Top 10 Worst Stranger Things Characters


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1 Dr. Brenner


He has a presence of evilness about him so strong that I almost felt him near me whenever he appeared on screen.

Such a cruel man! - Hermione_Granger220

Yes, he's bad, but based on his performance, I think he's a worthy villain. - judo8alex

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2 Steve Harrington

Awesome guy stop putting him on here

He became good

he is cool

Lonnie should be number two. Steve is awesome in season 2! - Hermione_Granger220

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3 Tommy H

He's so annoying aha.

4 Lonnie Byers

Horrible father.

I hate Lonnie. He’s a terrible, abusive father. - Hermione_Granger220

Worst father ever.
This man was neglectful, manipulative, abusive and arrogant.
Calls Will a queer, despite being ten years old. Hated him so much for this.
What I hated most about him is of how he didn't even care about Will's abduction in the first place. All he cared about was getting life insurance money for Will's supposed death. If he ever comes back in Season 2 I hope he dies! - EJ0602

5 Carol
6 Nicole
7 The Demagorgan
8 Troy
9 Billy Camaro

Don't you mean hargrove

He is the worst character ever, he is not nice to anyone and should not be in the show ever again.

10 Officer Powell

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11 Nancy
12 Barb

She is not fat and ugly at all! That is very rude of u

Why the (sorry language) ACTUAL HELL IS SHE ON HERE! (I apologise for my offensive language)

Themasttster12 because she's fat and ugly

Why is she here?! - Themattster12

13 Max

She is overrated and she was a jerk to the party the whole show except one and a half episodes. People say shes so badass for sticking a shot in billy but anyone can do that LITERALLY!

I honestly can’t stand Max. She ruined the show for me. She has absolutely no point in the show and I can’t stand how she whines all the time. She was SO desperate to be in the group even though really she’s just a distraction, both her and Billy🤦‍♀️

14 Eight

Her name is kali

Agree I hated her

I hate her. - Hermione_Granger220


15 Ted Wheeler

He doesn't care about his family

He is so boring
although he does say some SAVAGE lines.

Unlike Joyce Byers and Karen Wheeler, Ted doesn't care about his kids so much. He doesn't even try to now what happens to his children, and that's not what a parent should be.

But he’s hilarious! - Hermione_Granger220

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16 James
17 Stacey
18 Eleven Eleven

She's ok in s1, but s2 I REALLY don't like eleven. She's way too over dramatic, cries all the time, Mike is the only thing she cares about and she just sucks

I love her in Season 1, I don't like her in Season 2 at all. She is just so whiny, and cries every time she is on screen. All she cares about is finding Mike, and purposely hurt Hopper. I just don't like her at all in the 2nd Season. - Untildawn8

What? I love El! - Hermione_Granger220

19 Mews (Dustin's cat)

This character is too overrated

She/he deserved death - JoubsterA4

No! I love Mews! JUSTICE FOR MEWS! - Hermione_Granger220

Joubster A4, WHAT! Mews did NOT deserve to die!

20 The Mind Flayer
21 Will Byers Will Byers


In the first episode when he was being chased by mr demogorgon and went to the shed after he saw it could enter his house he just leaves the dog there not caring if the demo killed or hurt the dog

22 Mike Wheeler Mike Wheeler

He's just so mardy all the time.

23 Lucas
24 Erica Sinclair

She’s sooo funny

25 Kali
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