Worst Steven Universe Episodes from Seasons 3 and 4

Since a worst Steven Universe episode list already exist, I might as well make a list that is directed at 2 seasons I personally have beef with.

Also MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS for people who didn't catch up.

The Top Ten

1 Rocknaldo (Season 4, Episode 18)

Right now it seems mostly filler episodes after they got crag back. But I kind of liked this filler episode as it made me like Ronaldo a little bit. Far from my favorite character, but it did show him get some character development on screen & shows even if he is crazy, he does care about Steven & the crystal gems. He also became a little sympathetic 4 me as this is the 1st time (I believe) that he makes it apparent that he's an outsider and every1 picks on him. So it was mostly filler yea, but there was some character development 4 him too.

They prank the fanbase making it seem like there was going to be a new Gem when it turns out to be a RONALDO FILLER EPISODE. I haven't heard of anyone who likes this guy and honestly I want him to go away. He's so unlikable. - Rue

It's funny how you think this is better than Bismuth

At least Ronaldo made up for his actions in the ending of the epsidoe

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2 Bismuth (Season 3 Episode 20/21)

I can literally go on a long ass rant of how much I hate what they did with Bismuth and how much of a missed opportunity to completely shaft her the way they did IN THE SAME EPISODE SHE WAS INTRODUCED. However, since it's possible to make a list all about the episode, as well as a post retaining to Bismuth's missed potential, I'll wait. - Rue

I honestly don't think bismuth is gone 4 good. I mean, she is still brought up & everything. It's not like they shattered her, & that one corrupted gem that's Steven befriend came back to relievance later on.

Wishful thinking but, they pulled an asinine excuse of why they won't bring her back. - Rue

Rue? Are you the old Zimmer Twins User? - puglover2008

This episode was great! - money_face

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3 Gem Harvest (Season 4, Episode 8/9)

You can literally have a half hour special for anything and you chose it to be about Steven's racist uncle? This is where I started to like Steven Universe less and less as the days go by. - Rue

I kind of like this episode

4 The New Crystal Gems (Season 4, Episode 16)

Lapis, Peridot, and Connie pretending to be the Crystal Gems seems like a fun idea, but it was executed so poorly. Lapis was ignorant to everything she screwed up, Peridot was absolutely annoying, and Connie, while the only reasonable character, just keeps getting shut down by the other two Crystal Clods...

They could have done so much good stuff with Connie and best gems

But instead

Managed the car wash

What lost potential

5 The Zoo (Season 4, Episode 14)

They literally featured...A human zoo...do I even need to go into more detail how this episode feels very unsettling to watch? Especially when Steven and the Crystal Gems do nothing about it? - Rue

"Besides, the humans there were happy" You obviously don't understand what human zoos are/what they are supposed to represent and neither do the writers. - Rue

I think the human zoo was supposed 2 make people feel unsettled. Also, even though all those amethysts were on their side, blue & yellow diamond were there. If they started something there, they'd have a huge war against them, which with 4/5 people they can not handle that (even adding the other amethysts there). Besides, the humans there were happy (till crag didn't want 2 b chosen by anyone) & well taken care of there. Y would they need 2 do something about it?

6 Barn Mates (Season 3, Episode 4)

The worst thing they could of done was shove peridot and lapis in a barn together. But here we are.

That episode was bad

-Amedot shipper

7 Three Gems and a Baby (Season 4, Episode 10)

The creators obviously never had a proper experience of kids of their own (and even if they did, they needed to completely revise this episode) to even think the first draft of this abomination was any good. Why couldn't this just be about cute baby bonding time? No, let's make Greg completely unfazed that three aliens took his baby in the middle of a blizzard, going to god knows where, ATTEMPT to kill his baby, and to just have a poorly slapped on bonding moment at the end of it all to end it all light heartingly.

8 The New Lars (Season 3, Episode 10)

This episode was just so awkward to watch. Also, most Lars centered episodes are crap because Lars will always change back to the ass he was at the end of the episodes instead of learning anything. Either bring him back to change or don't bring him back at all. - Rue

9 Tiger Philanthropist (Season 4, Episode 19)

I don't like how Amethyst got over her self hatred off screen (I WANT TO SEE DEVELOPMENT ON SCREEN)and it being about Steven trying to impress Lars when it could've been about Amethyst. - Rue

Steven stopped caring about Lars at the end. But yea last we seen(before this episode), she was still getting over her insurcrity. It wouldn't make sense just being able to fuse with Steven to be able to overpower jasper would b enough 2 do that. When she said that she was over feeling insecure, that really confused me.

So boring

10 Storm in the Room (Season 4, Episode 17)

This episode is amazing! it kind of broke my heart - money_face

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11 Earthlings (Season 3, Episode 23)

As I hate Japser, I personally felt they got rid of her too quickly. There could've been a lot more we could learn about Jasper. - Rue

12 Hit the Diamonds (Season 3, Episode 5)

I strongly disagree. This was one of the funniest episodes in Steven Universe, period. The rubies are a joy to watch. - Rue

Probably one of the worst steven universe episode of all time

13 Know Your Fusion (Season 4, Episode 2)

One of the most cringeworthy that belongs to this list. Sardonyx was very self-centered in treating Smoky Quartz, even to the point of comparing them to other fusions. This is not the interaction I signed up for. What a disappointing way to end the Summer of Steven.

14 Lion: Alternate Ending (Season 4, Episode 21)

It starts off giving u this feeling like this will b an important episode to relate to Steven. But no. It's completely pointless. It wasn't even a character development episode it was complete boring filler which was a waste of time to make by the writers.

This was disappointing. not a bad episode, just disappointing. the end twist was garbage. - money_face

15 Steven Floats (Season 3, Episode 6)
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