Top Ten Worst Strategic Operations in War


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1 The Invasion of Russia (Germany)

Germany would have easily one if they didn't attack the Soviets

2 The Invasion of Russia (France)

Napoleon Bonaparte went way into Russia but never stopped and built a base and so Russia caved in on them. Napoleon got out but most of his brigade was gone - 2storm

3 Battle of Cannae (Roman)

Hannibal built a perfect trap and the two counsels fell for it - 2storm

4 Invasion of Rome (Carthaginians)

They got a lot of victories but couldn't finish it out - 2storm

5 Invasion of Gangolli (Allies)

Just a failure with the whole thing expectantly the communication - 2storm

6 Battle of Midway (Japan)
7 Operation Market Garden (Allies)
8 Invasion Of Georgia (Turkey)
9 Invasion Of Kuwait (Iraq)

It's A War

10 Battle Of Paris (Spain/Portugal)

What A Crap Thing

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1. The Invasion of Russia (France)
2. The Invasion of Russia (Germany)
3. Battle of Cannae (Roman)


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