Top Ten Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages


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1 Hanenbow

Hanenbow. One of the worst stages in Brawl, hands down. It would be a decent stage if ALL of the platforms DIDN'T MOVE EVERY TIME IT WAS HIT. Since this is Smash Bros. , those platforms will be hit a lot. They're always slanted, and can't be grabbed. And unlike the other stages in Brawl, the water will instantly drown you. Hanenbow is the only stage to do this, and new players won't realize it until they die from it.
Oh, and the music selection also sucks. It was a toss-up between this, 75m, and Mario Bros. , but I ultimately went with this one. Congratulations, Hanenbow.

This stage is the bane of the existences of many a Brawl veteran. It has terrible layout, the worst platforms, crappy music, some terrible visuals, and water that's less dense than air. This stage is just terrible.

There is no point to the stage it is just trees with water you can't even swim in

All of the items fall into the water. It has no atmosphere. Fall into the water and DIE! No atmosphere to the level AT ALL! Not to mention the event match is impossible on hard - HYDRAflash

2 New Pork City

The stage is just way too big. - Blubbydubber1

I agree New pork city is to big. I can barely see my character on that stage. They should make it smaller.

This stage has boring music slow paste action and monsters that look like sully from monsters inc.

This stage is almost the best with only a few characters. Should be smaller.

3 75m


Two people can't even fit on one platform. It's not a fighting stage, it's like a hopping stage.

My sister and I play brawl and she loves this stage and makes me play on it. I don't mind big stages, I love New Pork City and Temple but this is terrible. The second you see it you know its going to be awful.

No fighting. Just standing around, waiting for players to kill themselves. Awful. I hate New Pork City due to its size, but... Come on. This map isn't even playable.

4 Mario Bros.

I like the stage but it is to cramped up and the sidesteppers are annoying - Jane9352009

This stage can go to hell

In no way is this a fighting stage - Hakros323

Crabs crabs and more crabs - Captaincrunch2015

5 Rumble Falls

Why isn't this number 1? - ShaunFan04

You climb and try not to go too slow. That's it. You can't have a proper battle when you have to constantly fight for your survival.

This stage is so annoying. Bad jumpers like Ganondorf are unlucky. And that instant kill spike comes out of nowhere. The stage hates you for using a final smash.

I hate this one so much because it moves but I hate big ones and moving ones - dkrulz

6 Yoshi's Island

I consider this the worst Yoshi's island yet. - Blubbydubber1

This stage is mediocre in my opinion it isn't that bad or good

No the one from Super Smash Bros. for N64 is worse. The one from the original is scaled way too big, has too little platforms to fight on, and the music is so annoying you would wanna rip your eyes and ears out, shove them down you throat, chew then spit.

Ehn, a Decent stage, just kinda bland - ChiefMudkip

7 Skyworld

I hate it for all reasons possible, pit isn't even good on this stage - YOSHIA2121

If you use sonic's down aerial and break the platform on accident, BOOM! Epic fail.

Skyworld is awesome only rookies fail this stage

This stage is AWFUL!

8 Summit

I hate Icicle Mountain more than Summit. Summits still bad though.

How is summit no 8 this is the worst stage by far little space slippery and that fish this stage can go to hell - dinosaur

Please give us a good Ice Climber Stage For once.

I just hate ice climbers period so why even give them a stage. They suck so bad that they don't deserve it! - doctorman

9 Flat Zone 2

The chef guy is flinging trash at your face while everyone else just jumps around

The f#cling game and watch people! Those two regards that move consistently and cause damage are the worst by far. The rest of them are useless besides those two morons in the car part of the stage. You hit them they hit back. Second worse stage because Hannibal sucks

The game and watch people in this stage is so annoying.

I hate mr game and watch, all he is is a shadow

10 Spear Pillar

I just don't get it, why is it in the game?

The Pokemon can be annoying but this stage is fun and cool

There are so many Pokemon stages! - Captaincrunch2015


The Contenders

11 Smashville

Smashville is one of my FAVOURITE stages! Why is it here? It's great because unlike other stupid stages like flat zone 2 and rumble falls, The stage doesn't kill you so it's always a fair fight and it's also colourful and a great size!

They could have done so much more with an Animal Crossing stage, but they had to go with another simple stage that just happens to be AC themed.

It's just an Animal Crossing-themed Final Destination. - lite64

Casuals confirmed

12 Mushroomy Kingdom

Its got pretty good music but its just a more uglier, realistic version of the classic super Mario bros levels.

