Top 10 Worst Subreddits

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1 r/TheRedPill

I'm not surprised this board hasn't been removed. It's literally the hangout for misogynistic morons who can't stop whining about their hatred of females. - Swellow

2 r/Feminism

Feminism = equality for women. How is that so hard to understand? - markusw0207

They accused me, a lifelong feminist who has served for multiple feminist causes including raising money for DV survivors and participating in a documentary on feminist artists, of being a misogynist larping for rape (? ) because I didn’t agree that all sex workers are just lying about what they like and want. The mods are extremely dogmatic and turn to name calling when everyone doesn’t buy into their specific brand of feminism. Internet bullies. Lol

3 r/gaming
4 r/atheism

Cancerous sub

They speak the truth. - markusw0207

5 r/Gamingcirclejerk


6 r/The_Donald

Should be #1 - markusw0207

7 r/braincels
8 r/DyingToBeFat
9 r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

Stupid tucutes. you NEED dysphoria to be trans by definition

Filled with tumblrinas who preach about how "YOU DON'T NEED DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS! 11! 111 uwu uwu uwu".

10 r/ChapoTrapHouse

All the garbage that the users spew out of this subreddit is bad enough, but what really makes this one stand out from the rest is the fact that its users regularly brigade or attempt to brigade posts on other subreddits and occasionally even the subreddits themselves, constantly call for extreme violence towards people they disagree with, and have demonized and harassed people that don't COMPLETELY fall in line with their beliefs. It is genuinely baffling how this subreddit hasn't been banned yet.

Hands down the worst circle-jerking political sub. Not even The_Donald takes itself as seriously as these self-contradicting dingbats do.

The Chapo hosts themselves admit that they hate their subreddit. You know there's something wrong when the podcast hosts want nothing to do with your subreddit.

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? r/im14andthisisdeep
? r/GenderCritical

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11 r/MGTOW
12 r/picsofdeadkids

What?!?! - Elina

What? - SwagFlicks

13 r/yiff

At least it’s higher than r/furry

14 r/LateStageCapitalism


15 r/Anarchism
16 r/WatchPeopleDie
17 r/CringeAnarchy
18 r/music
19 r/furry
20 r/beatingwomen
21 r/politics

You're better off going to r/NeutralPolitics. r/politics is flooded with left-wing propaganda and extreme anti-Trump bias. This subreddit's essentially just a huge circlejerk at this point.

22 r/AbusePorn2
23 r/KotakuInAction

"I-It's about ethics! W-w-we swear! "

24 r/metacanada

Simply put: This is the Canadian equivalent of r/The_Donald

25 r/deadpuppies
26 r/UncensoredNews
27 r/Undertail

If you are sexually attracted to a piece of media that is targeted towards a pre-teen or younger audience, then you need to seek mental help. I am not joking when I say that either.

What kind of person would be remotely interested in this? - SwagFlicks

Literally the place for people who think Undertale is a sexy game...
Worse than you'd think. - Swellow

28 r/MensRights
29 r/MillionDollarExtreme
30 r/trees
31 r/Childfree

They do have a point though. Children and parenthood are worshipped too much.

I either love this sub or dislike it. Love it for reading about people's experiences in being childfree and how they deal with bingos, and the rants about bratty children, entitled parents, and baby-obsessed society. Dislike it for the pet-worship, sometimes being way too harsh towards parents and kids, and because some of the users have ties to subreddits such as r/relatioship_advice and r/AmItheA****** which are both garbage subs. - Gabriola

32 r/GamerGhazi
33 r/GenderCynical
34 r/TBoIRule34
35 r/socialism
36 r/Negareddit

The most ironic subreddit in a bad way.

37 r/StevenUniverse

There's some guy (I will not say his name) making dead "cursed pearl" memes. He also has a patreon so he can steal money. As much as I like steven universe, this subreddit is filled with cringe.

38 r/rule34

We all know that this would have its own sub reddit - ElSherlock

39 r/relationships
40 r/FragileWhiteRedditor
41 r/LiveStreamFail

It's a shame. I used to really like this subreddit. Now it's flooded with Tyler1, Ice_Poseidon, DrDisrespect, and Greek spammers and fanboys. When you get past those, all that'll be left are about 5 or so posts that are mediocre at best. It's not even worth visiting anymore, honestly.

42 r/actuallesbians

Telling TERFs and white supremacists to stay off your subreddit is perfectly justified. Doing the same with right wingers can be seen as trigger-happy as not all people that lean right are socially conservative. But then also doing the same with capitalists is effectively placing a "socialist only" label on your subreddit, and opens up those that don't support socialism and the like to be discriminated against and labelled as "bad lesbians".

43 r/TwoXChromosomes
44 r/PoliticalHumor

Hello fellow millennials, want some fresh propagan- I mean... unbiased political humor?

45 r/teenagers
46 r/circlejerk
47 r/jailbait

Thankfully it has been banned - ElSherlock

48 r/pokeporn

This is a sub reddit for pokemon porn. (Pokemon Rule 34) - ElSherlock

49 r/BarkMarx
50 r/unpopularopinion

Not really "unpopular opinion." A more fitting name for this sub would be "popular right-wing opinion."

Yet another subreddit full of stuck up people that use it as a platform to voice how much of an awful person they are, and a means to seek validation for said awfulness without being swarmed by people (rightfully) calling them out for it.

I think we know why - ElSherlock

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