Worst Super Smash Bros Stages of All Time

As every game go on, there are more stages to play in the Super Smash Bros series. There can be some good ones, or some terrible ones. Today, I'll be listing the worst stages to fight on. I'll be listing by, how playable, background/design, music, or my personal opinions. As always, if I forgot a stage, add it to the list. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 75m (Brawl)

What is worst about this stage is that one of the hardest spirit battle take place in this stage, plus the person you need to kill keep running away and reaching her (cause its peach) is a pain in the ass because of the ladders and the fact that jump power is lowered in this fight.

There's just too much going on in this stage, and they're all annoying. The worst part is, they brought it back! In fact, Sakurai brought back a LOT of the bad stages. - SmashBall

2 Icicle Mountain (Melee)

I hate this stage, you have to jump more than fighting - trains45

How many times have you pressed "Random" and got this stage? - SmashBall

3 Hanenbow (Brawl)

This stage is just so BORING! - SmashBall

4 Mario Bros (Brawl)
5 The Great Cave Offensive (Wii U)

Completely changes the goal and mechanics of the game in the worst way possible.

6 Jungle Japes (Melee)

I was actually disappointed to add this at #1. Melee had the best stages, but also had the worst. First off, the stage is small, so it's hard to fight on. But the worst part is, the Klaptraps. - SmashBall

7 Pac-Land (Wii U)


This stage is almost unplayable! - SmashBall

I hate it a lot... - GamingSanx

8 Rumble Falls (Brawl)
9 World 1-1 (Brawl)

I wish it had a platform that took you around like the Mario Kart 8 stage or the Sunshine stage

It's an auto-scrolling stage. Do I need to say more? - SmashBall

10 Planet Zebes (N64)

It's small and gets REALLY SMALL when the lava rises up. - SmashBall

The Contenders

11 Distant Planet (Brawl)

It's the only Pikmin series stage, and it's not that good. ESPECIALLY when it rains. - SmashBall

12 Gamer (Wii U)

I only like it because I can use Ashley’s song for music videos.

13 New Pork City (Brawl)
14 Brinstar Depths (Melee)

The stage spins around, and instead of fighting, you're most likely just surviving instead. - SmashBall

15 Wily's Castle (3DS/Wii U)

We're looking at you Yellow Devil. - SmashBall

16 Metal Mario Cave (N64)

Metal Mario AS A BOSS is the only GOOD thing about this course!

17 Rainbow Cruise (Melee)
18 Poke Floats (Melee)
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1. Mario Bros (Brawl)
2. 75m (Brawl)
3. Hanenbow (Brawl)
1. Jungle Japes (Melee)
2. Icicle Mountain (Melee)
3. Hanenbow (Brawl)


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