Top Ten Worst Stronger Than You Parodies

The best now the worst. Keep in mind, I'm not attacking the creator. I'm saying
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Foxy/Springtrap Version

I know this section is about FNAF but I just wanted to say that Undertale ruined Stronger than you, I mean they act like it doesn't belong to steven universe

God I hate FNAF so much


And the worst one is Foxy/Springtrap Version. God I hate this version. Why?

1) The creator didn't even bother to sing or put a voice in at all. So we just listen to a instrumental version of "Stronger Than You"
2) The song was based off of none other than TONY CRYNIGHT'S SERIES (no offense. I LOVE TONY CRYNIGHT) Using non-canon information isn't bad, BUT IT IS IF IT'S JUST A RANDOM YOUTUBE SERIES.
3) The less said about the unfortunate lyrics, the better.
4) The "animation" is just two pictures floating back and forth.
5) Much like "More Skilled Than You", FNAF and "Stronger Than You" don't mix.
6) Half the time the words get screwed up and we don't know what is where.
*sigh* I need some cold drink. A Coke would be good now…

Fell Sans Version

You saw this one coming. The voice is just terrible. The lyrics were just Sans's version but with more violence. So then it ruins the entire generation of Undertale AU songs.

It was al right

Ehh, It said, at the start of the video WarDoc made, AND I QOUTE, "I am apologizing ahead of time cause my Underfell Sans impression is not good at singing..." So, yea, It might not have been good and not been bad, to me, it was good enough to add to a music playlist..

- Pokematt

Chara/Frisk Duet

Another ripoff, but of Frisk's Version and worse.

Just reading the titles of these make me cringe. The undertale fans are better at making the same song with slight differences than metalheads on thetoptens are at finding a new way of wording a list that is pretty much just "my favorite metal bands" with a different title.

Papyrus Response

I just didn't like it. I haven't heard many, but of the four biggest Undertale parodies of the song, this is by far the worst. Even compared to Chara's copy-pasting half her lyrics from the Sans version. I love the Sans version, but it inspired so many awful ones.

The Papyrus response is…interesting. This one is called "Stronger Than You" but Papyrus is not saying anything about being more powerful than anyone, the only one is saying that Frisk is trying to fight him. Okay, then.

Papyrus Response Ver. 2

It's the Papyrus Response but with more cringiness. The lyrics are different and horrible, the voice sounds like Papyrus has a cold, and it's just not good.

Underswap Papyrus Version

Ripoff of Sans's Version.

Yandere Chan Version

What a terrible singing this version has

This wasn't unfinished or had a horrible voice. Instead, it was just plain bland and uninteresting. It just had the person sing about killing girls and getting your senpai to notice you. So…yeah.

Steven Universe

No this is the original - ElSherlock

Silly, this isn't a parody

It's ok, I guess.. that's just that.


When Gaster! Sans came out, I was hyped because of how good Gaster turned out to be. But it was a HUGE disappointment. It wasn't as bad as Fell Sans but was not good either. It was cringy and horrible.

More Skilled Than You


What's Minecraft + "Stronger Than You"
The answer is a pretty bad parody about a guy fighting a hacker who is OBVIOUSLY Jasper with hacking weapons.

The Contenders
Disbelief Papyrus Version

No…just no.

Gaster & Deprived Gaster

This stronger than you is so bad the voice is bad and it is not even like faster gasser can't takk

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