Top 10 Worst Subreddits

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1 r/TheRedPill

I'm not surprised this board hasn't been removed. It's literally the hangout for misogynistic morons who can't stop whining about their hatred of females.

2 r/Feminism

Feminism = equality for women. How is that so hard to understand?

They accused me, a lifelong feminist who has served for multiple feminist causes including raising money for DV survivors and participating in a documentary on feminist artists, of being a misogynist larping for rape (? ) because I didn’t agree that all sex workers are just lying about what they like and want. The mods are extremely dogmatic and turn to name calling when everyone doesn’t buy into their specific brand of feminism. Internet bullies. Lol

3 r/gaming
4 r/atheism

Cancerous sub

5 r/Gamingcirclejerk


6 r/The_Donald

Should be #1

7 r/braincels
8 r/DyingToBeFat
9 r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

Stupid tucutes. you NEED dysphoria to be trans by definition

Filled with tumblrinas who preach about how "YOU DON'T NEED DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS! 11! 111 uwu uwu uwu".

10 r/ChapoTrapHouse

All the garbage that the users spew out of this subreddit is bad enough, but what really makes this one stand out from the rest is the fact that its users regularly brigade or attempt to brigade posts on other subreddits and occasionally even the subreddits themselves, constantly call for extreme violence towards people they disagree with, and have demonized and harassed people that don't COMPLETELY fall in line with their beliefs. It is genuinely baffling how this subreddit hasn't been banned yet.

Hands down the worst circle-jerking political sub. Not even The_Donald takes itself as seriously as these self-contradicting dingbats do.

The Chapo hosts themselves admit that they hate their subreddit. You know there's something wrong when the podcast hosts want nothing to do with your subreddit.

The Contenders

11 r/MGTOW
12 r/picsofdeadkids



13 r/yiff

At least it’s higher than r/furry

14 r/LateStageCapitalism


15 r/Anarchism
16 r/WatchPeopleDie
17 r/CringeAnarchy
18 r/music
19 r/beatingwomen
20 r/politics

You're better off going to r/NeutralPolitics. r/politics is flooded with left-wing propaganda and extreme anti-Trump bias. This subreddit's essentially just a huge circlejerk at this point.

21 r/furry
22 r/deadpuppies

The hell?!

23 r/AbusePorn2
24 r/KotakuInAction

"I-It's about ethics! W-w-we swear! "

25 r/metacanada

Simply put: This is the Canadian equivalent of r/The_Donald

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