Worst Stuck In the Middle Characters


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1 Rachel

Rachel is stuck-up! That first episode when all the kids were getting ready, she looked liked her parents didn't teach her right from wrong, because that skirt was wrong in all the wrong places: too short, too tight, and too inappropriate for a child's award ceromony! She rather hang with her boyfriend than spend a little time with her little sis!

How is she the worst?

Rachel only likes embarrassing her siblings and looking fabulous but really nobody really care’s

I'm surprised Rachel's not pregnant. She's always wearing slutty clothes and has a boyfriend who seems like the kinda guy to get girls pregnant. I pray to God that she is still a virgin and doesn't drink or smoke marijuana.

2 Daphne

So mean and stuck up for a stinky little five year old. Harley didn't want anyone to know it was her birthday, but Daphne tells Ethan because Harley won't give Daphne her birthday money.

I saw Harley Steals Daphne's French Fries then she throws Harley's Plate with Food of Her rude manners to show curse and sinister simultaneously

She is my favorite by far because she is the little one and instead of getting pushed around she pushes everyone else around.

Daphne is, MARK MY WORDS, a sociopath.

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3 Beast
4 Lewie
5 Harley

I honestly hate how shes always bragging about her "inventions". Almost all of the things she makes where ALREADY INVENTED like 50 years ago. She acts like she the best one.

6 Bethany
7 Mrs. Diaz
8 Mr. Diaz Mr. Diaz

Not that Mr. Diaz in the picture. I mean the one in Stuck in The Middle. Gosh! Couldn't this show try to use a different Hispanic last name since Star vs. The Forces of Evil (an okay show) already uses this one. - Anonymousxcxc

9 Ellie

Ellie is a horrible daughter. I would love a mother who would be so organized and rich. Ellie is always saying how mean, over-protective, and boring her mother is! Behind her back!

Ellie is weird. Who pretends coats are their siblings?

10 Cuff

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11 Georgie
12 Ethan Diaz
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