Top 10 Worst Super Smash Bros. Melee Stages

What is your least favorite stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee?

The Top Ten

1 Final Destination

Casual players may hate it, but it's definitely the best stage if you want to see who is best at the game among your friends. Other levels have unfair hazards (Corneria's Arwing lasers, Green Greens' bombs, Great Bay's turtle and ridiculous stalling platforms underneath). Final Destination is a fight to the death, not some stage where you wait to see who gets killed by the actual stage itself!

My personal least favorite stage. While it's not bad by any means, it just doesn't have much to offer in comparison to other stages. - lite64

My friends always wanted to play this stage, it got so boring it's just one platform!

2 Brinstar
3 Corneria
4 Ice Mountain

No one wanted a level that scrolls up and has no fighting -- It's literally just whose character can jump the highest and not get killed by the fast scrolling.

5 Fountain of Dreams
6 Great Bay
7 Green Greens

Why. Why. Why. Does this stage exist it is terrible. Bombs. Bombs. Bombs. FU bombs. - Heatnix23

8 Jungle Japes
9 Kongo Jungle
10 Brinstar Depths

The Contenders

11 Mushroom Kingdom
12 Mute City
13 Onett
14 Princess Peach's Castle
15 Pokémon Stadium
16 Rainbow Cruise
17 Temple
18 Venom
19 Yoshi's Island
20 Yoshi's Story
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