Worst Super Smash Bros. Final Smashes

The Top Ten

1 Peach Blossom

I agree with this, I would make this final smash better if the peaches healed all your health and it only works on Peach, so as Daisy in Smash Ultimate - MasterHand

A move from Super Princess Peach would've been better but this is just a glorified jigglypuff down b

Peach is my main but I find her final smash dreadful. It so easy to avoid and if you are still awake you can eat the peaches. I would have liked something from Super Princess Peach.

Worst final smash ever

2 Konga Beat

I love this one you have to press b in rhythm with the circles and it racks up high damage as well. In a team battle your teammate can protect him or herself in the beats.

Absolutely terrible. It hardly does anything at all. Just anything besides this. First off it is nearly impossible to use. I hate this smash.

Even if you know how to use this Final Smash it still sucks. How is Rocket Barrel Barrage on her? It's probably the 2nd best. - Jammer196

Its too easy to avoid and it barely does enough damage. - egnomac

3 Cook Kirby

It does suck up a large space, but it sucks up all items too! Great job Kirby at being bad at life

I am glad his smash got replaced

Adorable but horrible

Kirby is my favorite ssb character but his final smash is terrible

4 Puff Up

It only does 17% in SSB 4! Plus, Jigglypuff was a terrible idea in general!

No this is one of the best. Almost always knocks them off the screen and with the thing at the broken bridge it seriously deserves recognition.

This is one of best I can't believe it is #5. It is powerful, cute, and funny. Jigglypuff is one of the best characters and one of the cutest - mkultra5

And can kill team members even if team damage is turned off. Yay.

This is one of the best if used on small stages. - egnomac

5 Rocket Barrel Barrage

I know why this stinks, when I played on Brawl, you just keep flying around like a loser. It makes no sense at all!

This one was good you fly around and the peanuts have high damage

6 Iceberg

This makes it hard to even move around... - MasterHand

Just Gaines damage and freezes you. This final smash deserves to go to those stupid ice climbers. I have never died on this final smash ever!

Works better on small stages but can be easily avoided on large stages. - egnomac

7 Negative Zone

Who posted this one? This is one of the best! That is, if you know how to play. Just Super Jump punch them, and they will be dead!

It's fun to do but let's face it. Remember Luigi has to do the entire dance before attacking I'm glad he got a new one

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? Now how is this s one of the worst?!?!?!?


8 Waddle Dee Army

Super easy to survive.

But...but... BIIG GAAY DAANCE!

9 Landmaster (Wolf)

Really Good Because Of It's POWER!

Why is this here? It's probably the best!

Really? You could've had him call the rest of the Star Wolf team and blow stuff up, but no! He has to have a Landmaster because the other Star Fox characters do.

He's never even used a Landmaster in his own series!
(No, I'm not counting multiplayer mode in Assault.)

10 Power Suit (Samus)

You literally do nothing. - MasterHand

Her final smash is putting on clothes. Great job Nintendo. *faceplam* Nintendo why?

This is the reason that zero suit samus and samus are different characters, and not the same one

Why is this not number 1. of worst smashes

The Contenders

11 Power Star

It sucks the end

Too easy to dodge. stand and edge or on other side of stage. Just watch for Rosalina a do the steps provided.

12 Landmaster (Fox)

He Doesn't Even Use The Landmaster - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Land master sucks

13 Super Sonic

Very hard to control if you want to hit someone on a large stage

14 Lava Raid

What is that, is that even an FS?

King Kaliente's final smash - Nothing0000000000000003

15 Wii Fit Poses
16 Wario Man

I hate Wario already because...you know, but the final smash literally changes your skin. It does nothing else.

17 Grenade Launcher

Fortnite final smash

18 Bowser Jr

Perhaps whoever added this actually meant to add Bowser Jr's Final Smash but forgot it's actually called Shadow Mario Paint.

Bowser Jr. is a character not a final smash.

19 Galaxia Darkness (Meta Knight)

Meta Knight's final smash does some good knockback, but do you know what sucks? His final smash is way too easy to dodge.

20 Dream Home
21 PK Starstorm

Yeah I know, I know a lot of people say otherwise, but P. K Starstorm is definitely the easiest to avoid and still doesn't do that much

It used to be powerful, but now only covers one area

22 Volt Tackle

Like Super Sonic but much more awkward to control and less damaging.

23 Giant Flower
24 Electric Ball

Pikachus smash in brawl I hard to control, leading to easy death.

25 End of Day

It's WAY too overpowered.

26 Omnislash
27 Infernal Climax
28 Daisy Blossom

At this rate, we might as well have the rightful top-ranked entry of this list Peach Blossom be switched into Peach/Daisy Blossom since they are the same completely useless Final Smashes in Smash Ultimate! They just slow down time, make Princess Peach the most overhyped Mario character with her stereotypical voice and diva personality. There's no difference between the Peach Blossom and Daisy Blossom except for that Princess Peach's sense of fashion (pink-based flowers and peaches, get it?! Because it is her first name) is replaced by Princess Daisy's (because the giant peaches (no pun intended) are replaced by big daisies hence her name).

29 All Out Attack
30 Lightning Chariot
31 Great Aether
32 Diffusion Beam

I am so glad this is gone

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