Top Ten Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages


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21 Castle Siege
22 The Great Maze

The great maze is a pain in the butt and the road to death

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23 Shadow Moses Island

THis one is just messed up... HOW IS THIS IN ANYWAY AN ISLAND? Also, as a kid, the brain... Thing in the background scared me crapless.

24 Subspace

This stage is so hard I can't find the characters trophy which is Lucas and Ike but samus is at the start of it

25 WarioWare, Inc.

Too Random, and can be saved by a party game which is annoying.

26 Bridge of Eldin
27 Jungle Japes (Melee)

If you fall into the water, it is extremely difficult to recover from that, especially if you're using Lucas or Ness.

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28 Brinstar
29 Halberd
30 Pirate Ship

Its really fun I an lucky sometimes when I'm playing this level

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31 Port Town Aero Dive
32 Shrek's Swamp

I can't even see my character with all the mud being tossed all ogre the place! Plus, the Donkey stage hazard is so annoying.

Donkey made me lose tons of matches, even as Shrek. - Captaincrunch2015

This isn't even in the game but If it was it shouldn't be here because UF SHURK.

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33 Magicant V 1 Comment
34 Green Hill Zone

This stage can be a pain sometimes but it's a fun stage.

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35 Luigi's Mansion
36 Mario Circuit

On this stage I keep getting ran over by cars!

37 Pokemon Stadium II

I hate when the stage makes status affects, it gets in the way of the fighting and ruins it for everyone! - Blubbydubber1

38 Frigate Orpheon
39 Big Blue

I know right! If you make one mistake, UGG! This stage is hell. Get caught by Bowser and... KO!

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40 Pokemon Stadium (Melee)

The game already had a Pokemon stadium, so why did we get this back instead of Poke Floats? Crazy Nintendo people these days... - Blubbydubber1

Similar to Pokemon Stadium 2, of course. Balances excitment and fairness well.

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