Top 10 Worst Storm8 Games

Most of these games have two things in common: They make you have neighbors and get the other games.

The Top Ten

1 Slots

This game literally has no meaning! You spin the lever and it does nothing!

2 Jewel Mania

This is a Bejeweled knockoff where your goal is to... get more Storm8 games that are also on this list! If you don't play it for a while it will start to spam you, so turn off its notifications is the settings.

3 City Story Metro

To do almost anything you need energy, which is limited and takes a long time to fill up. There is a billboard at the edge of town advertising some dumb Storm8 game. You also run out of missions at, like, level 15. It's a bad game. The only thing I like about this game is how you can move your buildings 360 degrees, unlike most city development games. That probably saved it from being #4.

Yea the energy limit makes this game not fun and waiting on full energy seems to take along time I uninstalled

4 Bakery Story 2

A horrible rip-off of Storm8's original Bakery Story! I think Storm8 would have been better off with just one Bakery Story...

I played daily for a year and still didn't have enough to expand

5 Pet Shop Story

In this game you have to monitor you baby pets or they'll get sick. When they get sick, you can either abandon them or heal them with gems, which are impossible to earn, so you must buy a ridiculous amount of gems to heal them.

This game borders on shear, unrelieving boredom!

6 Castle Story

In Castle Story you manage an abandoned kingdom with nobody in it but the people you rescue from the glimmer woods. To expand you have to craft 3 earth wisps (each earth wisp takes an hour to complete) and then craft a wisp lantern, which takes 4hours per lantern. You and, at most, 4 other characters as large as your buildings will wander the kingdom until you run out of energy. When you lose all your energy collecting stuff, you have to wait a really long time for it to come back. Sometimes you will met a monster that you have to defeat to continue. If you don't kill it, you can't do anything. They also added a feature where you can get a game tent that you can't get rid of. The game is to throw three cabbages at the baron (and buy more) to get the prize! If you get six of the collectibles, you get some weird, ugly creature of indeterminate species. A flying badger, a dog with wings, you name it. There is no way to get the creature without buying more gems. That's all I got for now. ...more

There's a mission I stumbled across and I need a pig to complete it, but pigs cost 20 gems! 😿

7 Zoo Story
8 Dragon Story
9 Pet Hotel Story
10 Restaurant Story
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