Top 10 Worst Subreddits


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1 r/TheRedPill

I'm not surprised this board hasn't been removed. It's literally the hangout for misogynistic morons who can't stop whining about their hatred of females. - Swellow

2 r/Feminism
3 r/gaming
4 r/atheism

Cancerous sub

5 r/Anarchism
6 r/picsofdeadkids

What?!?! - Elina

What? - SwagFlicks

7 r/AbusePorn2
8 r/music
9 r/GenderCynical
10 r/DyingToBeFat

The Newcomers

? r/ForwardsFromGrandma
? r/hailcorporate

The Contenders

11 r/furry
12 r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns
13 r/politics

You're better off going to r/NeutralPolitics. r/politics is flooded with left-wing propaganda and extreme anti-Trump bias. This subreddit's essentially just a huge circlejerk at this point.

14 r/LateStageCapitalism
15 r/furry_irl
16 r/trees
18 r/me_irl
19 r/relationships
20 r/traps
21 r/The Wire
22 r/Subbie
23 r/Undertail

What kind of person would be remotely interested in this? - SwagFlicks

Literally the place for people who think Undertale is a sexy game...
Worse than you'd think. - Swellow

24 WatchPeopleDie
25 MorbidReality
26 r/Childfree
27 r/GamerGhazi
28 r/The_Donald
29 r/TBoIRule34
30 r/science
31 r/socialism
32 r/TheBluePill
33 r/LiveStreamFail

It's a shame. I used to really like this subreddit. Now it's flooded with Tyler1, Ice_Poseidon, DrDisrespect, and Greek spammers and fanboys. When you get past those, all that'll be left are about 5 or so posts that are mediocre at best. It's not even worth visiting anymore, honestly.

34 r/S***RedditSays
35 r/Negareddit
36 r/S**tPoliticsSays

I first stumbled across this subreddit expecting it to have people poke fun at all the crazy political extremists that inundate the site, only to realize that it's just a bunch of Trump supporters bashing "libtards".

37 r/actuallesbians
38 r/AgainstHateSubreddits
39 r/braincels
40 r/MGTOW
41 r/MensRights
42 r/TwoXChromosomes
43 r/AskTransgender
44 r/hillaryclinton
45 r/Seahawks
46 r/PoliticalHumor
47 r/gonewild
48 r/immobile
49 r/SSBBW
50 r/BBW
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1. r/AbusePorn2
2. r/DyingToBeFat
3. r/GenderCynical
1. r/TheRedPill
2. r/gaming
3. r/Feminism


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