Worst Steven Universe Episodes

Those are some Steven Universe episodes that are not really enjoyable.

The Top Ten

1 Onion Trade
2 Keep Beach City Weird
3 Say Uncle

The worst by far

Worst show in existence with one of the few CN shows that are still good. I wish that Steven at least tried to kill Uncle Grandpa or something

4 Cat Fingers
5 Frybo
6 The New Lars

I liked this episode kinda

7 Fusion Cuisine
8 Sadie's Song

Oh come on, Steven literally put make-up and a dress on for his friend! lol - SilverstreamSucks

I actually found this episode preety intrestingšŸ˜…


I am fine with all else, but Steven in a cruddy woman outfit?


9 House Guest
10 Rocknaldo

The Contenders

11 Gem Glow

Terrible start. But at least we got introduced to Centipeedle.

12 Hit the Diamond
13 Steven's Birthday

I liked this one to...

14 Steven Floats
15 Rose's Scabbard

I never felt this insulted by an episode since Not What He Seems

16 Tiger Philanthropist

As Lars said: "A sequel no-one asked for".

17 Pilot
18 Garnet's Universe

A complete waste of an episode with no development what so ever and no one accomplished a thing. Most boring 11mins & 30 secs of my life.

19 Lion 4: Alternate Ending

Waste of 10 min nothing happened no development what so ever & was extremely boring episode.

I love the name of this episode. It just sounds so cool

"Lion 4: Alternate Ending" - SilverstreamSucks

20 Monster Buddies
21 Onion Gang
22 A Single Pale Rose A Single Pale Rose
23 Reunited Reunited
24 So Many Birthdays; Lars and the Cool Kids Part 1


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Top Remixes

1. Keep Beach City Weird
2. Onion Trade
3. Fusion Cuisine
1. Keep Beach City Weird
2. Onion Trade
3. Cat Fingers


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