Top Ten Worst Super Mario Bosses

Mario is not known for strong bosses, but there are downright awful boss characters which exist.

The Top Ten

1 Bowser Jr. (New Super Mario Bros)

I agree but the most trollest part of it is get the blue shell powerup and literally slide like a koopa shell which stuns him

Repetetive, bland and beated for almost 20 times. - DaisyandRosalina

For the first fight, you can just spam the fire flower! Of course I added this! - DCfnaf

2 Cloud N Candy (Yoshi's Story)

I thought King Bomb-omb was bad...seriously,this guy can't even hurt you! and you defeat him by just standing there and licking him.

3 King Boo (Super Mario Sunshine) King Boo (Super Mario Sunshine)

The boss is on a roulette wheel of a casino. King Boo has a slot machine that spits out fruit and you need to throw a red hot chili pepper in his mouth. The fight is long, painfully dull, makes no sense, and is poor. - DCfnaf

My Theory Is That King Boo Was Drunk In Sunshine Even Though The Game Is Rated E - JPK

4 Whomp King (Super Mario 64)

He's basically a Whomp that can be hit three times. - DCfnaf

5 Bowser (Super Mario Bros)

Repetitive, not real boss battle. Apparently Bowser's goal to beat you is put an axe at the end of the bridge and have lava under the bridge. FIRE BOWSER'S INTERIOR DECORATOR! - DCfnaf

6 Baby Bowser (Yoshi's New Island) Baby Bowser (Yoshi's New Island)

When he jumps up and down, the platforms never go into the lava, so it can't hurt you. Completely pointless.

7 Giga Lakitu (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

You mean King Lakitu

8 The Big Boo (Super Mario World)

I sometimes forget this boss existed. He doesn't even cause damage to the player.

Lame Secret Boss - JPK

9 Antasma (Tutoria)

Seriously? This fight plays the Semifinal Boss Music! Ugh...

10 Bonechill (Super Paper Mario)

He Was Decent - JPK

The Contenders

11 Megasparkle Goomba (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
12 Bowser (NSMB2)


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