Stupid stage and stupid side scrolling

Should have been 8 bit

13 Delfino Plaza

I just love this stage

I really like this stage - ChiefMudkip

14 Norfair

This stage is so annoying, too many hazards. - aarond9010

15 Distant Planet

It is my favorite stage because I like hitting people in the snail

This is the crappiest game in the stage

16 Final Destination

Shut up people, this is a good stage. (no specific details needed) - TristGamer

This stage is not bad. It's a great stage. I just don't know who the heck putted it in this list. I love Final Destination. Just stop putting good things in the worst list.

I personally like it because there are no annoying obstacles in the way.

Final destination is like the best stage

17 Pictochat

Every time I play this I get attacked by cloud butt face and any other opponent playing. - Captaincrunch2015

Too much annoying obstacles

This one was kinda lame..,

Every time I play this stage, an error is occurred and I have to unplug my Wii and start the brawl all over again. Pictochat should be #1. - MinusTop10

So just because your Wii has an error on that stage, you voted on this stage for #1? Not a very good reason...

18 Temple

The stage can make characters live to crazy percents. Also, characters can easily hit and run/take a stock and stall by running away/camp. Plus, WAAY TOO MAANY TAUNT PARTIES take place on this stage.

19 Lylat Cruise

Small,Boring and just BAD! - Lord28

20 Battlefield

Battlefield is a stage that makes me feel comfortable

I don't know why but I agree

21 Castle Siege
22 The Great Maze

Oh my naga this went on and on

The great maze is a pain in the butt and the road to death

Ugh you have to fight all the f*cking characters but wolf jiggly puff toon link and sonic and you have to fight all the bosses in the entire game and luigi is very hard to find

23 Shadow Moses Island

THis one is just messed up... HOW IS THIS IN ANYWAY AN ISLAND? Also, as a kid, the brain... Thing in the background scared me crapless.

24 Subspace

This stage is so hard I can't find the characters trophy which is Lucas and Ike but samus is at the start of it

25 WarioWare, Inc.

Too Random, and can be saved by a party game which is annoying.

26 Bridge of Eldin
27 Jungle Japes (Melee)

If you fall into the water, it is extremely difficult to recover from that, especially if you're using Lucas or Ness.

It's way too dark and well fu**ing sucks!

28 Brinstar
29 Shrek's Swamp

I can't even see my character with all the mud being tossed all ogre the place! Plus, the Donkey stage hazard is so annoying.

Donkey made me lose tons of matches, even as Shrek. - Captaincrunch2015

Get outta ma swamp!

This is not a stage! - doctorman

30 Halberd
31 Pirate Ship

Its really fun I an lucky sometimes when I'm playing this level

Hate the tornadoes that ruins the stage


32 Port Town Aero Dive
33 Magicant

Awful in every way - doctorman

34 Green Hill Zone

This stage can be a pain sometimes but it's a fun stage.

It's a cool stage because u can see Tails, Knuckles, and Silver.

35 Luigi's Mansion
36 Mario Circuit

On this stage I keep getting ran over by cars!

37 Pokemon Stadium II

I hate when the stage makes status affects, it gets in the way of the fighting and ruins it for everyone! - Blubbydubber1

38 Frigate Orpheon
39 Big Blue

Annoying. One step too far, and suddenly you're out.

I know right! If you make one mistake, UGG! This stage is hell. Get caught by Bowser and... KO!

40 Pokemon Stadium (Melee)

The game already had a Pokemon stadium, so why did we get this back instead of Poke Floats? Crazy Nintendo people these days... - Blubbydubber1

Similar to Pokemon Stadium 2, of course. Balances excitment and fairness well.

41 Home Run Contest

You fall off the platform and can't get up unless you are rob

42 Arena Ferox

Wrong game, but I agree. - Captaincrunch2015

43 The Big House

I'm glad this 'Cory In The House' stage hasn't been imported into an official Smash Bros. game yet (just fan-made games for now) but good god is it awful. It's so awful that I physically and verbally cannot describe this stage. I personally have always wanted to see Cory Baxter in Super Smash Bros. , as well as an inclusion of the theme song, but if we get him, then we'll also have to get a stage based off him, and that would mean this 'abomination' would make it in.

44 Pyrosphere

Personally, I just find Ridley annoying to deal with.

45 Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
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