Top 10 Worst Steven Universe Songs


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1 Stronger Than You

Screw You! This Is Probably One Of The Best Songs I Have Ever Listened To. Is There Seriously Something Wrong With You!

Forgettable lines? I literally have the whole song memorized, it's so catchy!

This is one of the best steven universe songs in the whole series

I voted for this song mainly because of how overused it is. It's all right on its own. By no means the best, and I've never been a big fan of Garnet singing. Then the fandom smooshed it into the ground playing it 10,000 times

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2 We Are the Crystal Gems

Catchy and clever theme song. Look up the theme song to Pickle and Peanut and see if you like that better.


Worst songever

I hate this song. The Crystal Gems are weak and my IQ is: 0.001 - bugger

3 Strong in the Real Way

Amazing song! Pearl has a great voice! Shouldn't be on this list!

Bugger is annoying and also a troll

Another strong song by Garnet to Pearl, I told you they are fictional! - bugger

4 Giant Woman

I am a male, not a female. Plus I hate Giantesses. They are disgusting - bugger

It's so catchy though...
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman

5 Tower of Mistakes

I bet no-one even remembers this song. There is no worse song, and there never will be.

It's short and kind of annoying

6 Steven Tag Song
7 Dear Old Dad

I felt the actors weren't trying when they were singing this - I_Mika_Tarty

They werent even trying at all when writing this song abumatnation, its uncatchy and it's a earworm you don't want, its sounds ablousletely terrible. sounds like my dad singing, he's a terrible singer.

8 Full Disclosure

So Flipping Sad. - TheUmbreon

I really don't know why I hate this song so much BUT
I DO. - Peculiar

9 Cookie Cat
10 Birthday Song

The Contenders

11 Here Comes a Thought
12 Wailing Stone
13 Crying Breakfast Friends Theme Song
14 The Cool Kid Song
15 Rose's Farewell (Love Like You)
16 Serious Song
17 Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)
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