souls. Then they decide to do us one more ...more

WHAT?! NO! What type is idiot would put the little old granny gem on the list!

32 Dr. Maheswaran

Her big ding a ling head - 23windomt

She's Worst Mother! She Awlays Protect Connie For What?! I Hate Her So Much! Connie Wants Friends! I Want That Mother Just Die!


33 Emerald
34 Watermelon Tourmaline

Who is that?

35 Together Demon
36 Topaz
37 Mr. Gus Mr. Gus
38 Padparadscha Padparadscha

All she does is make late predictions

39 Yellow Pearl Yellow Pearl

She’s so mean to Blue Pearl!

40 Pebbles

They're basically the meltan/minions of steven universe.

41 Amethyst Amethyst

THIS is THE WORST choice on this list once again a great character on a worst list!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? TAKE HER OFF! - Carsrule300

More unstable than Malachite - TheUmbreon

Ught the whole "I hate myself" and in the same time is a jerk that plays the victim and acts like every rebel teenager because why make loveable characters?

42 Alexandrite
43 Yellowtail
44 Rainbow Quartz Rainbow Quartz Rainbow Quartz is a fusion gem from the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe". She is the fusion of Pearl and the late Rose Quartz.
45 Lion
46 White Diamond White Diamond

We know NOTHING about her! We even didn't get a chance to see her FACE! - Carsrule300

She was introduced now and I think that we can all agree that she is awesome

This is a fake screenshot. Don't put those on characters, also she wasn't officially introduced yet. She shouoldn't be on here. - Rue

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