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41 Spawn

Terrible effects, awful jokes, and the worst part about it, it was released the same year Batman and Robin was released. And even worse, this movie was made at a time before the Internet and social media where hardcore comic book fans would completely tear an awful comic movie apart for being so bad.

The cape, enough said

Holy hell, this was awful, I got major nausea from every single effect in this movie, the violator was such a dumb bad guy (and it was John L, Spawn's cape look like crap, the devil looked BEYOND HORRENDOUS, and of course, 1 of the dumbest villain lines in history, "kickstart the apocalypse now"
😩 Why? Just why? And it was John Leguizamo so it's even worse

42 Fantastic Four (1994)
43 X-Men: The Last Stand
44 Superman III
45 Zoom: Academy for Superheroes
46 The Phantom

I can't believe they actually thought they could pull off this movie in the 90's, this looks like it belongs in the 60's

47 Spider-Man

Come on guys, this is one of the best

It is the best out of the 5 spiderman movies

It's so cheesy, but I like it, and I hate cheesy movies!

Firstly, this(along with blade) started everything. This is like the core of superhero movies because it settled the base - Ale9991

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48 Captain America: The First Avenger

The most inferior in the trilogy!

I liked this movie because of the ww2 theme

49 X-Men: Apocalypse

Look, I know you guys desperately wanted all 3 of these new X-Men movies to be awesome, but wake up and stop kidding yourselves, this movie isn't that good

That's wrong x men are one the greatest movies ever made I don't agree with this list

This was a really good movie

What it was great!

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50 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

So amazing! How could this be voted bad! I mean, yes horrible movie, but I find that it's so bad it's good, just even to laugh at it like a spoof movie!

51 Marvel's The Avengers
52 Iron Man
53 A Superhero Movie

Yes this was terrible sorry Drake but I love you as drake from drake and josh but your movie was terrible

54 Constantine
55 Batman Returns

Probably the darkest batman movie! But come on, it's also one of the best! And why does batman forever get so much hate? It was also pretty awesome! The only terrible batman movie was batman and robin! Oh, and also the dark knight is the best movie ever made in my opinion.

56 Blade 2
57 Blankman
58 The Wild World of Batwoman
59 Superman II
60 The Incredibles V 2 Comments
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