Top Ten Worst Street Fighter Characters


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1 Rufus

So apparently Capcom wants to portray overweight people as spazzes with an ego bigger than their bodies, an obnoxious and unlikable personality, and stupid enough to mistake anyone for Ken Masters while not recognizing Ken. Capcom, WHAT WERE YOU THIKKNG?!

Yeah this was bad, even though they were trying to copy Tekken's Bob - nytrizzle

Does anyone even despise this guy?

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2 Crimson Viper

Fully agree. The worst character ever in Street Fighter history! Really horrible and unbearable. - AcidJack

She has inappropriate clothing I feel sorry for her daugter

3 El Fuerte

El Fuerte is an insult to the sport of mask wrestling. - egnomac

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4 Dan Hibiki Dan Hibiki

He's the most annoying character in the Street Fighter franchise!

He is supposed to be annoying, he is a parody of the SNK Fighting franchises.

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5 Chun Li

Her legs are so big

Why Chun Li?

So childish!

6 Hakan

I don't see anything wrong with him.

Isn't he the guy with the barrels, that's how forgettable he is

7 E. Honda

Sumo wrestlers don't somersault, and they don't wear makeup!

I actually like e Honda. He's cool.

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8 Dhalsim Dhalsim

Stretching limbs were suppose to be for a BOSS character, not a playable character :(

9 Urien
10 Oro

Too ugly. What is the point of fighting with only one arm?!

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11 Lee
12 Geki V 1 Comment
13 Mike
14 Blade

He was only in the movie. - booklover1

15 Hugo

Hugo is disturbing

16 Joe
17 Retsu
18 Sawada
19 Blanka
20 Zangief
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