Top 10 Worst Summer Slam Moments

Summer Slam is consisted the biggest party of the Summer and one of the main 4 pay per view like WrestleMania is has provided us with a lot of memorable moments and moments that are just awful that we just wish we can forget about them, for this list its time to count down the worst moments in Summer Slam either one specific moment, a segment or a match.

The Top Ten

1 Cena buries the NEXUS (2010)

The match was good but the booking was horrible, in a selfish decision by John Cena he decided not to put over the NEXUS this enraged both Chris Jericho and Edge and even Cena ended up regretting the decision as all members of the NEXUS career's pretty much went up in smoke the only one who's career wasn't completly ruined was Daniel Bryan - egnomac

2 Triple H buries Goldberg (2003)

Goldberg came into the match dominated everyone and was the clear favorite to win that is until Triple H put an end to all of that and nailed Goldberg with the sledgehammer ruining what could have been a memorable victory for Goldberg. - egnomac

3 Kevin Nash attacks CM Punk after the match allowing Alberto Del Rio to cash in the Money in The Bank contract to win the title (2011)
4 The botched finish between Brock Lesnar & Undertaker (2015)

The finish made Undertaker look really bad and fans actually booed the Undertaker after the match. - egnomac

5 Owen Hart botches the piledriver paralyzing Stone Cold (1997)
6 Diva dodgeball (2004)

Since non of the RAW diva search contestants could actually wrestle someone must have decided for them to square off against the RAW divas in a game of dodgeball which is as boring as it sounds. - egnomac

7 Triple H attacks Daniel Bryan allowing Randy Orton to cash in the Money in The Bank contract and win the title (2013)
8 Diesel vs King Mabel (1995)
9 John Stewart Costs John Cena The WWE World Heavyweight Title   (2015)

This was just a poor decision having Punk win the title despite Cena's foot being on the rope only to have Kevin Nash come out for no reason and having Alberto Del Rio cash in his briefcase to win the WWE title. - egnomac

10 Undertaker vs Fake Undertaker (1994)

Even more ridiculous this was the main event instead of Bret Hart vs Owen Hart. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens (Summerslam 2018)
12 The Miz buries Daniel Bryan (2018)
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1. Cena buries the NEXUS (2010)
2. Triple H buries Goldberg (2003)
3. Kevin Nash attacks CM Punk after the match allowing Alberto Del Rio to cash in the Money in The Bank contract to win the title (2011)


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