Top 10 Worst Stranger Things Characters


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1 Dr. Brenner Dr. Brenner

He has a presence of evilness about him so strong that I almost felt him near me whenever he appeared on screen.

Yes, he's bad, but based on his performance, I think he's a worthy villain. - judo8alex

He was a good villian but yes very evil - Themattster12

2 Steve Harrington

After Season 2, you can't put him on this list.


3 Tommy H
4 Carol
5 Nicole
6 The Demagorgan
7 Lonnie Byers

Worst father ever.
This man was neglectful, manipulative, abusive and arrogant.
Calls Will a queer, despite being ten years old. Hated him so much for this.
What I hated most about him is of how he didn't even care about Will's abduction in the first place. All he cared about was getting life insurance money for Will's supposed death. If he ever comes back in Season 2 I hope he dies! - EJ0602

8 Officer Powell
9 Troy
10 James

The Contenders

11 Billy Camaro

He is the worst character ever, he is not nice to anyone and should not be in the show ever again.

12 Nancy
13 Barb

Why is she here?! - Themattster12

14 Eight


15 Eleven

I love her in Season 1, I don't like her in Season 2 at all. She is just so whiny, and cries every time she is on screen. All she cares about is finding Mike, and purposely hurt Hopper. I just don't like her at all in the 2nd Season. - Untildawn8

16 Mews (Dustin's cat)

She/he deserved death - JoubsterA4

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