Worst Super Mario Bros Characters Fan Wars

Just to clarify ...everyone means any other Mario character fan base

The Top Ten

1 Daisy vs Rosalina

I like them both but Daisy fans keep shoving Daisy in my face!

This is the reason I hate both characters - Randomator

Annoying fanwar in existence - ParkerFang

2 Mario vs Luigi

All this is because of a stupid Game Theory Video - Randomator

3 Waluigi vs Everyone

Waluigi fans hate any Mario characters. Mostly Daisy, Rosalina, Wario and sometimes Waluigi. - ParkerFang

4 Yoshi vs Everyone

Yoshi fans are seriously the most blind people. - Randomator

5 Bowser Jr. vs Koopalings
6 Peach vs Pauline

The reason I agree with this is because Peach is way better than Pauline, and can't be compared.
Pauline just feels empty, and at least Peach has personality. - Qryzx

They're not as aggressive as Daisy vs Rosalina for example but some Peach fans can be rather mean towards Pauline. - SweetBasil

Pauline over Peach

Pauline> Peach

7 Toad vs Yoshi

Both are likable and overrated - Randomator

8 Daisy vs Everyone

So everyone thought everything is more important than Daisy?

9 Wario vs Waluigi

Waluigi exists because of Wario! dumbass Waluigi fans. - Randomator

10 Pink Gold Peach vs Everyone

She is the worst character to be in existence end of story - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Rosalina vs Everyone

People think Rosalina is going to replace the whole cast so that's why I put this one here

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