Top 10 Worst Super Mario Party Minigames

I previously did a best Super Mario Party Minigame list. Now it’s time for the worst. Honestly there’s not too many absolutely bad Minigames so just keep in mind that some of the Minigames on this list aren’t terrible but not great either.

The Top Ten

1 Sort of Fun

It's sort of boring to be honest - darthvadern

This is another “team” Minigame where all you do is hand a ball to the player with the correct basket. That’s it. It’s really boring therefore the title is misleading. It’s not fun it’s boring. - Randomator

2 Maths of Glory

A luck-based Math minigame? What? But honestly it's not the first time it has been done though (I believe it was 5 who also had a luckbased math minigame). I personally liked it though - darthvadern

Ugh do we really need math in Mario Party? In this Minigame you and a partner roll 2 dice and try to get a higher product than the other team to knock down their castle. Yep it’s luck based which I hate - Randomator

3 Lost in the shuffle

The goal of This Minigame is to pick the doll with the most smaller dolls in it. The main issue I have is it’s again completely luck based. There’s no way to tell which is the correct one. Even if nobody gets the correct one it’s still luck based who won - Randomator

4 Rumble Fishing

Luck-based. Not only that, but it's boring - darthvadern

In this Minigame players are on clouds and must find the biggest rumble. And then you just hope someone doesn’t find a bigger one. So it’s kinda luck based - Randomator

5 Suit yourselves

It’s a team game of memory but it’s too easy to be a good Minigame in my book - Randomator

6 Penguin Pushers

I think it's alright actually - darthvadern

Remember pushy penguins? This is the complete opposite and what I hate is the Penguins are so obnoxious and it can be hard to cooperate with CPUs to get them into the pen. - Randomator

I remember Pushy Penguins from Mario Party 5, well, that minigame was ok I guess, definitely one of the better from that game, from what I've seen frmo videos on this minigame though, it reminds me of that one mission from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. where you had to transport a bunch of paper toads in some sort of "cage" in the same way as this minigame, but if someone escaped you lose, this minigame does sound frustrating - darthvadern

7 Rattle and Hmmm

This is an interesting idea on paper but over time you will get so accustomed to what rumble goes with what creature so it becomes a matter of who can guess the fastest which kinda defeats the point of the Minigame - Randomator

8 Isthmus Be The Way

And here’s a team Minigame that has an interesting concept of pass the baton relay race. However I think it’s way too easy. The path is kinda too wide to make it challenging. It would have been better with narrower paths - Randomator

9 Lit Potato

*yawn*, another boring "give the bomb to the player next to you or else you will explode and totally lose" game, next - darthvadern

At first I thought the item said lil' potatio for some reason - darthvadern

If you remember Hot bobomb this is the same thing. While they added more players and bobombs I have a small issue with this Minigame. You can’t choose who to throw to. You have to pass it to the person next to you in a clockwise direction. This feature really ruins the Minigame for me - Randomator

10 Don't Wake Wiggler

Good graphics, bad gameplay - darthvadern

If you get scared easily, do NOT play this minigame


Yeah I’ve played this Minigame a few times and It feels very random when wiggler wakes up. Also was anyone else terrified when he first woke up? I mean damn.. but at the same time can you really blame him? - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Drop Quiz

I actually like it somewhat - darthvadern

This Minigame sucks. In this 1Vs 3 there’s a screen with a bunch of toads koopas and fruits. The solo player then picks a question to ask the team of 3. If someone gets it wrong they are eliminated. If one person on the team of 3 gets all the questions correct then the team of 3 wins. My biggest problem is the solo player wins 90% of the time because the questions are so unexpected like What was Toad#1 carrying? - Randomator

12 Snack Attack

This Minigame is okay but it’s a bit too simple. All you do is catch the popcorn and avoid the lava balls. I don’t hate this Minigame but I’m not a fan of it either - Randomator

13 Barreling Along

Its playable but the controls are so messed up. - Randomator

14 Sizzling Stakes

Not bad, but highly irritating. It looks great but it's unfortunately another motion-control minigame where it's super hard to not accidently send the steak flying over the room - darthvadern

As a person with a sizzling hot temper and little precision with motion controls, I despise this minigame with a passion. - Synchronocity

This one is impossible to win if you drop it, it's extremely easy for you to drop it, and the coms likely won't drop it a single time in the entire minigame!

15 Fuzzy Flight School

I just park my plane in the corner every single time. Hasn't failed me yet. - Synchronocity

This one isn’t bad but if you stay in the corner you can win almost every time. Especially since you can take up to 3 hits. - Randomator

If it wasn’t for that cheat then it wouldn’t be so bad - Randomator

16 Trace Cadets

This minigame is horrible. Anybody who has played Mario Party DS will know. I swear I drew the shapes perfectly and they didn't count. Worst minigame ever.

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