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21 Batman Forever

Should be higher on the list, only saved by the fact that Batman & Robin was even worse.

This was a little...

It's not that bad. It's just more comical. This movie is the reason I love superheroes so much. Let me tell you the cycle:

I love Jim Carrey because he's my favourite comedian > Jim Carrey is the Riddler > The Riddler became my favourite Batman villain > I got Batman: Arkham City because it has the Riddler in it > I read Riddler comics > Then I gave Batman: The Animated Series a shot > I love Batman and his rogues gallery > Batman was in Justice League: The Animated Series > I watched it and now love DC superheroes > I watched the New 52 movies > Now I am a major fan of superhero movies. - Daviddv0601

22 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A horrible movie that butchered 2 of the greatest X-Men characters ever, Deadpool and Gambit

It's good until half of the movie, the second half is awful - Ale9991

So bland and boring

Very underrated, better than The Wolverine in Japan - Olive855

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23 Captain America

Batman and robin was bad, but it was bad in a fun way.

This is just disappointingly bad

The Reboot Was Better Then This Piece Of Crap

I didn't know that the reboot was a reboot this movie was so bad (yet it made a reference).

More forgettable for this films cheapness

24 Spider-Man 3

Hey Spider-Man 3 is not that bad sure it's not as good as the other ones and yes emo Peter Parker. But come on can you at least give it a bit of credit.

I don't understand the hate this movie gets. I mean it could have been better. Venom was done bad, but other than that I thought it was very good. It had cool action scenes, it was the darkest one, and it even had some funny moments. It was good.

Leave it alone, it was great. The people who vote for it are Garfield fools

I hate Spider-Man 3 AND the Andrew Garfield movies. Spider-Man 2 was excellent and Spider-Man 1 was good, but Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie and Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man. What did you think of Homecoming and Tom Holland? - NickWillems

Toby Maguire is a meme now.

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25 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Come on guys, even though the first one was bad, this one is actually really good

I just hate what they did to galactus, seriously, that wasn't galactus it was a storm cloud

I hate them all! Their asss! Their not heroes! I want Luigi to kick their ass hard as he can!

Some people forget, this movie was meant for kids. it wasn┬Ęt meant to be taken that seriously.

26 Hulk (2003) V 1 Comment
27 The Spirit
28 Jonah Hex
29 Judge Dredd
30 Batman

What? This movie is awesome!

What? This was a great movie!

This was awesome

Not as good as one of Christopher Nolan's masterpieces but all around a damn fine movie.

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31 Deadpool

Deadpool was awesome

It's a goood movie man it should not be on the worst movie list



32 Fantastic Four (1994)
33 The Incredible Hulk

Why is this up here? 1,000000.000000 times better than that piece of HULK garbage in 2003.

34 Thor: The Dark World

But Loki was hilarious!

35 The Punisher (1989)
36 X-Men: The Last Stand
37 Green Hornet

Awesome super hero, but Seth Rogen ruined this movie. - Mightyena5875345

38 Iron Man 2

Kinda dull, but by no means AWFUL.

Most boring dissapointing superhero film ever

The best out of marvel films. 3rd favorite movie ever.

39 Marvel's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Avengers age of ultron was that bad but the first was way better

No it wasn't it was actually a good movie, you just hate good movies! - GamingGoku757

Little development, in your face CGI, confusing plot, nauseating camera work, overall terrible overrated and over-anticipated. - naFrovivuS

Iron man by himself could have won, and this movie is like a copy of the cell saga, believe it or not - Ale9991

Why is this here? - Frouze

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40 The Shadow
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