Top 10 Worst Steven Universe Songs


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1 Stronger Than You

Screw You! This Is Probably One Of The Best Songs I Have Ever Listened To. Is There Seriously Something Wrong With You!

Forgettable lines? I literally have the whole song memorized, it's so catchy!

I voted for this song mainly because of how overused it is. It's all right on its own. By no means the best, and I've never been a big fan of Garnet singing. Then the fandom smooshed it into the ground playing it 10,000 times

It’s not really bad. Just VERY overrated. - bugger

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2 We Are the Crystal Gems

Catchy and clever theme song. Look up the theme song to Pickle and Peanut and see if you like that better.


Worst songever

I hate this song. The Crystal Gems are weak and my IQ is: 0.001 - bugger

3 Strong in the Real Way

Amazing song! Pearl has a great voice! Shouldn't be on this list!

Bugger is annoying and also a troll

Another strong song by Garnet to Pearl, I told you they are fictional! - bugger

4 Giant Woman

It's so catchy though...
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman

I am a male, not a female. Plus I hate Giantesses. They are disgusting - bugger

Me and my cousins played his song non-stopped at a hospital. I’m sorry for the patients... - SilverstreamSucks

5 Tower of Mistakes

I bet no-one even remembers this song. There is no worse song, and there never will be.

It's short and kind of annoying

6 Cookie Cat
7 Steven Tag Song

It's just annoying. It's short, worthless, and, again, annoying.

8 Dear Old Dad

I felt the actors weren't trying when they were singing this - I_Mika_Tarty

They werent even trying at all when writing this song abumatnation, its uncatchy and it's a earworm you don't want, its sounds ablousletely terrible. sounds like my dad singing, he's a terrible singer.

9 Full Disclosure

So Flipping Sad. - TheUmbreon

I really don't know why I hate this song so much BUT
I DO. - Peculiar

10 Birthday Song

The Contenders

11 Here Comes a Thought

Literally everyone’s just putting all the songs on this terrible list lol - SilverstreamSucks

12 Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)
13 Wailing Stone
14 Crying Breakfast Friends Theme Song
15 The Cool Kid Song
16 Rose's Farewell (Love Like You)
17 Serious Song
18 Be Wherever You Are
19 Ruby Rider

Maybe it's just because I just don't like Ruby's VA, but this tops the list of irritating songs.

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