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1 r/atheism

I'm an agnostic (leaning more atheist) and I cannot stand this subreddit. All they do is bash religious people even if they aren't being preachy or bigoted and is infested with left-wing politics. I am left-leaning myself but don't need these people thinking they are better than others for having different beliefs.

An excuse for politics, it doesn't even talk about atheism.

Confess and be redeemed. No one is beyond the love of God!

Imagine putting this much energy into something you don't believe in

2 r/politics

The worst place on the internet, filled with hatred, division, and cruelty. Everyone is better off staying as far away from this subreddit as possible.

A great sub if you want to kill your brain cells, but you're better off just shooting yourself in the head.

You're better off going to r/NeutralPolitics. r/politics is flooded with left-wing propaganda and extreme anti-Trump bias. This subreddit's essentially just a huge circlejerk at this point.

Did you beat your meat to how bad Trump is yet today? Here's some material.

3 r/TheRedPill

I'm not surprised this board hasn't been removed. It's literally the hangout for misogynistic morons who can't stop whining about their hatred of females.

They hate women. Simple as that.

4 r/ChapoTrapHouse

All the garbage that the users spew out of this subreddit is bad enough, but what really makes this one stand out from the rest is the fact that its users regularly brigade or attempt to brigade posts on other subreddits and occasionally even the subreddits themselves, constantly call for extreme violence towards people they disagree with, and have demonized and harassed people that don't COMPLETELY fall in line with their beliefs. It is genuinely baffling how this subreddit hasn't been banned yet.

Hey if you're 12 and/or have lived upper middle class your whole life, join this sub to be with people who also have no idea how the world works and are incapable of self reflection!

Hands down the worst circle-jerking political sub. Not even The_Donald takes itself as seriously as these self-contradicting dingbats do.

And it's gone. Good riddance. Even the CTH hosts were glad their sub got banned. Imagine being so embarrassed by your toxic fans that you want your own sub banned.

5 r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

Like crabs in a bucket, but one that also recruits other crustaceans into their death cult.

I can't believe this place. The grooming is real.

Full of groomers

They hate everyone else almost as much as they hate themselves

6 r/LateStageCapitalism

People all over the world are richer on average than they ever were. Especially in poor countries, and there's no signs of it slowing (besides covid)

Economics? What's that? Why can't I just sit around playing video games all day while jerking off and get paid to do it? It's not fair mommy

Bunch of well off liberal white boys blaming capitalism for their depression and lack of motivation.

I will unironically vote for trump because of you people.

7 r/Feminism

Feminism = equality for women. How is that so hard to understand?

8 r/furry
9 r/Anarchism

Don't you think it's kinda ironic how there are so many "anarchists" that don't even believe in free speech and try to police how people think?

Ironically, this subreddit is filled with people who want the exact opposite.

10 r/gaming

Why is this even on here?

Gamers are dead

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11 r/lgbt

20th place is an appropriate spot for r/lgbt. It isn't the worst subreddit, but it is truly a horrible representation of my community. I voted it because I wanted to say that I have met some nice people there, but the moderators are just DISGUSTINGLY biased and people do not have the ability to listen before downvoting and replying with "actually, this is why I am right, and you are abusing me" and then the mods shut down your post because it's "too offensive". Disgusting.
As a lesbian, I just want to say that I see everyone as people and not classified as their sexualities or genders alone. I love gays, I love lesbians (a little too much), I love bisexuals, I love pansexuals, and I love straights. No 'but' no nothing. Just please don't think we're all this toxic because of this subreddit.

Most narcissistic people I've ever seen. You're not special just because you have 'non-binary lesbian transgender gay queer ✨' in your twitter bios. The LGBT community tried for years to be seen as regular human beings, and now these crazy r/lgbt users are making themselves seem like a totally different species. I'm gay, and ashamed. These people think that all gays MUST wear makeup and stockings and talk in that 'gay voice'. They're literally stereotyping us more than the homophobes are.

I am completely supportive of the LGBT+ community, but this entire subreddit is just so messed up. I went on there a couple years ago to get advice after questioning my sexuality, and they try way too hard to push as many "unique" sexualities onto other people as they can. The majority of their posts are just "cishet bad, agender allosexual homoromantic bisexual good." They're extremely hypocritical and they absolutely do not listen to anything that isn't constantly worshipping their pride flags. I love the LGBT+ community, but this is just a disgusting subreddit.

Used to be good. It was a frequent visit of mine back when I was a terrified closeted lesbian, and I'm sure there are still some nice people there, but the moderators are all so biased and will delete anything they don't personally like, even if it's a genuine question that I wanted to hear the answers to. I miss the good times when it was such a comforting place of safety, whereas now it's almost as bad as woke twitter.

12 r/yiff

The sub in itself isn't worse than any other fetish, but furries can't stand people making fun of them and take over other subs to turn into r/yiff

Ugh, gross. Keep your fetishes to yourself.

13 r/The_Donald

Well, it's gone now. It was awful while it lasted.

14 r/DyingToBeFat
15 r/AgainstHateSubreddits

Worth mentioning that most of the mods on this subreddit are also mods of r/FragileWhiteRedditor. You think the subreddit means well until you realize that most of the mods and users there are blatantly racist themselves.

Routinely posts ACTUAL racism and child pornography on subreddits they perceive to be racist. An extremely hateful community in and of itself.

A subreddit of crybabies that try (and succeed since the admins like to kiss their asses) to get any subreddit they consider to be a "hate sub" (being any one they disagree with) banned.

You know how the basement dwellers are based on incredibly obese, smelly, stay at home losers? Yep, that's who's here

16 r/music
17 r/transgender
18 r/Gamingcirclejerk

The mirror image of r/kotakuinaction, must as obsessed with children and transsexxuals and never touched a game either.

Full of smug commies.

19 r/Drama

With other bad subs I can believe that many of the users have serious problems, so I can at least pity them. This subreddit on the other hand is a community of people dedicated to causing misery and reveling in it, not for some deranged ideology, but just because they take pleasure in it. It is a hate group without the slither of respectability offered by believing in some cause.

Very sad, lonely mentally deranged "people". They think racism is funny. They think anti-racism is funny. But the only really funny thing is their sad, miserable lives.

Contrarian partisans insisting they are radical centrists despite agenda posting 24/7 while they cry behind a mask of irony.

I used to be a proud bisexual, but after having been corrupted by /r/Drama I now find myself in the unenviable position of being a homophobic MtF Transgendered lesbian.

20 r/CringeAnarchy
21 r/FragileWhiteRedditor

How does this even have anything to do with white people? I've seen equally bad takes from people of color. If you reversed it to FragileBlackRedditor, there would be so much backlash. This is completely tearing away all equality we're trying to get. What happened to MLK's "I have a dream that my children will grow up to be in a nation where they're judged by their character and not the color of their skin"?

That awkward moment when you run out of white people to hate, so you go call ANNE FRANK racist because she was white. This sub is horrible.

According to these people, white people are fragile just by existing. Breathe oxygen? You're fragile. You call them out on their BS? You're fragile. These people are beyond any sort of reason.

Full of racists.

22 r/picsofdeadkids

What the heck? This sounds incredibly awful...

This actually exists? That's horrible!

23 r/worldnews
24 r/KotakuInAction

Get mad about women in games. Get mad about darkies in games. Get mad about bussy in games. Never actually play games.

Leave my 1,000 year old dragon waifu alone!

"I-It's about ethics! W-w-we swear! "

25 r/AbusePorn2
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